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Since Vermont has absolutely no programs and taking courses in another state is not feasible, I have found an acredited on-line school of design: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Where do you design?


I’m in Seattle, I work mostly with small business owners.


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I support Violetblue on Patreon. She writes on infosec,


45 mins south of Seattle, I lived 90 mins south of Seattle in the mid 70’s to early 80’s. John Birch country.

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Hi my name is Julia. I’m a veterinarian, mom, wife and writer living the expat life in England. Matt, I love your daily summaries of the insanity that is our current administration. Thanks for your persistence. It is much appreciated.
I’m wondering what you think about the disappearance of Timothy Cunningham from the CDC? Something smells very sinister there. Maybe out of the scope of what you focus on but yikes… after the list of words came out that one shouldn’t use if they want funding and now this guy leaves his wallet, cell phone, dog in his apartment and vanishes. Very creepy. What did he know? It’s like the opening to a Stephen King Novel.

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I’m eagerly awaiting updates on Dr. Timothy Cunningham too, I agree it’s beyond creepy, though if he was ill, he might have keeled over someplace? Then again, look at all the Russians near this trump-Russia-scandal that suddenly met untimely ends, some by poison or other “accidents”. I think there’s a lot more to this story, unfortunately, but I still hold out hope that he’s ok. We need all the Harvard-educated epidemiologists we can get anyway. and it’s heart-breaking for his family & friends. If it wasn’t some sort of foul play, it’s also possible he was exposed to something deadly at work…there have been hushed reports in the past of things mishandled there, and in the “age of trump” (ie. anti-science) their budget is no doubt stretched even further, perhaps making mistakes more likely. ???

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Creepy or sinister? Can you imagine what an aggravated CDC employee with access to ebola and other such bugs could do if he wasn’t thinking clearly? It just doesn’t sit well that he would run off and leave a dog, unless he was pretty certain somebody would be checking up on him. I’m expecting that he will be found, but probably not alive. It isn’t a good time for scientists or anybody with an advanced education. It’s as if we’re de-evolving as all of those institutions that had previously tried to advance knowledge are being defunded. There is no appreciation of the arts, or education (let’s focus on apprenticeships instead!), or a safe environment. The future looks pretty grim at the moment for men and women of letters. Hopefully, he’ll reappear in one piece, but I’m not optimistic. I think the state of the U.S. in particular and of the world in general is pretty depressing these days. I know of plenty of mental health practioneers who have their hands full trying to counsel people who have Trump-based depression and not a lot of hope for the future. It’s a recipe for increased suicide attempts by anybody who has lost hope.

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I saw another “update” about this, supposedly he was recently passed up for a promotion he expected in early March. Also, he told a friend/neighbor to delete his phone # from their phone but didn’t explain.
If true, that suggests not foul play but some sort of plan of retaliation.

trump & the mentality of his tribe are doing HORRIBLE, unimaginably evil things to this country & our scientists…it’s an over-throw of our government in slow motion, & like “the frog in the boiling water” story we don’t jump because it’s all so gradual & innocuous -but not to those of us with clear vision, & certainly not to those who’ve planned it.

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@elaphe, @Amy0204 this might be a good jumping off point for a new thread on the subject? “Introduce Yourself!” doesn’t seem like the right place, ya know?

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I agree & thanks.

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Sorry. Just got carried away. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hello! I am a long time reader of WTFJHT and in fact it is the perfect summary of what I need to know, and no more! I live in Hungary and want to stay in touch with the goings-on but not be overwhelmed. This is the perfect way to do that.

Also, living in Hungary has given me a unique perspective on mis-information, government overreach, oligargy and blatent self-profiting as a result of government office. I hope I can share some interesting things here that might relate to the current state of things in the US adminstration.

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We’re glad to have you join us & welcome your perspective.


Hi ~ I’m a follower who lives a double life, with a primary residence in the very red state of Nebraska and a home-away-from-home in an urban Seattle neighborhood. On most days, it feels self-destructive to follow all that’s going wrong in our country…but, because I consider it my responsibility to keep up, WTFJHT is my “go-to” source. I have a beautiful 21-month-old grandson in Seattle and it breaks my heart that he started his life in the Trump era. Even though I don’t consider myself a fearful, worst-case-scenario person, I wonder what the world will be like for him and every other sweet innocent child who looks to us for protection and encouragement.

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…and I thought it sucked that arnold schwarzenegger signed my diploma

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Thanks for making me :rofl: Matt! But it doesn’t seem to be holding you back?

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Ohio…tough crowd for a Liberal

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Hey there Matt! This is Amy from NorCal. I watch too much MSNBC, and your daily Email assures that I miss NONE of this BS. I support Indivisible, Swing Left, Flippable and on and on. Marching in DC and locally. It’s all so unbelievable.


No, that’s awesome.


Hi, this is my first post. I’m an old guy who remembers Watergate, which seems like Romper Room compared to what’s going on now. I’m not in the news or politics business but consume a good deal of such information, yet there is always something in WTF I hadn’t yet seen. Very much appreciate the directness and concision.

What bugs me, though, is little copy-editing errors. Matt, respectfully, you really need somebody to check on your stuff before you post it, because those kinds of little mistakes put unnecessary dents in your credibility. I would be delighted to do it for you, gratis, as I’m sure any number of others would as well. I know you’re working on a deadline, but this kind of a going-over takes very little time. Just a couple of pairs of fresh eyes, and you become undismissable for trivial reasons (“Why should I believe he’s got his facts straight, his own prose has mistakes.”) It’s low-hanging fruit!

Otherwise, don’t change a thing, keep up the great work.