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(Anne Ellis) #517

To Nomad - Kindred spirits. I was a full-time RVer for 4 years with my late husband. Loved it.

(Brian) #518

Hi, I’m a Canadian living in Vancouver, BC. My recent interest in American politics started with Trump’s Republican candidacy. When I originally stumbled onto this site, I thought it might be a great way to update myself on all things Trump without spending an hour or more of my day browsing for information. Sadly, I currently do both and am both shocked and entertained by the current state of US politics. After announcing to my wife for the umteenth time that he has finally done something to get himself fired or impeached, I have all but given up on that and just want to watch the show! WTF is the first thing I read in the morning.

(Shannon) #519

Hi everyone,
I’ve been in NJ for the last 11 years or so, and I finally made it to the WTF party… Sucks that it exists, but glad I’m not alone.

(Anne Ellis) #520

Mad as hell grandmother here. Soon to celebrate my 78th birthday. I thought I could safely retire from a fairly active life of political involvement, and then came 2016. I was for Bernie all the way, left DNC after they sabotaged fair primaries. Cannot believe we are seeing our country being flushed down the toilet. We never get a day off from this crap. I read extensively, but on days when I simply cannot bear to expose myself to this nightmare, Matt’s WTFJHT has been a lifesaver. Proud to say I’m in the 1% that has supported Matt and will do so again. (Come on, Y’all. We can do better than that. Even a few bucks can help.) From the community, I want daily reminders that I am not alone in wanting a better world for all of us, not just the elite billionaires. And may I just say that I have said “What the fuck?” more in the last year than in the rest of my life. We will survive.

(Ashley ) #521

haha. love how you put this.

i just had to google “u.s. digital service” - i’ve never heard of it! i might have tons of questions for you tho once i do some more googling. lol

:wave:t3: welcome!!


echoing people up thread, thanks for the invite.

IRL, i’m in the center of liberal-ism (sf ca usa), and i’m old enough that i should be more conservative than i am. i’m here because lots of people i know think similar thoughts, but seeing it distilled makes me not forget that this is not normal.

(Lynn) #523

I know just how you feel. I lived most of my life in California, but now in Arkansas, my neighbors had trump signs in their yards, and most people seem to be rabid disciples of trump here…:nauseated_face:

(Dana Chisnell) #524

Well, I travel a lot. I’m sitting in an airport in Richmond, Virginia right now, as a matter of fact.

AMA anything about USDS! But of course starting here is good:

Google is ur fren. :slight_smile:

(Jill Wolford) #525

Thanks for creating this site. When I came across wtf just happened today it made me feel like someone understood.
I live in the Heartland surrounded by Trump supporters, saved only by working in a college town with progressives. I am the mother of three children all interested in social justice. This is why I’m hopeful. The kids will make us proud.

(Kristy Whalen) #526

Hey… Greetings from New Zealand! I’m a big fan of WTFJHT (even got the t-shirt!).

Pretty sure it was watching seven series of The West Wing that first got me interested in your very unusual model of government. My political tendencies do lean more to the left; I was a big fan of the Obamas, but find I’m still pinching myself almost daily thinking how Donald Trump even managed to get elected. Even from our little part of the world, it’s to be greatly concerned about.

There is so much news to take in on the huge changes taking place and I’ve found WTFJHT is brilliant for a daily snapshot of the most relevant info. I despise discrimination in all its forms, and I have been horrified at what’s occurred over the last year, and feel deeply for the millions of Americans who have been and continue to be affected. I applaud the journalists continuing to do their jobs in the face of lies and derision, and all those fighting to right so many wrongs.

Not much I can do from here, but I’m sure I’m only one of many on the outside looking in - and hoping for better things to come…

Kia kaha. :new_zealand:

(Lynn) #527

It’s lucky that pinches are generally not fatal, Kristy…there’s a LOT of us pinching ourselves these days. :confused:

(Larry Booth) #528

Hello from Fox Point Wisconsin. I’m a former military officer(Vietnam), architect, advertising Creative Director, corporate executive, and small business owner. I used to be non-political but three things pushed me into political activism, the undeserved attacks on President Obama, the Sandy Hook shooting and, of course, Trump. I have been on the internet since 1994 and WTFJHT is the best damn political resource I’ve ever come across. Can’t wait to read it each day. Thanks Matt!

(Katie Berger) #529

My name is Katie and I live in Southern California with my husband, son, and we are expecting our daughter in July. My husband and I question our decision to bring children into this shitshow of a country every day. I work for a large bank on the corporate side, and while I don’t love being a part of financial corporate America, I do love that the work that I specifically do is working to protect customers and ensure that the bank is keeping their interests and safety in mind. Thank you, Matt, for your tireless efforts to keep us all in check. I am still hopeful that we’re going to come out of this … someday.

(Matt Kiser) #530

I think this is going on the press page. :slight_smile:

(Denise Greene) #531

Hi! I’m a writer, editor, legal assistant (almost a paralegal!), Mom, Grandma, and partner. I live in rural SE Arizona (not far from Tombstone), and am surrounded by uber-conservatives. I live out here because there are times I can forget I live in such a troubled country. I can only take news in bits and bytes, so WTFJHT is a wonderful way for me to stay informed. Like most everyone here, I imagine, I’m tired of slacktivism and want to help clean up this mess to leave it better for my kids and grandkids. I’m at the tail end of the Baby Boomers, and I know a lot of Gen X’rs feel we had a lot of opportunities that they will never have. That’s because we had intelligent post-war Presidents who realized that equality, education, public infrastructure and the means to obtain them were the only things that would truly make America great. And yet, despite it all, they tell me that a preponderance of my generation voted for He-who-shall-not-be-named. I’m looking forward to this community, and I won’t always be so long-winded. :wink:

(Lynn) #532

Sometimes it just takes more words to express what’s going on or what’s in your thoughts…I don’t think you need apologize, you’re among friends here, & we’re glad to have your input. And I sympathize with your location…I lived many years in the (CA) desert, but now I just reside in a “thought-desert”…like you, I’m among way too many trump-voters. :confounded: Somehow we have to keep each other sane & motivated to fight back until this all goes away & our country is in the recovery room.

(Scott) #533

Weird, I do my laundry in the same place you do :slight_smile:

(Ryan Paul Schultz) #534

Hi, I’m an architect–the building kind.

Have been applying open source to the practice of architecture:

Love that WTFJHT is trying that with media, as well.

All the Best, Ryan

(Julie Hendrickson) #535

Hi, I’m Julie from Northern Virginia. I’m 67, retired, and have been happy go lucky all my life.

A. T. (After Trump), I find myself delving into more serious reading, volunteering, and mentoring. I’m often now sad and furious. I cannot remember crying so much as I did yesterday.

I so appreciate WTF as a great way for me to catch updates on a forum that doesn’t make me want to jump off a tall building.

(Lynn) #536

I think we ALL know that feeling. Maddening that such a huge mess takes SO long to clean up…but I’m optimistic that it will happen, we just have to hang in there for brighter times ahead.