Introduce Yourself!

(Matt Kiser) #349

:joy: love it.

(Matt Kiser) #350

This is probably the only sane thing for a Seattleite to be doing. Winter is here.

(karen creamer) #351

Hi Carolyn. I am a teacher, too, and finding it hard to respond to the questions my middle school students ask about the political events of today. It hurts to see the effect that of all the hatefulness in our country has on our children. :sob:

(Matt Kiser) #352

This is a super important point. It feels a lot like it’s every person for themselves.


Im actually serious except I throw my tag up on canvas and scrap wood not public property. I love the urban arts.

(Matt Kiser) #354

I’ve heard that there are some high school (or maybe it’s college?) teachers out there that start their class by having the students read WTFJHT, which is super interesting.

Is there a safe for work version of WTFJHT that would be useful to a younger audience? Maybe we could retool the daily post to be more accessible? Idk, riffing here.


Hi there. I’m an American expat, originally from Colorado, living in Scotland for the past several years. My husband’s a Brit and I’ve got dual citizenship.

I’ve been in total shock since the UK shot itself in the foot with the Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016, and November 8th put me right over the edge. I’m coming up on 60 years old and have watched all our retirement plans pretty much go up in smoke due to both of those events. Just trying to make it day by day now and salvage whatever we can. The daily WTFJHT emails help a lot in keeping up with the heartbreaks of the day.

I’m interested in web development and hifi audio. And I fucking despise DJT, if I’m allowed to say that on my first post; hence my username.

(karen creamer) #356

That’s interesting! My guess would be college, if for no other reason that the name of the blog, though. (Public schools can be so picky! LOL.)
A “safe for school” version could be very useful for older (high school) students, I think.

(Matt Kiser) #357

Yeah, I was guessing college, too. I really like this idea of a “safe for school” version. If you have ideas, please lmk.

(karen creamer) #358

Karen, here, (and glad to be here). I teach 6th grade World History in a small town in a southern state. (Carefully, as you might imagine, haha.)

(karen creamer) #359

I will think on it. :slight_smile:


Hi Debra here, currently in Phoenix A.Z., originally from CA. Wake up every morning with the sense of doom… love the news letter and meeting people with like minds that think this has to be a terrible dream and there has to be something we can do about it.

(Al) #361

Sofarleft here. Newly discovered WTF member. I live underground in a very red state. Freelance writer and photographer (wife is freelance writer/editor).
I think of myself as being so far left the socialist say what the fuck is up with him.
Very glad to be here. And thanks to Matt for doing the heavy lifting each day.

(Ellen Carroll Thibault) #362

Hello, just joined the forum. My name is Ellen. I live north of Boston and am an editor and writer. I am grateful for the WTF daily news summaries and perspective. They help keep me from losing my mind. Same for you, maybe? Glad to be here with like-minded citizens.


Me too, it was my first (and only, until election night in the US) wave of true deep unease that drumpf might actually win. I will never forget that feeling, it just bombed into my stomach and spread to every nerve.


I know exactly what you mean. I sat up all night watching the referendum results and getting more depressed as the night went on. Rinse & repeat on November 8th. That deep unease has been there ever since; if anything, it has intensified lately.

(carol noel) #365

Just joined the Community…I feel welcome already. Wonderful to feel I am with like minds. My name is Carol and we live in rural Hawaii (Big Island) where we moved to after sailing in the S. Pacific for 6 years and before that the working life in Seattle. We love living in a ‘it takes a village’ world … WTFJHT has that same feel - a no B.S. community. Aloha

(Jennifer Lisa Vest) #366

Hello all, I am a long time activist who is an active member of The Resistance. I am a Queer POC artsy philosopher poet type. I was in Philly. I was at Standing Rock. I was at the women’s march and many more protests since November 9. I am an artivist and have been involved with Artivists Into Action and Indivisible. My sister and I started a local )Los Angeles) group called the Rainbow :rainbow: Resistance where we get together on a Sunday afternoon twice a month to swap info, eat snacks and write letters to our members of congress. If you want to join us, hit me up for deets.

(Riley Peavler) #367

Hi everyone! My name is Riley (IRL) and by day I work for Apple helping people learning how to use their shiny new toys! By night I am working on a fiction series that has been a decade in the making. I’m super excited to be here, and I’d like to say a big thank you to Matt for bringing me up to speed every day, yours is pretty much the only email I open these days. :sweat_smile:

What else, I’m engaged and have a cute dog, and am working with my community to help folks learn ASL! Thanks for reading and I look forward to all the great things ahead.

(Laurie Sears) #368

Hola - I am another frustrated member of the resistance. A librarian working hard for facts and reality. I am trying to keep up without going mad. Thank you for your indispensable resource. Keep up the good work.