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(currenteventsjunkie) #497

Hi all, I’m Andy! I work in software for CNBC (not on the news side of things although I’m at the building daily) and I grew up right outside of NYC in NJ, currently a resident of Jersey City. Politically I’m basically a Krugmanite, although I have a few sharp philosophical differences with him, and also Epsilon Theory is a huge influence on me (definitely worth the google if you’re not familiar!). I have a strong interest in econ, finance, politics, history, military matters, of course tech & science, good food/booze/hot sauce, and I’m a musician (bass/keys/production/live sound, although not very active atm). Love to talk about pretty much anything! Connect with me on twitter:

Thanks so much Matt for doing this! You definitely find things and perspectives that I miss over the course of the day, and bringing relevant information to the people is one of the most important things we need in these days of a “like, really smart” sad excuse for a president whose idea of an intellectual argument is calling anything he disagrees with “fake news”. Godspeed!

(Catherine) #498

Thanks so much for the invite to the community! I’m a 60-year-old woman who has worked in the public school system when my children were in school and now work at my public library. I live in Georgia so am always looking for like-minded people who care what is happening to our country. I grew up in Atlanta and marched with Gloria Steinem and campaigned for Andrew Young as a teenager. I marched last year in DC at the Women’s March and was so proud to see so many young women taking up the cause. Marched in Chattanooga this last month. I sure didn’t expect to be fighting for some of the same things in this day and age.

So, I care about women’s issues, race and gender equality, healthcare and protecting our most vulnerable, the poor. I get exhausted calling my tow-the-republican-line reps so appreciate the strength WTF gives me! Thanks again for including me, Catherine


ha, good ole Indiana. I remember those days, altho not much has changed since i moved to a mountain state lol. You should run! There are quite a few awesome organizations that help women find their inner Leslie Knope and run for local office—the local level is really important esp now.

(DEL) #500

Hey DEL here. Artist from the Adirondacks in NY. Matt is the unvarnished go-to source for staying updated. Been following since about day 50, not sure, but early on. Thanks Matt for doing this. We all need to stay strong to withstand the BS.
I read 1984 last summer. Took me a month where I usually read something like that in 2 days. I kept throwing the book across the room - ranting it was their GD playbook. Basically I am scared. I haven’t seen much that will take that away. We are walking straight into it eyes wide shut. I hope we are strong enough to withstand the tsunami.
What am I hoping to happen from this communication? A connection and translation to my stuff. My focus since 911 has been to capture the Beauty because I am not sure at all people get what it is we will lose. Now I think there has to be more. But I have not put my finger on how. Not looking for suggestions here - just telling about the journey. Onward.

(Walter H) #501


My name’s Walter. Been part of WTFJHT since the inception, and glad I just got invited over here. I’m quite heterosexually impaired, attached to a great dude (today’s our 26th anniversary), live out in the sticks in Oregon, though we’re just a few miles from the Portland border. And I tend to use non-English words for saying hello for some reason.

Glad to find this place. Even my geek places like SlashDot have gotten overrun with Trump supporters, so this is like one of the last holdouts of people who respect others. Happy to be here!


Hello, all! Julie here from Madison, WI. So awesome to read through these introductions and remember that there are real live actual humans who care, going about their daily lives all over the world. I work with an undergraduate biology course, doing curriculum development, training teaching assistants, trying to help students any way I can. The academy is an interesting place to be right now.
I have two cats who keep me sane in the midst of the political dumpster fires :slight_smile:

(MPuryear) #503

I am a semi-retired pediatrician/geneticist. Interested in health care access of course but also saving our democracy.

(Walter H) #504

Greetings! I’m actually working on a pediatric oncology project at the moment. Just went live with the first two protocols; it’s been interesting!.


(Matt Kiser) #505

The code for WTFJHT is open source, so all anybody really needs to do is just start writing. Happy to support anybody who wants to take on yeoman’s work

(mermama) #506

Thanks, Matt, for all that you’re doing. This site keeps me from the nausea of having to look at the news. You’ve contributed mightily to my sanity.

