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(Web Webster) #621

Hi there. Web Webster from just outside Nashville, Tennessee. Things to know about us:

  1. We didn’t all vote for him.

  2. Not all of us own guns.

  3. Our General Assembly was thiiiiiis close to passing a bill that would ban marriage of kids under the age of 18. Luckily, our Senate Majority rep, with the voice of the Family Action Council in his ear, pulled the bill. So, party on child-brides.

  4. Why an I here? Because I’m simultaneously fascinated and repelled by the way that the intertubez have altered the way we get news and share it. I’m less interested in arguing politics/Fanning Righteous Outrage Among the Faithful, and more interested in discussing how the NewsSausage gets made.

  5. Swearing is fun.

  6. To step back from the Edge of the Howling Void, I read fiction - Goodreads Profile

  7. I tumblramble occasionally - Blog - Largely Assorted Garbage

Let’s have fun and talk about stuff.

(stdunstan) #622

It is always great to see people succeed in their endeavors, help others by mentoring, and create new ways of thinking about the world at large.

(stdunstan) #623

I lived in Atlanta during the late 60’s, and still have friends there.

(Steve L) #624

Hi I’m Steve. Lawyer in Idaho. Trying to find humor in the madness ( also a handy trick in my profession). I’m impressed with Stormy’s new lawyer. His new hashtag - # basta - I’ll allow it as he’s Italian - may be a bit of a steal from the Parkland HS students. I don’t call them kids - I remember what it was like when as a baby boomer in high school I walked out in protest over the VietNam war, and my lottery draft number at age 17 in 1971 was 23.

(Mesila Thraam) #625

You went to Berkeley too? I went from 1983 to 1987, majoring in Fine Arts (because they had no commercial art courses available) and I got to live at the infamous, and greatly beloved, Barrington Hall. What a wonderful experience that was! Barrington was the organizing center for the huge, successful anti apartheid protests of the mid 1980s. So I got a lot of my education in Berkeley off-campus.

Now I am in my 50s and live in a little room in San Francisco (my favorite city!) I volunteer at the huge SPCA facility here helping homeless cats become affordable. I also have two cats of my own, Urrow and Riot. The latter was named that because I swear to God the markings on her side spell out the word RIOT very clearly…thankfully, on her LEFT side… LOL

I also like to go for short walks (I have some movement trouble so I can’t go at this very long) and just picking up litter from the sidewalks and throwing it away. It’s just one little thing I can do for the environment.

I am a Patreon supporter even though I am on disability because Matt has been helping me to untangle the threads of news in these nightmare days and I am so thankful for that!

(Jacob Ford) #626

Hello hello hello. Jacob Ford here. I design websites and things. When I grow up I want to be a typographer.

(Lois) #627

Hi, I’m Lois, 76 years old and sad for my country. Matt, I read you diligently every day, and am especially grateful for your brevity on days when CNN is just too much for my sanity. Many thanks.

(Hope) #628

Hey hey, I’m Allison. I do marketing for a 3D printer company, and I’m trying to find balance between staying up to date on the news and not getting news overload.

(Dannine) #629

Hi. Dannine from Lander, Wyoming (by way of the mighty Mississippi and several Texas towns). Been here just shy of 22 years. Today I went to my son’s middle school where the students organized a walk-out for the 17 students killed in FL. There were maybe 15 parents in attendance and only a portion of the students. Sigh. I feel sad to live in such a beautiful, clean, safe town with folks who think so differently than me. I was actually scared to attend and I heard the principal had received threats at her home because of the notification letter she sent to the homes of the students. Wyomingites love their guns. And amazingly, this state is one of the only (knock on wood) not to have any mass shootings on record. Is this an argument for the other side?..Maybe. Anyway, I am a self-employed artist, a painter and a screen-printer, married with children-a teenager and one in college. It’s never been so clear what a complex world it is that we live in than when your 20 year old is attempting to navigate it. Thanks for the invitation, I am not sure how active I will be, but I love your newsletter and am always giving you referrals!


