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This is a horrendous amount of disgust between Chris Cuomo and Kayleigh McEnany, T’s campaign manager…Cuomo pressed her on whether the president had ever lied to the people, and she said absolutely not.

Twists include - whataboutism - move the argument to other situations. (Of course Comey leaked, Grisham helped reporters in Korea, despite the fact that she had Brian Karam’s WH press pass pulled because he raised his voice with Sebastian Gorka)

Full s***s&&w.

Only 1 1/2 mins of the entire interview on CNN.


Pence bible-thumping, and Christmas Carolling hallejullah-ing…

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Doggone it, Florida. Now you’re breeding super-snakes?

New Python Hybrid May Spell Future Trouble in Everglades

A DNA study found a genetically mixed species that could lead to a more vigorous invader


File under #EnoughAboutYouLetsTalkAboutMe


In his upcoming memoir, newly appointed Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III describes the private tour he gave President Trump of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, recalling that Trump’s reaction to the Dutch role in the global slave trade was, “You know, they love me in the Netherlands.”


During a briefing on the storm’s threat to the U.S. east coast, the president had an aide show reporters a dated map from the National Weather Service showing initial projections of Dorian’s track into Florida. Someone appears to have altered the map with a Sharpie to extend the track beyond Florida – into Alabama.



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San Francisco Board of Supervisors designates NRA domestic terrorist organization

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Oh woe is Wohl.

Blundering conservative “operative” Jacob Wohl is wanted for felony arrest in California, for the unlawful sale of securities.

In unrelated news:

Greg Craig found not guilty of lying to Justice Department about Ukraine work

Captain Planet villain Orange Bigly says we have the best water and air. Reality says otherwise:

So, interesting tidbit. I got a call from Rasmussen today (well, yesterday now). They asked:

-about Kamala Harris versus Trump
-if I supported him or not
-about his effort to speed up the death penalty for mass shootings
-if there was too much coverage of mass shootings
-if I owned stocks or bonds or knew anybody who did
-my race, age, educational background, and income level
-if I thought we were in a recession
-if I thought it would last more than six months

So now you know.

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Awwwwwww… couldn’t happen to a nicer hate-spewing fearmonger.

Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s Broke

All of Trump’s racist efforts couldn’t keep him down.

Central Park 5 member Kevin Richardson sees his Syracuse University dream come true.




Lap dog

Wolf in wolf’s clothing…


A New Jersey man has been charged with criminal mischief after police say he drove around President Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf course doing “doughnuts” on the ground.


A gang broke into the Oxfordshire palace at about 04:50 BST and stole the artwork, Thames Valley Police said.

The working toilet - entitled America, which visitors had been invited to use - has not been found but a 66-year-old man has been arrested.

“We hope that the wonderful work of our dear friend Maurizio Cattelan becomes immortalised by this stupid and pointless act,” he added.

The gold toilet was famously offered to US President Donald Trump in 2017.

The arrested man is in police custody.


You too could be a stool pigeon for the T administration…and sell every last ounce of yourself shilling for a redemption tour such as this…

But no one could ever be that ridiculous…'cept this guy.





It is up to you Mr. President



Flagging this article on how badly Turnberry has been received in Europe…and the astronomical fees the T Branded helicopter that were charged - $15.000 for a couple of hours. The pilots took off the T name as a way to make the ride more inviting.
Dumbfounding…like all that is T related.

The Scotsman can reveal that a little known subsidiary of the Trump Organisation tasked with overseeing a high-end helicopter charter service has quietly shipped back a multimillion pound Sikorsky helicopter to the US amid falling demand and “anger” at the Trump brand.

According to multiple clients who booked the Sikorsky S-76B, the charges were “eye watering” even in the high-end world of luxury helicopter charters, with fees reaching as much as £15,000 for a “couple of hours.

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I’m letting my daughter know about this tomorrow. Who knows what games my grandkids are playing


The outrage…the condemnation…the scourge of DC - Stephen Miller is dating.
And the lucky lady ??? is none other than Mike Pence’s new spokesperson - Kate Waldman. Trending on Twitter