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(Ashley ) #369

I think mostly the word “fuck” I would think would be the only qualm…everything else I wouldn’t think to be an issue…depending on how much work you are looking to put into it, my other suggestion would be to lighten up the verbiage a little to be digestable (and kept the attention) to a HS student, as well as a little more context in the form of links to previous stories (so they can delve deeper if they want or haven’t been following closely but for those who have, it wouldn’t weigh down the content). One of the best tips I ever got regarding designing training materials was that the white to black ratio of what’s printed on the bag is critical to someone’s ability to actually read and retain the information.

Generally, I think a school version would be phenomenal - I wish I had something like that when I was in high school, it would not only be beneficial to know what’s going on and be engaged but to promote media literacy.

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First off, thanks Matt for this discussion group as well as the daily briefing. My RLN is Jerry Salisbury and I am a retired hospital Facility Manager in Akron Ohio. I lived in Seattle, Washington for many years and worked at the University of Washington.

Returning to Ohio from Seattle has been major culture shock for us. Seattle was fairly progressive and returning to “the heartland” has as I said been traumatic. When I left this State in 1978 it was highly unionized and it seemed as though people cared for each other. Now I’m sorry to say, people vote for candidates like Trump and we seem to have become one with the party of “I’ve got mine - screw you!”

In any event thanks for providing a place to exchange information (and occasionally just vent).

Best regards to all

(Ashley ) #371

:wave:t3: welcome! and wow, apple – super exciting!! (i’m secretly super jealous)

:wave:t3: welcome to the virtual blue (purple?) state! :grin:

:wave:t3: welcome! love to know someone from the “inside” is here…super excited to hear your take on things, since you have such a unique perspective!

:wave:t3: welcome! i’d love to pick your brain someday - i have an idea for experiment of sorts to pair those baby boomers who were politically active specifically during the anti-war time with millennials who want to be more politically active in the resistance to strategize ways where we can take the learnings of previous times and pair with current times to be the most effective. (if that makes sense?)


Hi, folks. I’ve been reading WTFJHT since the first week the site went live and consider it essential reading along with Amy Siskind’s weekly list (now at

As for the user name, it was randomly generated by a forum username generator site, but I happen to quite like it.

With so much crazy shit going on over the past year, it’s almost impossible to get a nice bite size picture of what’s really going on without sites like this, so I appreciate the efforts of @matt and others that keep this site going.

(Chris) #373

Hiya all,I’m Chris from Wales in the UK. I’m mid way through a PhD in forecasting at the moment. I too am very concerned about the Trump presidency, along that other bug bear, Brexit. Frankly, I’m surprised he was ever elected! Glad to be part of the community Matt, keep up the good work… :grinning:


As in weather forecasting? :slight_smile:


Definitely good not to do real names on forums IMO.

And as for everything else, hi from someone else who is still inspired by Sanders.


The news doesn’t really feel like it’s rated PG right now.


Hi! I’m a stay at home mom from San Diego. My name is Melissa and I am currently trying to get into the Neuroscience program at UCSD. I’m a nerd and I’m amazed at the current political climate. Just Crazy!


Or political forecasting :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi. I’m Rancecool…been in NYC since the 60’s and value the work that’s done on this site.
I’m here mostly to listen and to be reminded that there are a lot of people willing to say what has to be said. Thanks to you all.

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Another Vermonter here… I stumbled across this site a couple of months ago when typing in a google search “what the f*#& did trump do today?” Like many of the folks on this forum, I am concerned about how far DJT will go before we are able to get him out of the White House. I continue to be stunned by his (and his team’s) corruptness, dishonesty, and ignorance. Truly stunned. Thanks to Matt for developing this place for us so that we may know that we are not alone…

(Jared Buck) #381

Hi all, and especially a hello to Matt. I’ve been getting the WTF newsletter in my inbox each day :slight_smile: I’m a disabled man. I struggle with chronic depression (and Trump gives me PTSD every day in office), in addition to the autism I was born with. I’m a high function autistic and I knew from the start Trump and his cronies made no sense at all. I function based on logic and reasoning (appeals to emotion and the heart don’t work with me, we all know that’s a common GOP tactic). Nothing any of these idiots say makes any logical sense.

I’m working on a book about the demise of our democracy under Trump (at least until he and his cronies ban all books except their bowlderized Bibles). It’ll take a long time to finish research and write it. But I’m working hard :slight_smile:


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Hey, welcome everybody! Quick question: What are you hoping to get out of this forum/community center and how can we facilitate that?

Do you want to discuss the news, share the news, ignore the news, or… what? Many folks have suggested sharing calls to actions.

(Jared Buck) #383

Any of those options are good :slight_smile: Maybe a sub-forum for each of these?

(Matt Kiser) #384

There’s a few umbrella categories already: General / Actions / Off Topic / Meta

That should cover it for the most part, right? Anything else?


Hi! My name is VooDooDad, aka Groucho #Resists on our “president’s” favorite form of social media. I’m a big old nerd. I specialize in writing snarky comments which almost no one but me will see the humor in. I’ve been a twitter junkie since November 9, 2016 and I don’t see any need to change that. Nice to meet you all!


Hey, RachelMKennedy here; just trying to figure out how to navigate here; I’ve been depending on WTFJHT for the past couple of months, since I happened onto it by accident. Kentucky small town by way of Alaska; still adjusting. Looking forward to getting to know the community.

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Hi, I’m Sheila from Malibu Canyon, CA. I must be the least tech savvy here because to date I can’t figure out how to introduce myself as I’ve never seem a space to write in. I decided not to dilly dally any longer so I’m hitting reply to Tribritre and hope it works. I was very excited to find this site on Twitter. I’m a retired psychologist with four grown children and three grandchildren. Since Nov. 8th I spend all my time immersed reading progressive sites, watching everything on MSNBC, CNN and FreeSpeech. I don’t know if I’ll have anything worthy to contribute but thank you Matt for starting up this amazing site.


Hi Matt and WTFJHT Community. I’m a newly retired educator. I taught 31 years in Ohio and was active in my Union on the local, state and national level. Spent years fighting for social justice for my students and families, as well as working to educate ignorant politicians who thought schools were factories, and children were widgets and somehow they were flawed through the faults of teachers.
I hope to make connections in this community by joining thoughtful conversations, as well as finding truth, support and hope during this nightmare.