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(Kimberly Vaughan) #309

Hi there! Kimberly here. I am a WTFJHT kind of girl just trying to keep up with what is happening in the world. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the forum.

I am a website owner ( and an event promoter (, Fleur International and other community events)

I love people, humanity, equality and am just here doing my part. Thank you again for allowing me to be here with you all.

Kimberly Vaughan

(Carolyn D) #310

Hi, I’m Carolyn or Weez. I really like to see all sides to a situation as best I can. I’m just wanting some intelligent calm discussion. Ultimately I would love to hear from someone who is not religiously affiliated (just because I’m down with the whole separation of church and state constitution thingy and it’s hard to be objective with strong affiliations from my experience) and who also has a formal higher education (just because I don’t and I highly respect that) who thinks Trump is a good president and why they think so. I’m not a fan and would love to hear some logical reasons as to why I could be wrong or rather misinformed.

(Ashley ) #311

:wave:t3: Welcome @weez, @kimmer37 & @QueenInReign!


I’m willing to bet that group comprises a significant percentage of the people in his administration: amoral businessmen who take such a high-level view of things with regard to making money that they can’t see the surface of the Earth anymore. Maybe that’s why there’s so much climate change denial… you probably need to exist within the atmosphere to realize its effects.

(Rebecca Evaristo) #313

Hi, I’m Mrs. E. I am the program manager for a TRIO program. I’m a grandmother of two. I’m old. This is my first time participating in a forum, ever. I accidentally “discovered” WTFJHT on Twitter and well, here I am. To be honest, WFTJHT has helped me maintain some of my sanity, not that it was all there to begin with, but … well, you know. I do want to thank you for doing this.


Hi! I’m Liz, American living abroad, completely terrified by everything that’s been happening. @matt thank you for all of your work, your news every day really helps keep me going!! I’m happy to see that there’s a forum now as well!

(Michael Freedman) #315

Hi, I’m Michael Freedman, and just got tipped to this blog. Oh goody… I’m leaving high school teaching to start a program at, the tag is: Educate. Empower. Engage. I’ts a platform for educational and dialog programs that will attempt to ‘raise the level of public discourse.’ I will be offering training in course design / delivery and am now looking for feedback on programs (I’ll post ideas separately for comment). I welcome input, suggestions, and if you’re so inclined, participation. Cheers - Michael

(Reade Adams) #316

I’m Reade, a retired 67-year-old activist and truth-teller who designs and maintains gardens, sews felted wool mittens for sale on Etsy and other places, and markets quality used/new clothing on Poshmark, among other skills and talents. I’m currently involved in organized protest actions against Line 3, a proposed oil pipeline that would run through pristine wild rice areas in northern Minnesota. My background in active social change initiatives began in the early 1970s with N.O.W. (National Organization for Women), in which I served as a local chapter president and later as president of Iowa N.O.W. Right now “I’m mad as hell and not going to take this anymore” over the current president and attendant administration. Reading this column every day is my lifeline to truth and rationality and gives me hope for a saner future.

(Felicia Weigel) #317


I am just a citizen, currently calling Reno, Nevada home, and actively resisting and trying to do so in the most productive and meaningful way possible. I happily am a patron of yours at Patreon, and I am 100% addicted to the fruits of your labor! Thank you and from this citizen, the difference you are making is profound and inspiring!!!



My name is John and as my nick describes, I’m a former wire service and newspaper reporter and editor who then moved on to Corp comms in the airline industry (no snarky complaints, please). I feel blessed that I made it across the retirement finish line but I worry for my kids and all the rest of you younger folks about what kind of world this collection of fucked up, selfish, craven politicians will leave for you. As a lifelong news junkie, I love this site. I am frightened, appalled, fucking outraged, gobsmacked and frequently exhausted by the steady stream of WTF developments Matt passes along. I am glad to be in a community that shares my outlook. Thank you, Matt, and all the rest of you for your interest and energy.

(Selena Darlim) #319

Fellow writer here. I’m a daily contributor for a nonpartisan news blog that covers mostly aggravated news. Outside of that, I’m a wildlife conservation student. I tend to cover environmental and biodiversity-related news when I have the editorial liberty to do so. My eventual goal is to become a wildlife conservationist/science journalist.

I spent a lot of time collecting sources of daily news similar to how this blog does over the summer. It’s tricky work so I have a lot of respect for what @matt does. I hope to watch this blog grow throughout the tumultuous Trump admin and beyond. If there are ever more contributors it would be great to see further categorization (i.e. subsections for wtf is going on in world news, science/tech, entertainment, etc.)

(Ashley ) #320

:wave:t3: welcome @mrse, @icanteven, @mfreedman, @radams, @Fleepyear and @Exjourno!

(Frank McGinty) #321

Hey hey…
I’m Frank, retired, from Tucson, Az. Have enjoyed your blog for some time now and please to be a part of things. Worked many years as a psych social worker.
Frightened about the direction our country has taken, very frightened. Feels so powerless. As a young man, I got beat up by the police at the Washington Monument for protesting the Vietnam fiasco. I’d like to see more of that mobilization today.
Good energy to you all… F.

(Tracy Miller) #322

Hey great to be here…I’m from Texas originally but now reside in Chicago. I like traveling, cooking, eating, art, music, and being outside as much as possible. I am stoked to find someplace to catch up on what happening news wise without having to do all the work, so thanks for that…oh yeah, and I love to read.

(Brian Fallon ) #323

Hola! I’m Brian. I jumped on the WTFJHT wagon right out of the gate. Love your work, Matt!

(David Robbins) #324

I’m self employed and have made a living for myself since I became a young man. Living in Vermont I have learned to be patient and respect other’s opinions if they a based on something concrete. I am in a state of shock when I see what is happening in the new century. I’m single and have a dog named STEVE

That’s enough!

(Patt Reid) #325

Hi from Patt. I’ve been reading your stuff from the minute it crossed my consciousness, probably from one of the first 10 posts. I’ve lived a long time so, an aging hippie peacenik socialist anti-racist feminist who still likes to stir the pot, march and protest. Or, to be more current #resist. But, also married, dog-lover, ecstatic great-grandma of 7 (who wants a better world for those little buggers), volunteer in several food charities. Live in NJ, ex-NYer but vacation in VT. Huge Bernie advocate of course.


My kind of woman!


Hey, all I’m from that state that’s due West of Canada (no Alaska isn’t down by Hawaii). I love my state and many of the people in it but always disappointed that our rep and sens are always Republican - now our very own Lisa Murkowski is being a voice of reason (at least for health care). I’m checking to see they sky isn’t falling… I appreciate all the work you do @matt and of course the rest of the staff. Makes me feel less alone in my shock of the country-destroyers that are 45 and his regime.
I like camping, walking my dog on the beach, and plotting the trajectory of the parabola that will be 45’s rise and inevitable downfall on an Excel graph.

(beckyv) #328

I’m one of the old people, retired and living in Wisconsin. I thought we had solved a lot of these problems a long time ago and they are cropping up again. It’s so very frustrating. I love the WTF daily report and find myself spending way too much time worrying about our country and the crazy course we are on. Thanks for letting me be a part of this caring community!