Introduce Yourself!

(Heather ) #537

I’m Heather. I live in Massachusetts and often find myself truly shocked by the world outside our liberal bubble.
I have three of my own kids and teach first grade to 20 more.
I’ve been reading WTFJHT since the beginning and am so grateful to have it because I often find myself either unable to get to or stand to look at any news that is longer.
Thanks Matt!

(Julie Hendrickson) #538


I trust your city/school has offered some training or video, many of which I have been watching for hours:

run, hide, fight?

(Heather ) #539

Sadly, we have an active shooter training, as well as conducting regular containment drills.

(Mara) #540

From SoCal, part of a large Blue State. We are living in interesting times. Keep your wits about you and don’t give up!

(Ashley ) #541

So Cal in da house! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

:wave: welcome to the wtfam!

(Allena Gabosch) #543

Hello everyone! I’m a sex positive activist, author and relationship coach (semi retired) who is currently living in Cyprus helping some friends who just adopted a little girl. I’ve been politically active since I was 15, so that’s almost 50 years. I’m a very young 65 and love talking to and meeting new people.

Allena Gabosch

(Brittany Garski) #544

Hi Matt, and WTF Community

I’m here because Matt’s emails have kept me sane since Day 1. Even when I didn’t feel like reading the news, that ping from inbox was a not-so-subtle reminder that I could find every source in one place when I finally got tired of not knowing WTF my neighbors are ranting at me about this time when I’m just trying to go home and sleep.

“Yes, I know. You love Trump. That’s fine. I guess maybe he’s nice in person. All his friends do say so. Okay. Yes. …Can I go now?”

I’m from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I moved here 11 years ago and I’ve just finally gotten over the severe culture shock of never having seen a homeless person, unless it was just your brother coming to crash at your house again. Or a homeless cat, unless they were your neighbor’s pet and they merely got lost on their way home. I know - I was spoiled.

(Amber) #545

Hello from Pennsylvania! Just moved from Arizona which was pretty much a political shithole, but PA seems a smidge more progressive. Anyway I’m no political expert by any means, but I’m absorbing as much as I can. My fave things include human and civil rights, equality, abortion staying legal, animals, tacos, and vodka.

(Amber) #546

I used to live outside Jax, try to enjoy it! :joy:

(Scott) #547

I’m old enough that I got to vote against Rick Santorum once, though I’ve moved around a bit since then :slight_smile:

(Alison C. ) #548

I am actually near Campbell! Thanks for the tip - will check it out :slight_smile:

(Karen from Denver) #549

Hi I’m Karen, founder of BillTrack50 a website where you can research and track state legislation (we have a free level if you want to check it out). I got married and moved to the UK just before Trump won the nomination and it is so so painful watching the train wreck from afar, hearing the perspective of the rest of the world while it happens. But I still pay my taxes so you better bet I still vote!

(Linda) #550

Thank you for the invite. I’m Linda, retired former federal employee. I lived in the center of the universe (Washington DC) for 28 years. After retiring, I fled to the farthest end of America, Washington State, figuring that was far enough from the black hole of DC. I am also geekish and feel that, to maintain our democracy, we must participate. WTFHappenedToday helps me keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of the current administration. Your blog is appropriately named - I can’t believe how often I have said WTF after a Breaking News story since that escalator moment in 2015.

(Jim) #551

Hi Matt
My name is Jim and I’m a software developer. I live in New Zealand but I grew up in Canada.
Thanks for providing this view of the slow motion train wreck that is in progress in America. Even on the other side of the planet we are deeply concerned: for what is happening to the American people and for the implications for the rest of the world. Trump and his cronies are affecting our lives over here, but we have no recourse except through participating in fora like this one.

(Lynn) #552

I often wonder if the rest of the world sees through trump even more clearly than many Americans, as we have many in denial as well as those who remain obtuse by choice. Many have their own personal reason they support him (like poorly-hidden racism) while others just swallow his slogans as if a true American was speaking & everything was as normal as apple pie. One thing I noticed this morning though: I live in an area that rabidly supports trump, yet our local paper had no mention of the POTUS or any mention of it being “President’s Day”…it’s as if they don’t want to call any more attention to the mess…as IF that will make it go away? Interesting times we’re living in.

(Jim) #553

I think perhaps that our distance gives us a certain perspective. More importantly though, we don’t vote in your elections therefore your power-brokers don’t need to influence us. And we don’t watch fox news.

(Lynn) #554

I would hope not! It’s been known to destroy brain cells.

(Matt Kiser) #555

I think we have a new slogan for network television:

Watching the NewsIt’s been known to destroy brain cells.

(Amy Ginsburg) #556

So does that explain the tweet tantrums? I know watching Fox News drives me crazy. I never realized it was due to dying cells. But I try not to spend enough time to do any permanent damage.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it turned out than Fox News is a covert Russian operation and they are not only using social media but traditional media to influence us as well? Let’s start a new conspiracy theory! Can you imagine the tweets?!

(Lynn) #557

I’m not sure it’s only a “conspiracy” and anyway, that would just be poetic justice!