Introduce Yourself!

(Marc E Grossberg) #429

I’m a yellow dog Texas Democrat who was an advance man for HHH. I observe more than I act now but I enjoy wtf
Remember the objective is to gain office holders federal state and local. We need to appeal to the 34%. They aren’t deplorable. They’ve been left out. Talk about jobs, education, roads, security. Don’t talk about choice or parade Schumer or Pelosi around. The object is to win
Find good candidates. Support them.

(Grant Miller) #430

Hello! I’ve been enjoying this incredible newsletter all year. Now that it seems clear the Teflon Dong is going to keep murdering our Country’s reputation and our Planet’s ecosystem forever, I decided to hop in here and say Hi!
My name’s Grant and I live in NW Alabama. I grew up in California so I was pretty liberal as a kid, but I don’t think I would have become as progressive as I am had I not spent my adult years in Alabama during the W. Bush years.
I had the privilege of seeing first hand what terrible damage religious idiots can wield when they’re surrounded by like-minded assholes. What also became clear was how much these people were willing to sell out or exploit their actual religious beliefs in order to move money-making legislation forward, or to exploit their devoutly religious voters in order to push through legislation that would hurt those particular low-income, disenfranchised, yet devout citizens the most, while encouraging them to vote against their interests.

Seeing that shit live and in real life, seeing it happen to people you care about, it’s disgusting. Watching your family disolve into people you can speak to and people you can’t watch a fucking Disney cartoon with without someone saying something racist or saying something about the good ol days. It’s crazy.



Hi all! I’m grateful to find this group and have come to depend on the daily WTF when I can’t face reading the paper. (And I enjoy the badges given out liberally in the forums!) Originally from the US (New England mostly, but more recently in NC and DC), I moved to England 8 years ago for love, but am now moving back in part to keep an eye on aging parents. Tough choice: basically, we can and will get rid of Donny and his enablers, but Brexit is forever (unless stopped, which it really needs to be!). Also, I would love to get more involved in the Resistance, maybe run for local office somewhere (my main work is in public health and publishing), which looks as though it will be western Mass.

(Bonnie) #432

Hi. I’m Bonnie. I’m an RN from the east coast. I never cared about politics till the last election. I’ve been angry for over a year now. I just continue to #resist and #persist

(Frances) #433

Hello there WTFJHT community. I live in Northern Virginia, planning to move, with spouse, to a walkable city with affordable housing in SW Pa later this year. I’m the daughter of a former broadcast journalist, therefore a news junkie. Passionate about universal access to affordable quality healthcare and education, environmental protection, voting rights, and preservation of a robust democracy. Hate dogma and zero-sum game politics. Appalled at the cartoonish stupidity and greed of our current “leader”, who is putting a strain on my cringe muscles. I enjoy the daily digest.

(Stacey Erickson) #434

I’m a newbie to the community, although I have been loving Matt’s contributions for several months now. Before this election I would say that I was a “semi-literate” follower of politics. I became more involved last January after the horrible event of November 8 of last year. I marched proudly along with about 100 thousand other folks, having no idea that it would become the largest march EVER. This made me so proud and happy that I was becoming a part of a movement, albeit formed from a horrible mistake our electoral college produced. Nevertheless, I was extremely proud to be walking side by side with mothers, fathers, grandmothers, children and other like-minded “sane” people that CARED about others. I’ve been to many marches since then and have also been involved with my local Indivisible movement. Immigration and the dreamers are a major concern for me. Having an unstable person in the WH is of major concern to me. I love to stay informed and I love Matt for putting together his incredible posts. Thank you, Matt!!! Stacey Seattle, WA

(Deneen Giesen) #435

Hey everyone, I am Deneen, and I am a first generation American, father was from Mexico~became a U.S. citizen in 1988, mother was Native American from British Columbia, Canada. They met in Washington state and raised a large family, and worked hard to make sure we had a better life, and received a good education. They taught us to always do our best, and never expect handouts.

I am here because I am so tired of hearing Trump talk. Please someone give me good news, I cannot bear his rhetoric, and the complicity of the GOP. I want to scream every time I watch the news.

I love America, and I have worked hard to give back, and to teach my son to give back. My husband & I both have good jobs, and we have been blessed but we also realize the importance of what living in America means. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Thank you for listening, hope to contribute in some way.


John Hickenlooper, hands down

(Abba Zabba) #437

Hey. I’m Abba. I’m just a friendly loser from a small college town in BrOklahoma, probably deemed a “shithole”. Married for 20 yrs, we have 5 kids, and work hard to raise them with values of importance. I try to keep informed and was craving a daily news update when I found WTF. I Love it and partially depend on it due to lack of tv and Wi-Fi. Thank you for all your hard work on this site, You have awesome thing going on here and you do a great job. Keep it up. Im here for the long haul :smiley::+1::clap:

(Susan Devlin) #438

I’m Susan. Nice to meet all of you. I’ve been reading this blog daily since about 30 days after this crazy reality-imitates-reality-show misadventure began, but this is my first time in the forum. I want to thank Matt for keeping me sane this past year, since I have wanted and felt the need to keep up with all the shenanigans, but sometimes the news and my FB feed has just been too much. WFHJHT allows me to just take a peek between my fingers as I hide my eyes from the horror - and then dive deeper if I’m feeling particuarly curious. Keep up the good work and RESIST!

