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(Michael Wolff) #329

Hi Matt, I just love your daily posts. Thank you. I’m a Quantum Shift Facilitator trainer. My view is that if we carry on as we are, in one hundred years most of life (including humans) will be extinct. This is mainly as the result of a problem that we have created ourselves - climate change. I’m 73. The chances of my kids getting to that age naturally is about 50/50. The chances of my grandchildren reaching my age is about 2 percent. And my great grandchildren - next to zero. We created this problem in our current consciousness. We cannot solve it in the same consciousness. So we need to change - radically and quickly. I give it about five years. But there is a way. If you’re interested in helping trigger the quantum shift, see

(Ralph Ruark) #330

Hi all. I am that geeky engineer who looks at bridges and machines and all kinds of stuff, and thinks about how they were designed and what the stresses look like, etc. Total geek, and data based. My logic has let me down as I try to understand wtf is going on in our country, and who in their right mind could have voted for Trump. I love the WTF daily updates so that I can get a handle on when my family and I should just run for cover.

Humor, memes, funny internet stuff etc
(Liz) #331

Hi Matt!

I’m Liz, the world-famous-in-Pound-Ridge-NY Scone Lady. I enjoy your updates very much. They help keep me sane. Keep up the great work! You can find me on Instagram @sconeladylarkin where I post mostly food pictures, a number of which are scones. Scones are very delicious! And if you don’t like scones, you just haven’t tried mine yet. :wink: Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Cheers.


Any gf recipes? I really really miss decent baked goods.

(Lydia) #333

Hi there!
My name is Lydia and I’m from Seattle WA. I’m a stay home mom to a 3 year old.

I watch the news and read the news several times a day. There is so much psycho babble that it’s hard to keep track. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this webpage. Truly a gem.

Our democracy, environment, human decency, world is under seige. I go back and forth from being proactive about resisting the Trump Administration to feeling apathetic. It’s all so screwy. Some days it just feels like too much.

(Gail Dalmat) #334

I’m a retired baby boomer (pissed off granny) who has been actively engaged in this country most of my adult life, sometimes more active than others. I think things are so bad this time around that we can’t afford to look away or take too much time off, though we have to take care of ourselves too. Some may find WTFJHT alarming. To me, it’s a way to check and see that things aren’t any worse than I believe, and that nothing worse has happened in our day. I share the contents with my facebook pages, and highlight certain items on many occasions. ! A Selfie with Diego Rivera Agrarian Revolution|690x431

(Mary) #335

I live in Cambridge,MA. I’m a life long Democrat, got my start as an activist during the Vietnam War. I’m a proud white liberal supporter of Black Lives Matter, believe in the protection and welcome of immigrants, including Muslims, LGBTQ rights, public education, gun control, unions, housing for homeless, healthcare for everyone, and stewardship of the earth. I also believe in science and the reality of climate change. I’m sad and angry about the death spiral trump is taking my country on, comforted by Matt and all of you out there in the world, objecting. I have six amazing good hearted grandchildren and when Barack Obama was president, I imagined leaving them in a better world with some hope and kindness.

(Randolph Wayne Thiessen) #336

Hi…Bin subscribed to wtf for some time…just started the member thing so help me if i fup…
I’m an old gronk, retired live in Thailand with a thai w, born in america, worked in canada, america, and holidayed
in Mex, Virgin Islands, S. america, and now thailand. Am a Humanist and enjoy discussing any thing which helps us make our earth progress. Currently in my mind am having issues with democracy, and our future…


(Bea) #337

Hi there I’m Bea and I am incredibly concerned over the current political situation in our country. I don’t believe I have slept soundly through the night since November 8th of.last year. I’m grateful to find likeminded individuals. Knowing I am not alone helps. I run a restaurant and at home I have a dog boarding business. The pooches are amazing. Best.part of humanity. That.being.said
I’m new to forum posting. Please bear

(Carolyn paul) #338

Hi all! I am Carolyn. I’m a teacher on Long Island in New York. I have been in a state of shock for nearly a year, each day thinking, “It can’t get worse!” Then, you know, it does. Everyday. Just found this forum, but I’ve been a WTFJHT reader nearly since it’s inception. I love this forum, and I appreciate all of the research to make my life a little easier.

