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(Matt Kiser) #41
  1. Guy’s behavior is the result of being in over his head.
  2. Is he cunning? Sure, maybe. I tend to think the cronies in his sphere of influence are the ones that are cunning.
  3. Tweets = distraction. Correct. Also: continual poor decisions.
  4. Maggie Haberman’s reporting is probably the closest you’ll get to understanding Trump’s psyche.

(Matt Kiser) #42
  1. No. But you should probably horde water.
  2. Yes. I love this perspective by Elon Musk: “Being US President is like being captain of a large ship with a small rudder - there’s a limit to how much damage they can do.”

(Matt Kiser) #43

To borrow from NPR:

Where did the money go? It was borrowed from some rosy future that never came. And now we have to pay it back.

(Susanna J Sturgis) #44

Yeah, I’ve made several attempts, with the handle SusannaMV. There may be a step I’m missing, because I didn’t want to do anything that might force my edits to be accepted.

(Matt Kiser) #45

Probably closer to 100% than you think. The process takes a long fucking time and with a GOP Congress, good luck.

The guy that wrote Art of the Deal with Trump seems to think he’ll resign the moment he’s “made.” I don’t really know enough about the law and the process to offer an smart opinion on this. Sorry.

(Matt Kiser) #46
  1. First, Trump’s gonna continue to fight for his wall funding. Second, it would irresponsible to bid such large jobs – in this case BILLIONS of dollars.
  2. Sounds awful. Sorry about your beaches.

(Matt Kiser) #47

Maybe! I’d like to do an annual yearbook. It’s a lot of fucking work. Anybody know a publisher or somebody who has experience doing Kickstarter books?

(Matt Kiser) #48

That’s a great idea. I’d support anybody who wanted to take on that effort. I simply don’t have time to do it.

(Matt Kiser) #49

How is this different than Document Cloud?

(Matt Kiser) #50

idk, i’m not a constitutional lawyer. seems like a first amendment issue

(Matt Kiser) #51

No idea, but this looks like a pretty good answer! https://www.quora.com/If-I-write-a-letter-to-the-president-and-mail-it-to-the-White-House-where-will-it-go

(Matt Kiser) #52

Good question! This is how I try to live:

  1. Sleep. This is by far the hardest thing to do, but if I don’t get 7.5+ hours of sleep, I’m kinda worthless and insufferable.
  2. Eat well. Big fan of Michael Pollan’s rules for food: eat food, not too much, mostly plants.
  3. Exercise. Running, swimming, and occasional weight lifting.
  4. Meditate. I love the Headspace app. It’s the perfect amount of guided meditation.
  5. Friends. The answer is always “yes” when it comes to doing things. I suck at being proactive, so I pretty much always say yes when somebody asks to hang out.

I use to read for pleasure, but not so much these days. I also watch too much Netflix/HBO/Hulu as a way of coping from the long, dreadful days.

(Matt Kiser) #53

I’ll try to include some additional coverage this week.

The first thing that jumps out to me is about the EPA:

(Matt Kiser) #54

This should answer your question.

(Matt Kiser) #55

I don’t think you can tell people to change their minds, just like you can’t tell people to stop being angry. Rather, I think you gotta let people arrive at the obvious conclusions on their own – just like allowing children to learn from their mistakes.

Part of why I went with such a direct name for What The Fuck Just Happened Today was that it drew a clear line in the sand – you either got it and with us, or you didn’t and you’re not. No sense in trying to appease everybody, ya know?

(Matt Kiser) #56

Centralize to organize. The “movement” is too decentralized and difficult for the “normal” person to get involved. Like, I struggle to know how to involve myself with the, like, 12 different Indivisible groups in the Seattle area, each with their own action plans.

Also: stop calling yourself “the resistance.” I think labeling yourself is just othering yourself and making it more difficult for real people to get involved with the political process. It’s unapproachable.

(Matt Kiser) #57
  1. I’m not aware of any timeline or constraints on the investigation that would derail it. Then again I’m not super knowledgable on the legalities of a special counsel.

  2. I guess hiring John Kelly is trending in the “right” decision. I like that Baron is allowed to dress like a kid.

(Matt Kiser) #58

Nah. I’ve been asked this a lot. I honestly don’t really understand why anybody is interested in seeing this.

Somebody asked this in another thread here and here’s my response:

  1. I don’t think trying to curate and make sense of the partisan media ecosystem really makes, well, sense. Partisan media is proactively curating their worldview as it is, framing and re-contextualizing a set of facts to fit an agenda (however noble or reprehensible). That doesn’t really serve the people – it just serves to further confirm your worldview. This was weaponized during the election (and I’ll argue it was weaponized long before that, but it was far less egregious or impactful).
  2. I simply don’t have the time. I’m just one dude trying to make this all work. I’m aggressively burning the candle at both ends right now trying to get things into a stable place so I can bring some people in and make this a sustainable project for however long this is necessary, both financially as well as emotionally.
  3. And finally, I’m not sure I agree with the premise that WTFJHT is an echo chamber. Yes, it’s not “fair and balanced” – it’s inherently biased as it’s one person’s view of the world from a skeptical-trying-to-make-sense-of-it-all viewpoint. It’s also not comprehensive – WTFJHT tracks the daily White House news. That’s it. It has never tried to do anything other than that. If you’re using WTFJHT to replace your world, national, and local news, you’ve made a mistake.

Fundamentally, I see WTFJHT as no different than a local news beat reporter. Instead of reporting specifically on high school football, I’m covering the White House. That’s it.

(Matt Kiser) #59

No! Do you know one? I’d love to do an annual yearbook and somebody do a complete volume of this period.

I also think it’d make for a great Kickstarter project, so if anybody has experience running KS campaigns and knows the ins and outs of self-publishing, LET ME KNOW!

(Matt Kiser) #60

Hey, thanks.

I was political and entrepreneurial from a very early age. I grew up listening to punk and hardcore. I ran a shitty record label out of my bedroom when I was 15. Later, I ran my college radio station and wrote for the local newspaper and alt weekly. I worked in media for a long time. I guess this is just a natural extension of who I am. Hella DIY and a rabble rouser.

I’m here as long as the community wants to support me, which I outlined here.