(Stephen Wehrenberg) #439

Gday. Steve W. here. I’m thoroughly enjoying WTF, though I wish we could do something about the content. I’ve been retired for 2 years after almost 48 years with the US Coast Guard, in uniform and as a (barely) civil servant. I’m a psychologist by education, and if it was some unfriendly country instead of America, I would enjoy watching it unravel – as a case study for my org psych students! But I took an oath to support and defend our Constitution, and I’m still bound to it as a retired officer. Given our twit-in-chief’s attacks on the Constitution I find myself an active member of the resistance. Fortunately I live in a deep blue state (MD) so I feel safe at night. My biggest causes are to make it clear that corporations are not people, and money is not speech. So overturning Citizens United and a constitution amendment that that makes the aforementioned causes come true, while guaranteeing the right of every citizen to vote, take most of my time. I go to sleep every night muttering my mantra – WTFJHT – and dream of a day when this SCROTUS (so called ruler of the US) and his entire entourage are long gone.

(Karen L Johnson) #440

Hi I’m Karen. Been reading WTFJHT since the beginning. First time posting. From South Dakota. I appreciate getting the real news here. We do what we can to survive and WTF helps!!

(Amy Ginsburg) #441

I’ve been posting for a couple of weeks, now, so I guess it’s time to become official. I’m an online adjunct instructor who teaches research and statistics at various Universities. In addition, I work parttime in Amazon Customer Service, having grown up in a retail environment. It’s a great way to gain perspective on the people of the U.S. I’m amazed at how many people will share their opinions on touchy stuff to a complete stranger. In addition, I am now the caretaker of my 90 year old Dad who moved in with me last spring. And that’s been quite an experience. It’s hard to watch somebody change. I feel like all of my memories of him as a vibrant, energetic, sharp and funny guy are being replaced by those of him as somebody who no longer wants to do anything for himself, has trouble remembering, can’t hear and is too stubborn to admit it. I have 2 adult kids, one who is finishing up a Masters in Religious Studies and plans to get another Masters in Creative Writing and another who works as a Behavioral Analyst creating programs for autistic kids. I also have 2 miniature dachshunds I’ve rescued - one as a senior and the other straight from a breeder. The first is 17, can’t hear or see but loves to eat and seems to be doing well. The other is 4, extremely anxous about being in the real world so has glommed onto me and has to be in contact with my body 20 out of 24 hours. Finally, in my spare time, I read and I color in the adult coloring books. They’re supposed to relieve stress but they bring out the OCD in me. Once I get started, I find it difficult to stop until I’ve completed a picture. I’ve gotten pretty good at shading and I generally stay within the lines.

I’m so happy to have found Matt’s newsletter since I was languishing in Myrtle Beach where everybody is Republican and nobody dares say anything anti-Trump. In the last election, the only Democrat on the entire ticket was Clinton. All of the local and state offices had GOP candidates running unopposed. I have a cousin who no longer will talk to me because I am a great believer in researching rumors and gossip before commenting. She kept posting anti-Hillary garbage and I kept showing her how false the stuff was. She finally told me that I should stop being so high and mighty and acting smarter than everybody else. Sorry, but I don’t dumb down for anybody. The past couple of years have turned me into a news junky and I spend a lot of time trying to educate myself about topics I’m not familiar with. I don’t suffer fools. But I don’t view myself as intellectually elite either. I’m just a curious individual who has had the opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills over the years (thanks to wonderful teachers and peers). This community seems like a good place to use them. I think I’ll hang around for a while.

(Alison J Redford) #442

Hi, I’m also Alison (I saw an Alison posted here already,) or Ali on Google+, @ajredford on Twitter. I ran across this site in the comments section (!) of a blog I love, and I’m really taken with the news site, because I can read it all and it doesn’t hurt. I don’t know how much I’ll post here; I tend to get online at off hours, and usually whenever I show up, everyone else has already said all the good stuff, so I stay quiet. I can be counted upon to look at various action alerts, though, and to take them if I’m inclined. One of my taglines is that I’m a liberal living in Kansas, the other is that I do all I can. I think that’s all for now. :slight_smile:

( Lee Miller) #443

I have been MIA, this group/community has really exploded! Just checking back on the Orville. Have you watched any of the new star [trek series? Some great story lines there! ;sunglasses: hope the link works. .

(Abba Zabba) #444

I loved reading this just now!! If you decide to start a blog, let me know. I would definitely want to subscribe!! I agree with everything you said and would love to learn more from you!!! Good views, thanks for sharing. :blush:


Greetings WTFers. I have been reading since the beginning and really appreciate Matt’s efforts to keep us informed and sane. Speaking of which, I saw a thread on “what do you do to stay sane.” I write Trump limericks, here is the latest, written for the State of the Union address, that really should be called the State of the Division address:

What is the State of the Division, and
why do we treat others with derision?
The Union is weak,
and the outlook is bleak,
since Trump put us on a path to collision.

(Scott S.) #453

Hi WTF Community,
I have been reading Matt’s updates and now listening to the podcast for a few months. Now ventured out to this site.

I am a dad of two wonderful boys, one in collage and one graduating from high school.

This is me in a nutshell:
• UNIX Systems Administrator
• Karate practitioner
• Photographer
• Coffee drinker
• Dad

Not necessarily in that order. :slight_smile:


(David Schroeder) #455

Hi, Aloysius McG here. I am a grandfather of four, retired and newly active in marches, etc. My mental and physical health is suffering from the current state of our Union. So many issues that are addressed so succinctly in WTFJH are those I care about.

My most important issue is the one which both SOTU and the Democratic reply did not address: the insufficient global actions to reverse AGW. Removing the complicit-with- Trump Republican Party from power should be a first order priority.

(Lynn) #456

Welcome David…you’re among like-minded people here, keeping truth & sanity alive & well.