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(Scott) #457

Hey Folks,

Scott here, from sunny Boston. I think I found WTFJHT from twitter. I like the summary style and find that I read Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources newsletter in the morning, and WTFJHT sometime in the afternoon most days. I adopted a teenager a few years ago so she keeps us pretty busy :slight_smile:, she’s 19 now. Mostly, I’m just trying to stay sane and make it through the next x years :slight_smile:


(Suzy) #458

Hi, Matt!
Glad to be onboard your forum ~ excellent idea, to be able to have intelligent, interesting conversations without all the drama (hate) on regular Twitter and no bots!
I am Suzy, a retired teacher of children with special needs. I have taught children with Moderate to Intensive needs and children with Mild to Moderate needs. Reigning from the shores of Lake Erie (Ohio); my father helped establish the Rubber Workers Union at Goodyear, so activism is in my genes :blush:. I attended the Women’s March in DC, January 2017- it was exhilarating!
I am quite concerned about our government; it seems like every day, our democracy is being chipped away. Mr. Mueller’s investigation findings cannot come soon enough, then there is the problem with Republicans in Congress, who have turned a blind eye to these problems; their silence is deafening!
I am glad to be here and hope to read and share ideas that will bring a beacon of light into these darkened times. Bless you :heart:️ Suzy

(Matt Kiser) #459

:wave: hi suzy! welcome!

(susan c price) #460

susan a retired person from the people’s republic of Santa Monica , a lovely bubble within a bubble. i still feel guilty that i did not know so many folks were soooo unhappy before this …um, administration. i am willing to see changes. Maybe the Dems went too far with regulations. i know social change (which i am totally ok with) is challenging for many, particularly the speed (which made me really happy), but the actions of the current group in power often seems …well, like throwing the baby and the bath water and the tub out. i am heartened by the increased interest in public policy, running for office, vocalizing issues and changing what we got wrong in gerrymandering… and then i notice that my attention to “wall of us” actions, is well, waaaay down. we have such sort attention spans. Oh, and i am a painter…not of any use whatsoever.

(Matt Kiser) #461

Wanna paint a WTFJHT protest poster? :wink:

(Alexandra) #462

Hi! I’m Alexandra. I’m a Southerner living in San Francisco — a former journalist turned digital media extraordinaire. Kinda fits why I’d enjoy WTFJHT so much — and why I believe it’s the future of journalism. (Matt, you’ve been mentioned in my master’s thesis thrice already.)

What’s happening right now in our federal government is scary. Thanks, Matt.

(Side note: I finally decided to sit down and read The History of the World by J.M. Roberts so that I can gain some further insight as history tends to repeat itself and all that.)

(Matt Kiser) #463

Say whaaa??? Where are you doing your master’s?

(Matt Kiser) #464

Also, is that a Grizzlies jersey? Go Dubs. :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

(Alexandra) #465

University of Memphis, graduating in December. In case you’re curious, my thesis is on the digital adaptation of newspapers post-financial collapse of 2008.

(Alexandra) #466

Aaaaand you’re dead to me. JK, my favorite player is Conley, who will gladly take on Curry any day. :slight_smile:

edit: Except for now or the rest of this season due to his injury. :expressionless:

(G Marie Tee) #467

I’m G Marie! I am delighted to be part of this amazing group! I have been following WTFJHT since the beginning and it has been keeping me sane! I’m a retired adult education teacher. I am married and we are proud dog parents of 4! Looking forward to engaging in civil discourse.

(Matt Kiser) #468

Welcome! What kind of dogs?

(echristeller) #469

Retired, living in rural Va, advocate for conservation and healthcare

(Matt Kiser) #470

:wave: Welcome! Glad to have your perspective

(G Marie Tee) #471

Thank you. We have 2 miniature dachshunds, 1 dachshund/chihuahua mix, and 1 beagle mix :smile:

(Lissa Barker) #472

Hi gang. I’m a Democrat, a retired addiction counselor, a grandma, house wife and artist. As a member of the local Democratic Committee here in Mt. Lebanon, PA, I’m campaigning for Conor Lamb in a special election to replace Tim Murphy, and excited about progress on correcting unfair gerrymandering. MSNBC, CNN, NBC and NPR keep me up to date on political news, all of which increases my general anxiety level, but I’m hooked. I LOVE wtfjht and read it daily, occasionally diving into the links.

(John Decker) #473

Call me deckbose. I live in NYC, where the Resistance is strong. And even though I’ve been in NYC for more than 4 decades, I don’t consider myself a New Yorker. I grew up in Minnesota, Virginia, Ohio and Massachusetts, before I came to Manhattan for a higher education. I’m a writer and editor, with three novels and nine screenplays to my credit, though I’ve only sold a small percentage of that total, and I now edit a website for unpaid family caregivers. If you’re in the baby boomer demographic, chances are very good that you’re facing the difficult decisions that come with aging and infirm parents, and that’s where our website comes in. Let me know if this is the kind of help you’ve been searching for. Otherwise, my goals are all about restoring democracy and the rule of law to this nation. And I’m not real patient with people who don’t see the danger of 45.

(Matt Kiser) #474

So, are you a This Is Us fan or… no?

(Matt Kiser) #475

I hear you. I’m not real patient with people who expect me to be good at grammar. Just because I write a blog/newsletter, doesn’t mean I know wtf I’m doing!

(just kidding… sort of)

(John Decker) #476

As the man who jumped off a 10-story building was heard to say after 5 flights, “So far, so good.”