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You have your work cut out for you in AZ, yeesh.

(Phoenix) #290

Hey! I’m Phoenix! I’m from Michigan but in Vermont for college. When I think about politics, socialism is what makes the most sense to me, although I’m not super well-read in that regard. I’m primarily studying classics and hoping to pick up theater at some point, so my head is usually more in ancient Roman politics than modern American. (Although, really, what’s the difference?) I’m here to learn.


Greetings from downtown Mankato, Minnesota. I’m John. Been getting the wtf emails since about the time they started. They are very frequently the only email I will actually bother to open, any given day. I can not overstate the very high esteem in which I hold all of the people behind it. I always feel a little bit better informed after looking over each and every email in whatever state of mind I happen to be in.

You have not once harangued me, nor even once linked (that I know of!) to a total bullshit story. You haven’t wasted precious funds sending fancily designed and very finely-printed snail mail (asking for money, naturally!) to my house. You’ve never either tugged at my heartstrings or made me feel ashamed for not sending you money. You do not waste words making ill-informed calls to action on anything like a daily (let alone a multiple-times-per-day!) basis. And (last but not least!) you deeply honour me – the reader – as a human being capable of independent rational thought by not once playing to my baser emotions, making me feel either powerless and afraid or outraged, forcing my badly overworked amygdala to kick in before engaging my prefrontal cortex.

You are not the only, but one of very few remaining rare and precious voices of sanity in my inbox which hasn’t given up, or gone offline to take a splendidly well-earned vacation, or cashed all your chips in, joined a cult or militia (or both!), disconnected from the grid entirely, or gone out with a shotgun to live in a cabin in the woods. Words can not convey the gratitude I feel for each and every one of you each day.

All the best!

Be well,



Hi Bri, My daughter is graduating with a Master’s Degree in International Relations this December from a VA university and is trying to get a job in DC. She had an offer for a dream paid internship in DC this past summer and was going through the interim clearance process when the internship was turned off two days after trump announced a hiring freeze on federal government jobs. She did end up with an internship, just an unpaid one in DC and not the dream one she’d hoped for. Now, good luck actually finding employment, and not to brag, but she’s exceptional. My husband and I wonder why she would even want to work in DC right now.


I’m a retired teacher and former homeschool teacher of my two now grown kids. They grew up loving Bill Nye, and one became an environmental science major, the other an engineering major. My son, the environmentalist now owns and operates a small green business in SW Colorado. I volunteer at a large aquarium in my area and hear and see the results of climate change on a regular basis. I’m deeply concerned about the impact this administration is going to have on our environment protections. I was so happy to stumble upon Matt’s WTFJHT email blog. In five minutes I can get a quick rundown of all the important events of the day while tuning out some of the constant chatter on TV. It is truly unbelievable to see all of the truly unbelievable events that have unfolded each and every day from this disaster of a presidency. Thank you, Matt!

(Dan Hunter) #294

Hello, call me Dan I am Canadian and I am here to listen more than talk.

(Bill Wood) #295

Long time Canadian broadcaster watching the show from above. Melfort, saskatchewan, canada.

(Jeanne Leduc) #296

Hey! Love WTFJHT

(JFMJ) #297

Hi, I am an American citizen living in Australia. I care about equality & living with respect. I am the great/grand-daughter of Polish immigrants. I know how multiculturalism makes a nation great. Reading WTFJHT helps keep me informed & sane, as does The Rachel Maddow show podcast & Colbert’s opening monologue. NYT, WaPo & MoJo subscriber.

(Denise) #298

Try Tuborg lime and green tea soda water! Amazing balls.

(Jamie Main) #299

Hi! I’m Jamie. I currently live in Columbia SC, but I’m a military spouse, so that changes a lot.
I run a business from home, it’s very small, but it’s mine, I’m married to a totally awesome pilot, and we have two totally adorable dogs.
Most people hear military and assume we are both conservative, but there are dozens of us who aren’t :joy:, dozens!

I’m here to learn, listen, and stay up to date on current events! You can find me on Instagram @diamondlilb52


Hello I’m juan, an engineer, I grew up in California, Los Angeles, but currently work out in DC.

I came here by chance, I was trying to figure out wtf happened to the country. It’s like I don’t even recognize it anymore. Respect = not needed anymore, empathy =not required, honesty = doesn’t exist.

My wife is Puerto Rican, obviously there’s a lot Hurricane Maria traffic on my FB, so i was reading though some of the comments (I’m masochist) and found it odd, that there were a lot of trump Puerto Rican’s. Baffling me even more they using the same false data arguments that you see all over the place.

Its like the ability to critically think has been lost in a big portion of the population. Anyways seeing a lot of the same symptoms that plague American politics in Puerto Rican politics.

Anyways I pretty much think of DJT, as a parrasite, were the host and THe GOP has some crazy symbiotic relationship with him.

I’m just trying to figure out what happens to the trumpian base, when the parasite finally leaves the office?

The true trump believers act like a cult to me and it’s scary! I’m trying to keep the optimistic view of America that I grew up with.

I have a little girl, so I need to make sure, she has the opportunity and freedom to succeed.

(Joe Amditis) #301

Hi everyone,

My name is Joe Amditis. I currently work as the associate director of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. I write a daily newsletter as part of my work duties and I’m a long-time fan of WTFJHT. I really enjoy the fact that Matt doesn’t try to shove advertisements and other promotional stuff down my throat in his daily newsletter. I also like that he simply tells me the news instead of always telling me how to feel about the news.

Anyway, I’m very excited to host the WTFJHT podcast, which debuts tonight and is already available on iTunes (and wherever else you get your podcasts). I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback from this awesome community and I promise I’ll do my best to make sure the podcast lives up to the newsletter we all know and love!

(Cara) #302

Hi! I’m a writing teacher at the college level and still trying to pursue an obscure, but sincere, career as a publishing fiction writer. I live in Seattle and have sort of a crush on the WTFJHT site, if that makes sense. I appreciate the existence of all such nimble and savvy pockets of resistance to the current political regime and associated craziness. Thanks for the forum!

(Elena Stocks) #303

I’m Elena, I live in Portland, Or and work for Columbia Sportswear. I’m a news and politics junkie and proudly have a sign at my desk that says “someone else for president”

(Matt Kiser) #304

Welcome! PNW represent!

(Matt Kiser) #305

whattup from central district!

(Cara) #306

I’m right near you in First Hill! --Cara


“Giant Meteor 2016”


Hey there. I’m Kim in Iowa. Just here to read mostly but thought I’d participate a little saying hey. Thank you Matt and the rest of the crew for all of your hard work. It’s nice to be able to give myself a break from the new and then get caught up quickly on all the b.s. happening with a little humor added. These times are tough. Hang in there everyone. We will make it through this…I think. Have a good day.