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(Amy Ginsburg) #558

I guess he could continue to claim no collusion and that he had been covertly brainwashed, instead. Wasn’t there a movie with that plot? Is my memory faulty or does that sound vaguely like The Manchurian Candidate? I’ll have to see if that’s available on Netflix.

(Steve) #559

Hello, I’m a former software developer living just north and a bit east of Seattle. I am blessed to live in this part of the country because there are a lot of hella smart people up here. People, in general, are kind to one another and we don’t have a lot of public discourse. I found this website sometime around Day 100 I think and I really enjoy it. I became interested in learning more about the underlying framework, then forgot about researching it because the content was so engaging. I love the brief description of the day such as “Looking Forward To It” on the day Mr. Trump said he would talk to Bob Mueller. Yes, this administration IS a slow motion train wreck, but social media in general is just out of control. Between Twitter, Facebook, and the real gutter of social media, Yahoo message boards, it’s just too much. Very little intelligent conversation between contributors and just a whole lot of hate. I don’t want to hate people, most people don’t believe in hatred, but on other the hand, I’m not going to waste a lot of my time trying to convince people that the Trump Presidency was a profound mistake and that we all need to learn about how it happened so that we can stop future occurrences.


I like this guy already. :nerd_face: Welcome.
Hella, lol.

(Lynn) #561

Yes, that’s the right movie.

(psnarrative) #562

Hello Jim,
Yes, it seems to be to be a slow motion train wreck here in the United States. None of us knows how these terrible times will be resolved. I personally believe that we have enough democracy left to address a criminal president and and his supporting party, but none of us knows how this will come about. We are feeling our way around. Thank you for your long distance understanding and support.

(Jim) #563

You’re welcome. Of course it has to be hard to remove a bad president during a term. Of course once you get rid of him you have Pence in his place and he’s perhaps a bit scarier.
This may be a naive question, but wasn’t the electoral college originally put in place to overturn the popular vote if an unsuitable president was elected? Not very democratic by 21st century standards of course but the founding fathers had a different concept of democracy in the 18th century. Anyway constitutionally, the college had the opportunity to spare us this anguish.

(Lynn) #564

Jim, the 25th Amendment would also be a check on a president who is “unable” to do his job, but they never anticipated such a conspiracy engulfing some of Congress. It’s high time for the electoral college to be relegated to the dust bin of history. And I do believe you’ll find that Pence goes down right along with the trump tornado . He’s tried to appear respectable (after all, he was inserted in trump’s campaign to appeal to the “evangelicals”) & distance himself throughout from trump’s antics, but he’s not fooling everyone, least of all Mueller. I agree with psnarrative, that we “have enough democracy left to address a criminal president and his supporting party” but it’s one helluva ride.


As far as “evangelicals” Bush junior taught us how easy it is to “hi-jack” thier votes, all he had to say is that he was against abortion, wether he was or not. Done deal. I don’t worry about Pence, if we are lucky enough to see the great orange messiah impeached, there won’t be time left for Pence to do much.

(Lynn) #566

Don’t underestimate the Pence-evil. But he knew what was going on & I’m sure that will be proven…he’s going down the drain with the rest of the garbage in power.


Good point. On “garbage” I look at it as “drain the swamp and built a sewer”

(Jim) #568

Right now I think that the swamp drains into the Whitehouse.

(Lynn) #569

I think the word we’re looking for is [built a] “cesspool”? Because a “sewer”, while often disgusting, at least drains out someplace, whereas the W.H. cesspool just lives on. And I’d much rather take a dip in any swamp than in this cesspool, aka White House.

(Jim) #570

Yes that’s a better metaphor.

(Kira) #571

Hi, I’m Kira. I’ve actually been following WTFJHT since around day 21-ish and also reading through the forums for several months at least? Tend to be forum shy so hadn’t made an account until now. Thanks Matt for summarizing the news in a less overwhelming way that makes it a lot easier to stay informed!

(Matt Kiser) #572

welcome! :wave:

(Joe Amditis) #573

Hey! A fellow New Jerseyan!

(Deb) #574

I live in Vermont, raised in New York. I am a retired RN looking to achieve an interior design degree. I consider myself quite progressive. I am deeply concerned re: the environment (nothing much will matter if we continue down the road of destruction), human dignity, healthcare, education, and animal protections.


I’m an interior designer, where do you plan on studying?

(Colleen Jury) #576

Howdy! Been following WTFJHT for many months, finally chipped in. Happy to have the service and the community! I’m a matronly, somewhat sedate retiree who came of age in the 60s/70s and never felt the need to march in protest on anything until January 21, 2017. I took my 89 year old mother (who also never felt called to march in protest) by the hand and we marched through the streets of Seattle in the Women’s March. Passing a bulletin board on a table filled with pens and slips of paper, we stopped to pin a note to the board stating why we were marching. I proclaimed a desire to have the new POTUS removed ASAP, and take all his imps with him, my mother said she was marching for her granddaughters and her great-granddaughters. This year she stayed home and I marched with one of my sons and his wife instead. Lots of fabulous people and signage, first favorite one I saw was, “Last year I marched, this year I’m running”, held by Dr Kim Schrier, a local pediatrician who is putting down her stethoscope to run for US Congress. Status: hopeful but not optimistic.


Hello! I’ve been reading (and now listening too) WTFJHT for about 6 months. I live 45 mins south of Seattle and have been using your email in my local Indivisible group to discuss the wins we’ve accomplished since the minority elect president took office. Quite a few of my Indivisible members also subscribe to your email. You are doing a great service for America so I decided to chip in monthly to help with your expenses.

I’m in my 40’s, work for a tech company, and am a devotee of Dr. George Lakoff. Seriously, those of you who want change, please read his works. The Democrats have to get their act together if we want to rid ourselves of the con man in the white house.