Hi, I’m a resistance activist and coleader of local Indivisible group. Your email is awesome. Today you missed sonething about the school walkout, I think, and so did major media sources. Where I live some schools did an event, but it was just a highly controlled 17 minute visit to the auditorium where the names of the Parkland videos were read and their profiles shown on a screen and guns were not mentioned, could not be mentioned, nor did the students or administration have any thoughts or position about public policy changes. At my nearby high school the principal have a talk about smiling more at each other. students would not even sign petitions asking that the town not host a gun show and sale across the street from the school at the youth center. It might seem political or offend. So the numbers where events were held doesn’t really mean students are activists on changing gun laws, sadly.

(Lynn) #631

At least it’s a start though. I take heart that so many students are finding their voice, their power, even if many are still somewhat inhibited…and I think this also makes them more likely to vote as soon as they legally can on these issues. It’s all well and good to send more positive vibes among peers, but I think they know perfectly well that it’s really the guns that do the killing, and assault weapons in particular. I also think this sparks more discussions when they’re at home. That’s disheartening that high school students were afraid to sign petitions lest they offend on “gun rights” but maybe they’ll think more & next time will act. I live in an NRA-brainwashed area too, but today still gave me hope.

(Julia L.) #632

I was doing a search for some info and came up with this:

It a blip of top stories from June 7, 2017. In recalling them, this old lady from Tucson, Arizona just about lit one up while still in the office! I would say that is what you need to know about me!

(Leslie Moloney) #633

I am Lester, small business owner and non-profit co-founder from the greater Boston area.

(darlene grossman) #634

Hi, I’m a retired graphic (print) designer who does freelance projects (underline “free”) for worthwhile organizations to which I belong. Catch most of my news electronically through the Washington Post and news articles/links on Facebook, along with PBS and NPR—and Colbert monologues. Glad to get the WTF daily summaries and links.

My sisters and I are first generation; our parents came from Germany in 1923 and 1939. So US politics right now is terrifying to me. My husband and I live just north of Chicago.

(Bonnie) #635

I’m Bonnie. I’m new to this forum, and not hugely computer literate. I’m a “senior,” retired for about 17 years, 77 years old, and a dual citizen: US/Canada. We came to Canada for a job 45 years ago and figured we’d stay a couple of years. We’ve been here ever since. All of our children (now adults) and all our grandchildren live here. Canada isn’t perfect, but we’re glad to be here, especially at this juncture. We still vote (and file tax returns) in the US, as well as in Canada. I devote a lot of time to a small fund raising operation to send girls to school in Nepal. That about sums it up.

(Melisa) #636

Hi there. Thanks for all you do with WTFJHT. It’s the best way for me to get caught up. I work in higher ed and just started my MBA. I’m a mom, a partner to a fantastic guy, a D&D fan, and a voracious reader. And I like puppies and podcasts. Glad to be here!


(Amy Ginsburg) #637

Wow…@Matt! Are you doing some new marketing for the newsletter? 31 new folks since I checked yesterday!! It’s just amazing to watch how WTF is gathering momentum. Obviously, you’re filling a void. Have you considered yet, what happens if and when we get a new POTUS (although I guess that could be 6 years from, G-d forbid)? There will always be things happen that make use go WTF; maybe not with the same intensity or frequency. I hope you’ll be doing this for a while, not that I want Trump around, but I enjoy the sense of community and the ease with which I can get a quick look at the news of the day without hearing Breaking News every 5 minutes. Just wanted to say thanks, Obviously word of WTF is getting out there and I love that we are such an interesting group of people with such varied backgrounds.


I think we’re all looking forward to a day when no one needs to report on the Trump administration. Frankly though, I think most people could stand to be paying more attention to whatever the current administration is in general. IMO it would probably be a really good thing to have this site continue in perpetuity, no matter how much or how little a train wreck that administration is at the moment.

(Kira) #640

I second this feeling. It’s be really nice to have a place to go for summarized national news even after the Trump administration is no longer around.

Though I imagine it might drop to a weekly newsletter/update at that point.

(RJ) #641

Hello! I’m from Portland, OR and I work in IT for a healthcare organization. I volunteer and I’m politically active. I care about what having a president as corrupt as Trump is doing long term to our democracy and the divisiveness in our nation. I care about science and facts being eroded and degraded.

I’m hoping to get more reading and indepth conversation out of this community. I’m hoping this will help me feel like there are others who feel this is not normal and are concerned. Mostly, I hope that this might be a place where I can learn more about things I could do to help.