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I found this really awesome chart linking all the individuals inside the Trump campaign together and I thought ya'll would like it

Here is the source Mapping the Swamp

And here’s the extensive map. (note: If you go to the source, you can get a much better image.)


oh man, that makes my head hurt.

Like the flip-side to Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration

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I think I saw this on Twitter last night…from a “credible source” (just because I only looked at my news/journo list last night), but now I’m concerned. I use the Chrome extension PropOrNot and 43 links are flagged on the site! Eep! Now, PropOrNot isn’t always 100% spot on…but, still concerning.

Here’s a screenshot:

Just to note: I’ve never seen this many flags on a single site before – 5-10 has been the most, but rare.

Wow! Nice catch!
I wish I had enough time to go through the chart to see how legit the thing is now. From what I can tell, it looked alright, but I’m defiantly not an expert on this political hell hole.

Holy shit! That’s going to take some fact checking. Very impressive!