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This especially for @Pet_Proletariat :smile:

Conan at the White House on Monday.


:slight_smile: I watched with Major Tom this morning! Conan is a very good boy. Why were they so afraid of him? It was clear to me he just wanted some good ear scratches.


Some silly recommendations for those potentially tense Thanksgiving discussions…

Avoid “off-limit” topics

The easiest way to avoid an argument is to circumvent controversial topics altogether. Remember that some family members may express beliefs that make zero sense to you, or anyone using common sense — and that’s okay! Perhaps your sister is open to nuclear as a short-term energy solution, or Cousin Derek thinks partial student loan forgiveness is “good enough for now.” Rather than having to point out that your relatives are corporatist shills, you’re better off playing it safe and broaching less contentious subjects, such as gun control, abortion, or Mayor Pete and how utterly terrible he is. Of course, in the event that a fight starts to brew…

Try to change the subject

Sure, it was inevitable that the wealth tax would come up at some point — this is Thanksgiving, after all — but that doesn’t necessarily have to spoil dinner. Just because Aunt Jolene finds Elizabeth Warren’s tax plan palatable and thinks we can do without the extra two trillion dollars in revenue that Bernie’s model would generate doesn’t change the fact that she loves you. Forget that your aunt is an elitist who is forever tainted by that semester she worked as an adjunct at Dartmouth, and pivot to something everyone can agree on, like how excited you are to grab a slice of her famous Sweet Potato Pie!

Let it go

After it becomes clear that Aunt Jolene is too goddamn stupid to understand that using the public option as a bridge to Medicare-For-All is EXACTLY what the Republicans want, it’s time to acknowledge that you shouldn’t interact with certain family members altogether. Look, it’s Thanksgiving, and you’re going to hear some opinions that are harder to swallow than Aunt Jolene’s bullshit Sweet Potato Pie. Sometimes the safest option is to ignore your family for the remainder of the day, and to the extent possible, all future gatherings.

Find the perfect icebreaker :joy::thinking:

“It’s just a little suspicious that he was taken off suicide watch, and that the lone security camera outside his cell was turned off, isn’t it?” is something you can offer to break the tension once you return. Surely your family will collectively agree that, not only was Jeffrey Epstein murdered, but also it was organized by the billionaire class, who should all be sent to the gallows. At this point a wave of relief should pass over everyone at the table, allowing for a timely clinking of glasses and cheers to a delightful Thanksgiving feast, to kinship, and merriment all around.


In his inimitable style, DeNiro tells it as it is…(up to about 4:35 - then talks about Bloomberg, Buttigieg…and the move The Irishman)

If it wasn’t so true, it would be funny…

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Well this is the dumbest bit of recent WH chicanery. Canine misogyny is a first even for THIS circus of a White House.

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So. THIS is trending…

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Donnie posted a picture of himself as Rocky.

I think I can do better.




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According to T you have a war on Thanksgiving now - here is what some are thinking…

It was only a matter of time before they fought back.


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I am taking the rest of the day off from reporting on frustrating insanity. Instead, have humorous inanity.



“Mom Texts” - Atlantic Magazine article on how Fox Newscaster’s mother keeps texting her son when he tows the T line. Bittersweet, but funny in a (WTF) kind of way.

A Liberal Mom’s Critical Texts to Her Son, a Fox News Host

Jesse Watters regularly reads messages from his mother aloud on air, exemplifying a political rift present in many American households.

“I’m offended by a great many of your comments!” read one. “STOP YELLING AT JUAN,”

Do not name call and parrot Trump’s insults. That is beneath you.” …after Watters referred to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas”

Do your research about border security—you don’t sound like you have any facts!

I hope your Squad criticism can be just a tad more measured today … Please don’t sound like an old white guy who lacks any understanding of otherness.”

“By pressing send, I actually find the action clarifying and clearing,” Anne, a child psychologist in Long Island, wrote to me in an email. “Next I pause, quietly hoping that he heeds just a moment of my perspective (and ire). And then, more times than not, I shake my head in disbelief and remark to my husband, ‘Can you believe that boy!!! Can you believe he said that!


True…and the kind of cover 70% of us would support.