(Renee) #339

Hello All
I am just finding the community live in the Twin Cities - MN where we are a blue outpost to be sure. Currently; medically LTD/retired. Worked in Biotech and when not looking at life or work from a science perspective use the BFA and painting view to frame the natural world - mostly through watercolor. Glad I am allowed the time and ability to do this but can’t just sit in the studio when the country is going to shit. So, always want to connect with others if for no more reason than to affirm my sanity and more to join up and take a stand whether it is by sharing and caring and learning what is going on, here in the online community and beyond.


Hi from the SF Bay Area! I’ve become a political news addict over the last 2 years, and I’m hoping to find a place to learn and chat. I look forward to future conversations!


I dunno, we might need those paintings. Trees and animals and mountains seem to die or disappear a whole lot faster than stupid.

(Jay Thomas Santana) #342

Hello all! Jay here from good ol’ Iowa. Politics is my lifeblood. Progressive guy.

Hit me up at any social site (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) @jtwb768. My blogs may be found at:

Please follow and comment on the blogs!!


(Stacy) #343

Greetings from southern California.
So glad to meet like-minded people.

Hope I replied to this in the right way.

I appreciate so much the emails from Matt, Such a huge task and he does it so well. Thanks for your hard work!

My name is Stacy. I teach college English, composition, and Liberal Studies. I write, quilt, and do artsy stuff in my spare time. I have a blog that lately has been centered on my missing son, but it’s also about writing. My blog: Over the River and Through the Woods

I’m a STL Cards fan. I fell in love with the game a year and a half ago and I regret not having found it sooner. (I took a book to the game in case I was bored. LOL) I am mostly a fan because my husband’s from STL; I am smitten by a few players who play for other teams, which makes the hub grouse about it, but hey, Giancarlo Stanton, man. And Marcell Ozuna!
And Kershaw? Come on. Yadi Molina’s first in my heart, (and the Cards’ Magneuris Sierra) but there’s enough love for all the hotshots.

I’m busy with work and Kiwanis so may not get in here regularly and my responses to comments may be delayed. (Just letting you all know I’m not ignoring anyone.)

I LOVE mobianboy’s greeting to all us WTF’ers. LOL

(Ashley ) #344

:wave:t3: Welcome from a fellow southern Californian!

(Lisa Lombardi) #345

Hi, I am a member of Democrats Abroad, voting in Seattle, living in Australia. We just had a ridiculous postal survey (nonbinding of course) about same sex marriage, and today the results are in – it passed. So, I hope that means that Oz will now join the civilised world and pass legislation that eliminates marriage discrimination.
As far as US politics are concerned, yes I am concerned! And right now glad I live over here. I think the rage and viciousness and sense of grievance, stoked by both Trump and Bernie, were and are still shocking to me. I’m a scientist and a lawyer, and tend to look for and at facts and reason to be my guide – out of step entirely in this political age, eh?
I’m also very happy that TPP has been revived by all the countries involved except the US, for three reasons: it is in fact a check on China which we need in this region, it is a thumb in the eye to Trump’s idiot isolationism, and – what I am sure some will disagree with on this forum – it is a pretty good agreement. Not perfect, didn’t get everything (impossible with so many parties), but way way WAY better than the nothing that otherwise ensues. And I urge all of you to actually read the summary (the whole thing is too long) and do homework on how ISPs work (recognising that the TPP specifically excludes the tobacco industry because of Australia’s openly discriminatory laws requiring plain packaging) – I have seen some ridiculously inaccurate stuff on the TPP (yeah, I’m looking at you, GetUp!) and ISPs. That and the fact that we already have ultra-jurisdictional forums like the International Whaling Commission and the International Court of Criminal Justice (which I am comfortable with) may make you less worried about that aspect of it.


Hey everyone. Because this is a public forum, I’d rather not give my real name because I work in the Public Policy field in Washington, DC so I have to be somewhat anonymous. KerLZ is the tag I throw up around the hood.

I’m a former U.S. Marine. I was a Republican until the 2000 elections in which I voted for Al Gore. Hardcore Democrat until the hopey, changy thing didn’t work out for Obama. I’ve been moving further and further to the left ever since. I guess I would consider myself a Democratic Socialist, a Progressive because I believe in economic equality AND civil and human rights. I was definitely inspired by Bernie Sanders’ campaign. He’s still an inspiration to me.

Thank you, Matt for all of your hard work. I look forward to interacting with everyone here.

(karen creamer) #347

Good to have you here. This country was built on and by immigrants! You are most welcome here. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

(karen creamer) #348

I love the username you chose.