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(Erica) #477

I’m Erica from Seattle. Im a middle school teacher so insanity is my daily life. WTF helps me deal with the insanity in our national politics. Thanks for your daily take on the news. It helps me figure out what I really need to pay attention to.

(Matt Kiser) #478

:evergreen_tree: Seattle in the house!!

(Judith Lesner) #479

I am Judith Lesner. I am 75 years old - have been in the Peace Corps in the Philippines, worked in Viet Nam during the war, was a hippie living in India and then going overland, by myself, by bus and train to Turkey, lived in Eilat, Israel for a year and a half working cleaning houses, picking tomatoes, as a short order cook and at a copper mine. Returned to States and was deeply involved in the movement for Choice and somewhat in the Peace Movement. I am now very involved in the Disability Rights Movement. I am sick about how the social advances made during my lifetime are being undone. RESIST.

(Matt Kiser) #480

:wave: Whoa! You’ve been in it from the start! Amazing!

(JC Andrijeski) #481

HI there! I’m a fiction writer who writes under the name JC Andrijeski ( ), mostly paranormal mystery and apocalyptic SF. Job-wise, I have to say it’s pretty creepy reading things in the news that resonate with things you write about as a pre- and post-apocalyptic writer, and that seems to be happening more and more lately.

I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been here about four years now, and while in some ways I’m grateful not to be in the middle of the insanity going on in the United States, it’s also extremely frustrating at times, because apart from voting and some online writing / support / donations, etc., I don’t feel like there’s a lot I can do from here.

It’s great to see so many cool people from all parts of the country (and world!) on here. I have to say, one good thing about living overseas, you really see the opinions of people from other countries evolve towards the States, in ways I don’t think the news can quite capture.

Even here, generally the cool expats aren’t from the USA, just because the expats here are unusually conservative compared to most places I’ve lived and other expat communities I’ve encountered. Between that and the overall tenor of the news, it’s easy to believe that everyone in the USA is losing their minds - so I love community reminders that they really are just a vocal and (right now) disproportionately powerful minority. :slight_smile:

(Doreen) #482

I’m Doreen from BC Canada. Live about 30 minutes from the border so I hop over fairly frequently. I work as a Labour Relations Officer for a large Nursing union, looking after the nurses who look after the patients, clients and residents in our publicly funded healthcare system. I am concerned as to what is happening in the US as it does affect our country. I work with a hugely diverse population in our healthcare system, managers, HR and staff. Our Union is a great advocate for diversity and public funding for healthcare. I emigrated from Britain in the 70s where I trained as an RN and there they have a public and private system that seemed to work OK when I was there (I’ve been a nurse since the dark ages). It saddens me to see what you have to deal with. I am more than puzzled (well, really more appalled) as to the amount of politicians and all the other residents of your country who seem to be supporting Trump, even to the extent they think he is doing a good job. You have to get people out to vote in the upcoming elections.

(Craig Sutherland) #483

Hi all,
I’m Craig from San Jose. I read WTFJHT daily to keep up on the nut house in Washington. (Thank you, Matt!) I’m a Singer/Songwriter currently not working at a job due to illness.
Probably the least tech savvy guy in the group, but I manage to be able to answer my phone by the third ring!


Hey there…My name is Nina writing from Southern California. Been tutoring with special needs adults as a way to give back to my community, but had been worked w/ photographers, web producers, and entertainment. Studied at UCSC…where wearing Mao hats was required, as part of the Political Science dept… Eclectic. Lived in NYC, Boston…and now back here. Thanks Matt for creating a way to digest the daily amount of chaos in this administration. This is a ‘pull out the stops’ moment in time, where it is so necessary to be engaged in attacking this corrupt and failing regime. I scan your headlines, drop them into a FB post, and scrutinize the various twitter feeds, call congress, go to women’s marches (a 1st). And try to pull up my jaw off the ground E V E R Y S I N G L E D A Y. Yes, you put it best…WTFJHT. Thank you.

(allan) #485

I’m Allan and I live in the UK, trying to get to grips with the reality of both Trump and Brexit - often, I wish there was a wtfjh equivalent for Brexit :slight_smile:

Last year, I started working for Facebook in London, and really like it.


you should make it!
also, careful about announcing your facey work, we might pester you for details about how you plan on fixing fake news :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Scott) #487

Glad to be here. Trump chaos is nuts. Thankfully, we Californians are towing the line of resistance. I make music…Should I write a rock opera about this?


:raised_hands:t3: yaaasss :raised_hands:t3:

(Lynn) #489

Save me a seat! :grin:

(Berkeley) #490

Second time checking in and must point out the beauty of this diverse and more global community. Thanks go to Matt for sticking with it.My FBtimeline has been 2 years of explaining how we are making big mistakes. Then I stopped. I have given it to a higher power because it seems we cannot save ourselves. My real use of energy has been in the mental health community lately. If you are at all influenced by the crisis we are in, many unstable people are really feeling the roller coaster even worse. Be kind to those in your life. We will survive this Administration and I hope we will be more united against the repeat of this episode. I agree, it is especially important to kill Citizens United ASAP. Also, dog person here (sort of Korean Jindo or black tongued Shiba Inu Labradore mix). Unfortunately, we are going to have to keep resisting!

(Ashley ) #491

Caliiiiiifornia knows how to partyyyyy. (Tupac is just on loop in my head right now, ha!)

:wave: :wave: from so cal!

(Lisa) #492

Hi and thanks for the invite. LOVE WTF as my go to source for the truth as I don’t have time to evaluate all the news. WTF eliminates all the fluff and gets right to it. I much appreciate being able to click on the links to read the source for myself. You are the best and thank you for your devotion to your community. I hope you are able to find joy in your day despite having to constantly muck around in the mess!

(jillellenlloyd) #493

Hi, I am Jill transplanted from Ohio to Indiana when my husband moved here for work. I feel I do not belong in this deeply red state. When I saw the results of the election rolling in, I was horrified. On voting days there are rarely any Democrats on the ballot to vote for. Primaries are a joke. I think the last time I voted (not the major election), there was one Dem to vote for. It is sad living here.

(Laurie) #494

Hi I’m Laurie. I work for a university in Georgia. My greatest interest is to get money out of politics by campaign finance reform legislation at all levels. Otherwise, I care about preserving the environment, health care for all, quality education for all, and safety nets for the disadvantaged as well as anything else progressive. The Trump administration is a surreal and never-ending nightmare.

(Dana Chisnell) #495

Hello! I’m Dana, and I do my laundry outside Boston.

I served at the pleasure of President Obama 2014-2016 at the U.S. Digital Service. I’m an expert on design in government, especially in election administration. AMA about ballot design.

Huge fan of your work, Matt. What you’re doing is difficult but very needed. Thank you for doing it!

(jkhaight) #496

Thanks for the invitation! My name is Judy and I live in Madison, WI. There is a lot of WTFJHT just in our state politics. I try to stay positive and wait for the tide to turn but a lot of what happens politically is going to cost us money and may not turn out to our benefit. In my everyday life I own my own little business, I sell on consignment. I help people empty out their garages, basements, and help with estates. It helps them get a little money back for all that stuff they don’t want any more. More sells when people have more money in their pockets to spend so the state of the economy hits pretty close to home for me. Many of my customers have very little to spend, and in previous years many of them obviously were foreign born. With the push against immigration I have fewer customers. Obviously, some political trends hit pretty close to home for me.