(allan) #507

That’s awesome. If I had more time, I’d definitely give it a go - I may just have to suggest it to a few friends :slight_smile:

(Gina) #508

Hello from Seattle! Been stressed and depressed since 11/8/2016 - my birthday! After 8 years of pure joy and enlightenment, we’ve entered the dark ages. I’ve learned never to take our democracy for granted. It’s under the biggest threat of my lifetime. WTFJHT has been my lifeline. Happy to be part of this community.


Hi Everyone,
I’m Dave, an old fat white guy from Eastern Washington State. I was a Certified Financial Planner with my own business for 23 years before retiring at age 57 in October 2016. Being newly retired at that time I had lots of time to be a more informed consumer of news and wow, has there been a lot of news to stay informed on!
I am an alcoholic who has been in recovery for over 30 years and I spend a lot of my spare time mentoring other alcoholics who are trying to obtain and maintain continuous sobriety. That activity is probably the highlight of my life. A close second is golf. I play around 130 rounds per year.
My concerns are the ever widening income gap and the shrinking middle class. It is becoming less and less possible for people not born with significant resources to rise the ladder and I see that as a huge concern.
I discovered WTF soon after it started and love it. I also love Matt’s three ground rules of
Be humble
Show respect
Practice gratitude
These are three concepts that I really try (not always successfully) to practice in my day to day life.
I look forward to getting to know some of you folks.


Hi Gina,
I live in Yakima which is about as red as it gets in Washington. Hopefully, you can share how you feel more safely than I feel that I can in my community.

(Beth Voigt) #511

Hello! I am transplant from Illinois to Wisconsin where I am affectionately known as a “FIB” so acronyms work for me. I serve as a pastor in a Lutheran church although I am ordained in United Church of Christ. This is kinda like crossing state lines. I found WTF because I was frantically typing “what the f*ck did trump do today” into my search bar. Happy to join you all!

(Carol R Strand) #512

Hi folks. I like to say that I’m just another old gal tryin’ to make it through the day. I’m in Berkeley CA.

(Matt Kiser) #513

I think you’d be surprised how many people are here from Googling just that! lololol

(Mike Rothman) #514

Hello all. I’m Mike, from Walnut Creek, California. I’m a retired guy, having worked in the not for profit and government sectors doing financial management. I’ve been retired for three years now and they are shaping up to be the happiest days of my life.

Except that is, for the Trump presidency. I’m constantly shocked and dismayed by the way he is dragging up all down into the gutter and sacrificing the good name of the United States.

@matt I really appreciate you for starting this community. You’ve been remarkably successful in bringing succinct and clear explanations of the day’s news. Thank you. :+1:

If I’m not super active here, it is because I’m out walking Rosie the labradoodle.

Rosie is the standing dog in the foreground.

(Denise KP) #515

Hi, I’m Denise KP. I am a white woman who finds the current administration reprehensible. I love this community because it helps me believe I am not the only one. I become frustrated at the news channels. CNN says an apple isn’t a banana, but broadcast the banana over and over as legit by repeating the right’s talking points. Fox isn’t news…its Rush on crack. The networks follow the money. I read, vet and pray that our democracy can recapture empathy and compassion. It is important to know how “biases” are fueled by inaccuracies. Keep reporting objectivity, but sharing your lens.

(Craig) #516

Hi everyone - thanks for the invitation Matt!

My name is Craig Beilinson, former east coaster, but I’ve been living in Seattle for the past (yikes) 22 years now. I’ve never been terribly politically active, but the rise of Trump and this assault on facts, truth, and our very democracy genuinely shook me to my core.

After the election, a few of my friends and I decided to start a humble website (WTFJHT blows us away) to track the despicable actions of the Trump administration by topic. It enables anyone to look at a given topic (Immigration, Economy, Corruption, etc.) and see a timeline of what they’ve done. It’s called Presterity - - and we hope you find it useful.

Thanks for providing such an amazing resource, Matt!