Introduce Yourself!

(Lynn Neering) #409

Aloha from The Big Island of Hawaii! :hibiscus:. I’m Lynn and am married to a staunch Republican. I’m just about to go insane!!! I can say that here cuz my husband will never see this! I feel as though I won’t make it until the next election!! :rofl::joy:. Anyone else??

(JoAnne Carlson) #410

Glad to be here, kept meaning to get on & join just never got around to it until now. Thanks Matt for doing all this, it keeps me anchored knowing that I am not imagining how insane all this shit is! :wink:

(Christopher Leonard) #411

Hi, I’m Chris…real name. I’m retired and reside in New Zealand. Have been receiving WTFJHT for a few months now but haven’t been motivated to join up . Not a joiner of signer-upper at all.
Don’t do social media in anyway. Starting to think I’m one of very few these days who has no social media foot-print.
My main reason for living…I rescue old dogs. People are callous and abandon dogs when they out grow their cuteness or they start having big vet bills. But for whatever reason when the local Dog Pound find one they call me and I usually tke them on. Have only one old Staffy X at the moment. Vet thinks she’s about 13. Crippled with arthritis she loves her food and going out for a walk each day.
But that’s enough about me.


Wow honey, just wow. I agree, things have never been so unstable as they are now–and for A LOT of people. The stress you must be under on a daily basis is horrific and I’m sorry. I keep waiting for someone to pull the plug on Doofus 45 and/or take his phone or for Twitter to rescind his account or for Obama to ride to the rescue or…you get my point.
Coming from-what we are ALWAYS told, but it’s never been more arguable than it is presently-the ‘greatest country on Earth’ with our wealth and resources, that so many of us
are food, job, or shelter insecure is incomprehensible. I am counting on the fact that there are enough compassionate, reasonable Americans out there still and that, somehow, some way, we can turn this tide of chaos, hatred, greed, and intolerance. I wish I could help more with your situation. I hope things get better and easier soon.:):hugs:

(Berkeley) #413

Native Californian who is way too old to be here! Lived in the mid south for 7 years so this election of Trump seemed like more of a reality about to happen than most people realized. The book I am reading right now is “Hacks” by Donna Brazile and a ghost writer I love. Super liberal with the Bernie bumper sticker still on my car and it is staying there!

(Michele T Pennington) #414

Happy New Year! I’m Michele, live in Northern CA, and feel so much support from reading comments from like-minded citizens. I work with the mentally ill and vulnerable elders who have dementia. Best.Job.Ever. I care about human rights, dignity for everyone, and like most of you, have had a frustrating 2017 in terms of our political disaster with the current administration. Let’s all work together to make the mid-terms in 2018 an incredible victory for progressives!

(Tracy Hornberger) #415

Hi, I am Tracy, thank you for the add. I have been following the wtf since early on. Wtf is all I could mutter after last November. I enjoy reading your material and the comments. I live in Texas and these groups keep me sane.

(Jenny Fitton) #416

Hi, my name is Jenny. I’m Cornish, living in the “boot” of the far southwest of England. Our own Euro referendum was an object lesson in how people can be hoodwinked into believing wholesale lies and our own government is a collection of incompetents, fools and ambitious climbers of the greasy pole - so no cause to be smug. But Trump is terrifying. I wonder if most Americans know how much he is loathed in the U.K. and in continental Europe. He makes our homegrown buffoon, Boris Johnson, look like a political genius - but Boris Johnson is not in a position to start a Third World War. And at least our Prime Minister sacks those who have molested their female staff (eventually). Keep up the good work WTFers.

(Martha Garcia) #417

I’m Martha, a married FT working mom of one from the SF Bay Area. I’m an HSP/Empath, so if you know what that means, you will know how deeply affected, stressed, and upset I’ve been since the election, and more so since 1/20/17. What a fucking nightmare this has been and continues to be! I have spent the better part of this year learning about self care, and so far so good. Continuing that into 2018 and thankful for Matt and WTFJH!

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #418

I got it! Thank you!!

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #419

You are a 1964 too! Do you know about Generation Jones? I plan to make a website soon on how we are even more screwed than even Generation X … and it’s going to be exponentially worse d/t this administration. In the meantime I am making a Twitter account for the purpose. I will provide the name shortly.

Related to that is the whole Greatest Country on Earth thing, and returning to that very Greatness … by doing THE EXACT OPPOSITE. I am going to start a new thread on that right now.

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #420

That last sentence should be wrapped in gold taffeta.

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #421

I have wondered about all the people in the environmental industry. I can’t begin to imagine the disappointment and horror y’all must be feeling.

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #422

People say, “Why don’t you just leave?” … I am 100% serious when I answer that I would if I could. I suspect we aren’t alone.

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #423

I do know what it is, and I am just that deeply affected, stressed, and upset.

(Pat Kight) #424

Hi, all. I’ve been following WTFJHT since its launch, and am glad to join the conversation. When I retired a year ago after a long career in journalism and marine science writing, I was looking forward to having time to pursue my interests (photography, travel, theatre); instead, the current political shitshow has forced me back into the kind of activism I thought we were done with when Nixon resigned. So I find myself once more marching, badgering my representatives and #resisting. Good to be here.

(Tom) #425

Tom from southeast Arizona. Environmental enforcement officer, State of Alaska, environmental specialist with Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. in Valdez AK. Now retired in Arizona, a desert rat. Most of my working life was spent fighting corporate lawyers, trying to find middle ground in a community that prefers drawing lines in the sand. So much of the good work done in the environmental field over the past 8 yrs being plundered by the current administration. Long-term damage expected as in some cases( Paris Climate Agreement pull-out, opening the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska(NPRA), oil pipeline approvals, regulation changes allowing a plethora of repeals to important legislation protecting people and environment, etc., etc., etc…) there may be no turning back through new legislation. Damage will be done. OK enough of that…

I enjoy WTF daily as my go to for news. Now I find like minded souls who offer ideas and support when I feel extremely down and out. And maybe when I am wrong or off-track I can look for people on this forum to get me back on track! When we see some of corporate American denying the direction of the current administration that tells me there is some light at the end of the tunnel, even if it followed by another light with another agenda.

Jail to the Chief


My name is John. I’m a retired business executive and a lifelong liberal ( I just didn’t vote for Dukakis). I’ve been following this blog since its inception and decided to join the discussion today when I saw the comment Rupert Murdoch made following an immigration discussion with Trump. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, the comment applies. I naively believed things would settle down some in 2018 and then this shitstorm of tweets happened yesterday. The DNC needs to get serious about how this happened and what their strategy will be to prevent a repeat. How about a national spokesperson to refute every Trump lie? Someone credible beside the late night hosts needs to speak up on a regular basis.


I am SO posting a bit of your intro on @RSNightwatch! A lot of people ask what people “out there” think of what’s going on. I won’t identify you, don’t worry, unless you want me to. Let me know.

(Eva) #428

Hi, I’m Eva, originally from Germany but have been living in the UK for 10 years. I’m an economist (health), so be prepared for everything I say to be wrong. (Little ‘expert’ joke there for you.) I’m particularly interested in the response to Trump, as I think this is a global problem (see Brexit / Farage in the UK for one). I’ve been very heartened by some of the initiatives that have popped up in the US. Got some links with the ‘Remain’ movement here so looking to see if there are models of resistance we can adopt.