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I am the guy behind WTFJHT. Ask Me Anything

Hi, I’m Matt, creator of the only newsletter that matters: What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

It’s been a wild 220+ days for all of us. WTFJHT was suppose to be just a side project, but after 90-days it became my full-time job – supported entirely by the community.

Got a question? Concerns? Just need an excuse to drop an f-bomb? Ask Me Anything!

Note: We’re going to do this AMA asynchronously. I’ll take questions until Friday and respond on Saturday morning over a big cup of coffee.


Hi, Matt. My question for you would be: Who were you/what were you before WTF? Were you politically active and aware?


Here’s my question for Matt: What’s your vision for WTFJHT on that frankly magical day when it doesn’t have Trump to report on? I mean, I guess if it’s before 2020 the obvious answer is “talk about Pence instead” or whatever, but… I get the impression you’re really committed to the long haul (yay!) and… what do you think that will be like?


What are your go-to sources and how do you vet them to ensure that their reporting can be trusted to be as unbiased as possible?


I love WTFJHT and can’t wait for my T-shirt to arrive. I’ve been making minor copyedits (spelling, subject-verb agreement, that kind of thing) on the web version of each issue, using GitHub, but so far I don’t think any of them have showed up in the email version. What am I doing wrong?

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Why is it Matt, that we can’t seem to get back the mojo of the country getting along… like in the Rodney King mode… is it leadership, or the lack of it?

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People often talk about staying neutral and staying unbiased as if they’re the same thing. How do you balance perceived neutrality with solid reporting that tells us what we need to know?


Greetings! Thanks for all you do.

President Trump is extraordinarily poorly informed and he’s more than a little bit crazy and he does a lot of stuff that I find pretty stupid. Maybe you’ll agree with that? My question is do you see cunning there? You can be stupid and ill-informed and still be cunning. Sometimes his tweets seem to me to be distractions from stuff he or his administration is doing in the background that deserve more attention – by that I mean policies I disagree with. What do you think? How much of his crazy is cunning? If you agree that part of his stick is cunning, how much is it? And are there any “tells” to be able to know what’s crazed and what’s cunning?


Should I start digging a bunker?

Honestly, my family & I are terrified all of Trump’s rhetoric of fire & fury. He obviously has no self control & limited understanding of what environmental catastrophes may occur if he goes nuclear on North Korea.

Do you think Trump’s advisors can stop him if he literally has a temper tantrum meltdown?

PS Can’t wait for my t-shirt to arrive!
PPS Fuck Trump. He is a cowardly custard cup of cockwombleness. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Right, that’s out. Now I can go back to my knitting.
EDIT: Fanfuckintastic…
At least my spellchecker has learned a new word.


This is a question I’ve had, and it deals with the mortgage fiasco years ago - I have had to pay PMI for every house I’ve owned. My kids are now paying it. Where did all of that money go when the real estate market went belly up? Anyone???

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So what do you think the odds are that the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will complete his 1st term? And if you don’t think he will complete his term, will it be impeachment or resignation (or both) that do him in?


One more thing…I live in San Diego and just heard that they have selected a company or two to “build the wall” - which I guess starts in San Diego. We all know the funding is not there, we all know Mexico is not paying for the wall. My question is how does a project get started without the financial backing? Who is paying for these “prototype” fences? Why would any legitimate company bid on a job that has no firm financial backing???

What I would prefer to see Trump doing is something about the Tijuana River that flows into the waters between Mexico and Cali. Every rtime it rains, no one can go into the water for 3 days. We had several instances where Mexico had a broken pipe in their sewage plant, and gobs of raw sewage went right into the (used to be) pristine waters of San Diego - all the way to the beaches of beautiful Hotel del Coronado. Why does this not make the news outside of San Diego? Is anyone okay taking their family to the beach, only to hear the beach is closed and the smell of sewage is awful? Anyone, anyone???


Will you be publishing a collective book with these entries? Seems like an appropriate Christmas gift (especially Republican relatives)



First let me say I love this site and really appreciate everything you are doing.

Nearly every day there are numerous “smaller” stories about how the Trump administration is negatively impacting this country. A good example would be the number of Obama-era regulations he’s attempting to roll back seemingly without regard for these rules protected the lives of average people.

Sometimes these stories bubble up into the daily list you cover, but I’ve been wondering if a separate tracking effort needs to be started for these “off the radar” type stories. Is this something you’ve thought about? I’d love to help in any way I can.


Yes, I totally agree. I didn’t really know about about his roll back on flood stuff until after Harvey. Another example - the UN warning to the US for racism. Hardly made a ripple in the msm at all.


I am head of legal document posting at a company called JD Supra. It is a free legal website where law firms and lawyers pay us to publish their daily legal content. Im certain we have published every executive order of Obamas that Trump has repealed, rescinded or revoked. From large to small, it has been enough to make me want to jump off a roof! If that helps anyone, jds is a free website to the public, so doing a search there for repeal, revocation or rescission would likely provide a trove of this info


Hi Matt, I have been with you since the very beginning. I really appreciate what you are doing and financially contribute to your new job. My question is - what about all the things that Trump has done or said that are baseless or down right false. Like accusing Obama of wiretapping. Can he do that legally? Does he tweet crazy things just to try to get people distracted from the false, insane, weird things that he is doing? Thanks for all you do!


Hi Matt! I LOVE what you’ve been doing and so appreciate all your hard work. I’m an art as activist curator and would love to provide you with fantastic imagery, gratis to supplement the daily stories. The visual can say so much more than words… I sent a catalog to your address in Seattle. Please contact me either way offline if you are interested. Best, Karen


Hello Matt,

On March 15th, thousands of people sent postcards to the WH . Each card express issues that the sender wanted the WH to address. What happened to these postcards?


Thanks! I’ll take a peek. I will do it after a few stiff drinks to limit any damage I might do to myself, my house or its contents :wink:.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing new episodes of legal TV shows with the plotline of someone suing the president for damages related to poor mental health/the suicide of a loved one /justification for committing a crime.
They would argue to get the president’s tweets on the record too. Can’t wait!