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@Alittlequirky midwest represen’! My family is full of educators, IN and OH. And you’re doing just fine @keepingitreal welcome🍸

(Sheila Kalivas) #390

Thank you kindly MissJava, I so appreciate your welcome for me. Am confused about how to negotiate this wonderful site. You have made it easy for me to jump in with using reply… I’m originally from Ohio, Dayton. A Little Quirky, how wonderful to be a family full of educators. Three of my kids have followed in my footsteps, two with doctorates in psychology and in practice here in SoCAL, one with an MA and oldest son has his own computer co and has moved to Co.

(Sheila Kalivas) #391

I applaud your endeavor in writing a book about the tragedy that has happened to the this county with the demise of democracy, under Trump. You have plenty of company in experiencing PTSD every day Trump is in office. Since Nov 8th I’ve been shell-shocked, and like clockwork each day brings a fresh new hell. Jared, you impress the heck out of me. Best wishes to you for success with your book. Sign me, “misery loves company”…

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Rachel, if you figure it out, please tell me. I’m roaming around clicking on everything but not having a whole lot of luck. Wishing you well in adjusting to your move.

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Hi VooDooDad, I look forward to reading some of your snarky comments, nerdy people have always been my kind of people. I am jealous though of those who can tweet. I made a Twitter account when it first became popular but never learned how. No one in my circle uses Twitter so here I remain, tweetless.

(Susan Gerber) #394

Hi I am Susan and I live and work in the Middle East - specifically the Gulf. Thanks for being there!

(M. Hurley) #395

Thanks keepingitreal-I figured out how to comment and introduce myself too!
I’m retired from government sub-contract work, have health issues, am a life long Liberal, and live in Ohio.
I love WTFJHT.

( Lee Miller) #396

Hey from the gulf coast of Florida. I am a public Library worker bee, who hopes our current administration goes back to TV where I could choose to not watch. Torture to be forced to watch endless acts of random stupidity. Thank God for the Orville series! Ha!

(Ashley ) #397

YES! A fellow Orville fan! :raised_hands:t3:

I love it! I know it caught a lot of flack in the beginning – but Seth Macfarlane is doing a brilliant job of staying ahead of curve in shedding light on what could happen based on things happening in our society today, but with the escapism element to make it entertaining.

:wave:t3: Welcome to the WTFam!


Erm . . hi! I hate introducing myself. But s’me, Angela. Used to be a lawyer, before that I was a biologist, before that I was a model (mostly bridal, some runway and for a painter to two). I try every day to be a writer. Long story short, my legal career got sidelined by bipolar disorder and I’m on disability because of that. I live on Maui. I ain’t no political genius, but I worked in a National Park and love the NPS, so when the first park ranger went rogue, so did I. You can find me doing my rogue thing at @RSNightwatch on Twitter or @RogueSN on FB. I’m big on science and the environment and endangered species. I’m a sucker for wolves and dragons, and don’t tell me dragons aren’t real, I’ll just hate you forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matt Kiser) #399

:raised_hands: glad you made it

( Lee Miller) #400

I think a episode recap would be awesome here - but I am still playing episode catch up.

(Jennifer Collins ) #401

Hi there. I’m Jennifer and I’m a teacher in a Title I school. I’m really concerned about the fact that our government is being run by people who don’t have our best interests in mind. I’ll keep it short, because I have so many concerns :upside_down_face: For fun, I love baking and watching tv while wrapped in a blanket. I may not comment a lot but I really hope to learn about what other people are thinking regarding the news. Speaking of the news, I want to know what’s happening without too much hyperbolic commentary.


Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall,
Trumpty Dumpty had a “make America great again” fall,
But what FOX news could not hide,
Was that the fucker landed on the Mexican side.
They thought he was a pinata, everyone lived happily ever after
My name is Ron, respect for mother earth is top of my list, I wish there was a mandate in regard to federal lands forcing a sitting president to spend at least 2 days and 3 nights at land in question before any legislation can be passed regarding said lands


I’m a creative type who lives in a deep blue state – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I’ve been involved in the Resistance since I can remember. As a very young child, I championed classmates who felt defenseless against bullies (including a few reprehensible petty dictators charged with teaching us). I marched for Civil Rights and an end to Jim Crow discrimination when I was in my teens. I went to college and protested against military engagement in Vietnam. I campaigned actively and canvassed neighborhoods for several Presidential candidates. I gave my money to people who would promote peace, compassion and a clear understanding of our stewardship of the planet.

I’m still out in the streets, after all these years. However, this past year is different – now I am fighting for the very survival of our democratic republic, and all the things about it that I’ve held dear. I am a clearinghouse of information for my friends and family, and I hope that we can prevail against the amazing dark, dour and endlessly foul and filthy creatures who have absconded with the reins of our government.

(Teresa Bryan Peneguy) #404

I’m Teresa from Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I did All The Things. Joined the clubs, got the grades, won the scholarships, went to school, studied hard. All the professors told me I had a dazzling career ahead as a journalist. Worked 35 years. Got awards, bought a house, had a family.

One day when I was walking down the street, I slipped on a banana peel. In that split second before I hit the ground, I left an abusive marriage and was laid off by the newspaper; I lost my family, my home, my savings, my physical and emotional health, my religious faith, my identity and my sense of self.

All this happened just before the 2016 campaign. Ironically, poverty had always been my favorite topic to study and write about. My family was Progressive and so was I. But I never dreamed that one day, I’d BE my own story – on unemployment and Obamacare, then Medicare and lifetime Disability, at age 53.

I was once proudly independent. Now I feel vulnerable every fucking minute of every fucking day. What if I lose my healthcare? What if my Disability check goes away? How will I survive in the future? WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING NOW???

I spent 20 years as a pastor’s wife in a mission church for immigrants. Now I am an athiest meme-maker on Twitter (@TeeBryanToo) deluded enough to think a clever image or phrase might make a Republican think.


Wow. Right there withya. Was the wunderkind, got the scholarship, was a lawyer. Disabled now with bipolar disorder. Medicaid, social security. Terrified. Like it or not, I’m sending you a cyberhug. I’m 46.


I’m Lisa…a 53 year old female in the reddest state of South Carolina. This year has caused me to doubt everyone and everything that I took as “truth”. I am constantly
reeling, upset, and furious at the destruction that has been wrought upon this democracy
in such a brief time. We no longer even pretend to be a democratic country–it is pure
oligarchy at this point. I would move if I could, trust me. I am discouraged and appalled and worried about the future of this planet and my beautiful granddaughters–and your granddaughters and grandson’s too…I’m worried about them all.

(Jim Thurber) #407

I am a recently retired environmental attorney watching 30 years of work go down the drain with this idiot in charge at the White House. I will be rejoining the fight to arrest these attacks and then reverse them by taking back the Congress in 2018. If we show up and vote we win.

(Pamela Willoughby) #408

My name is Pamela, I lived in NYC for most of my life, but left for East Hampton, a very political town, we are known for our energy conservation, organic farms, many artists, and a good Town Hall. We’ve been building from the interior for awhile now. Many women in office and my neighbors and I are all going solar energy as a group. Big Hispanic community here, and we have a group of lawyers that are taking all Hispanic/ICE cases. ICE came on heavy at first but as we all worked to get everyone help, they started leaving them alone. So, we are trying to keep it together by small town politics. Thank you Matt for making this place to come to and your vigilant work.