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(Matt Kiser) #601

It happens. You have a full six hours from blog post to newsletter to point out issues. For what it’s worth, a draft got sent today for reasons I’m still trying to understand.


Thanks so much for your response! I continue to be a fan, and in case of any future quibbles, will try to bring them to your attention soon enough to be helpful.

(Joe Amditis) #603

Thank you so much for the support, and welcome! Glad to have you here!

(Jay Hardy) #604

Greetings! I am a somewhat retired former oil & gasser. Now in my early 60’s, I have not been enjoying news/reporting for over 40 years…maybe more. Learned to understand factual reporting from a wise grandfather. My wife is a brilliant manager and FOREX trader, so we spend many hours in search of the kind of volatility that makes our trading valuable.
We recently found WTF and enjoy it for the clear, simple offerings. We use it to dig deeper where we find interest.
Thank you!

(Chris) #605

Hi I Everyone, I’ve been following from Day 1 but am just now getting into the forum. I’m a former teacher and community organizer with an MPA looking to getting back into community organizing to tackle this huge menace. Hope this forum can lead me to the right places and people! Thanks Matt for everything you’ve done. I can’t get by without my daily WTFJHT update!

(Hillary) #606

Hi. I am Hillary, and I have been reading your site every day, and this fact will describe me well - By the time I have read your email, I have already read about most of the news you posted. I value the days when I actually have taken a break from the Trump horror show. I am a theatre professor in Western Mass, director, and mom of two beautiful girls. I should be grading and prepping for rehearsals rather than constantly checking the Washington Post, NY Times, and the Hill. I am trying to break my habit of checking the Washington Post every morning. Today was horrible! I woke up to the firing of Tillerson. I got sucked in. I am ready to have an online community who shares my need for information and analysis.
Thank you Matt!


I’m Carl, I’ve been reading WTF for several months and do not recall at this point how I was led to it other than the catchy title as it described a reaction to one of Trump’s early actions. I gave up FB during the campaign as I was disgusted at the sharing of fairly easily proven false information and basically still don’t use it but do check on my daughter’s activities now and then. I worked in the corporate world for many years, spent some time in the military before starting the corporate job and have lived on the east and west coast.

Lately I’ve started thinking that if our economic system can make someone like DT very wealthy then something is amiss with our system, or maybe it’s more a culture issue which of course comes from our system.

(casey.seyb) #608

I’m a science data archivist, working with several JPL earth science instruments to assist in preserving their technical documentation. This includes critical science data about the earth’s climate. As a natural resources undergrad, the focus of earth science spoke to me. Helping to ensure that this data is preserved (fingers crossed it stays that way!!) is a small part of the resistance.
I’ve been following WTFJHT soon after Matt got it going. With so much info overload (and much of it unreliable/not verifiable), it was too easy in the early days of this administration to feel totally discouraged and falsely informed (or under informed). Thanks to Matt, I was/am able to keep myself informed without losing my mind (almost) on a daily basis.
Cycling, hiking, reading books about alchemy and other arcane arts while snuggling with my tabby, Sam, also keep me grounded :slight_smile:

Good to be here!!

(Matt Kiser) #609

Ohhh JPL! That’s exciting! :rocket:

(casey.seyb) #610

It’s pretty rad. I’m lucky :slight_smile:

(Marj) #611

Here we all are, exercising our right to assembly.
As an active, retired Coloradan I do what I can to move this purple state to the bluer side. Also am a fiber artist, part of a loose collective whose members sometimes create and exhibit protest art.

(Mary Boland-Doyle) #612

Hey - Mary here from SoCal. Matt - thanks for the reason to laugh through our collective troubles. So glad you offered the Patreon $1.00 a month - so worth it.

(Erica Wang) #613

Hello, @matt and WTF Community,

I’m an activist and stay at home mom with special needs kids. I curate resistance info on my Facebook Feed, work with local Indivisible Groups and the Woman’s March, and am a social media volunteer for:

Thank you for your work. I often repost your WTF news for my Facebook groups.

(Lili Saintcrow) #614

Hi. I’m Lili. I write books, live in the Pacific Northwest, and have been following WTF since its inception because keeping daily track in a burgeoning autocracy is a way to stay sane.

I’m glad to be here; thank you for inviting me.

(Carrie ) #615


I’m Carrie. Most days, I’m not sure if WTF makes me more crazy or less but either way, I am so grateful that it exists as a resource for real news. Thanks, Matt!! There is so much disinformation being distributed via social media that it can sometimes be hard to not exist in a purely reactive state. I miss the days when we could actually carry on conversations about important issues and it was ok to disagree and you didn’t have to worry about cyberbullying and death threats.

I’m here because I have a background in digital marketing and psychology and I am terrified by how quickly our democracy and civil discourse is dissolving through manipulative and polarizing internet algorithms, a perversion of the very nature of Truth, attacks on human & civil rights, threats to fair and open elections, not to mention a possible hostile take over and dismantling of our government by a foreign power… sigh. It’s only Wednesday, isn’t it. Thank you to everyone for being here and for giving a crap. I appreciate you each more than you could know.

(Paula M Rafferty) #616

Hi Paula an Atlanta lawyer, newshound, overworked and underpaid to serve the public, and completely horrified by what has happened to this democratic republic in little more than a year.


@lilithsaintcrow as in Dante Valentine?? I fucking loved that series, used to work at HBG. Thanks for creating some kickass heroines :muscle:t3:

Welcome to all the newcomers! :clinking_glasses:

(Amanda Casteel) #619

Hello from Wilsonville, Oregon. I’m a transplant from Boise, ID where I graduated from BSU with a degree in Sociology. Participated in solidarity protest against the WTO and IMF in 1999 and 2000. Researched 9/11 and asked a lot of questions, subsequently was audited by the IRS in 2006 and again in 2007. Financially ssshhh’d I know watch from the sidelines and love this forum! Thanks for getting us all together Matt!

(Lili Saintcrow) #620

Yes, that’s me. It’s lovely to meet you–did our paths cross at HBG? (Redone because it didn’t seem to thread.)