Introduce Yourself!

(Ashley ) #269

Keep calm & carry on…? :yum:
:wave:t3: welcome!

:wave:t3: Welcome @jcc! Have you checked out for any local Indivisible groups? I know of a few people that are big in the Twitter resistance community that are involved in Indivisble, as well. I’m just not sure where in AZ.

:wave:t3: Welcome @booksleuth from a fellow former Democrat, now Independent!

:wave:t3: Welcome @Jessicacorbitt! Trust me, you are not alone on this! I often have the same feeling! :confounded:

(Paul M. Hynds) #270

I’m Paul, now living in Seattle (really North City Shoreline) but originally from Los Angeles. I have taught from sixth grade through university, science and math through French and ESL. I am a veteran of campaigns since Gene McCarthy (but Adlai Stevenson did hold me at a tour stop when I was two!) My personal issues are health care and transportation. I look forward to the exchange of ideas for positive action, so we survive the next few years.


Aw I miss The Crest! Welcome @pmhynds

(Paul M. Hynds) #272

Yes, but did you do the North City Jazz Walk?


No, wasn’t ever on my radar but I’m sure it’s great–maybe I’ll go if I ever find myself in the area again.

(Jeannine Cheek) #274

I am in STAZ. I follow several groups that send me alerts on things so I can call or email my MOCs.

(4 Truth) #275

Are you single?!? jk jk I hope one day to do the same thing! I’ve had this dream since '75 when I saw this tricked out school bus at the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.

Next time you’re in San Diego, gimme a holler - we can check out the zoo or Balboa Park or sumthin…

(4 Truth) #276

Guess that answers the “single” question… Bwahahahaaha

The offer stands - if you guys get to southern CA, give me a shout.

(Tom ) #277

What up Deaniacs! Yeaaahhhhhh!

(Coleen Padilla) #278

I’m Coleen. I’m a mom by day and well, by night too. At least until he graduates this year. I am so glad to have found WTFJHT. I eagerly await for it to arrive in my email daily. Sometimes it gives me terrible anxiety though! Thank you, Matt, for all your hard work!


Hi all,

I’m Alex, a native New Yorker now raising a family in the 'burbs. Trump has been a thorn in NYC’s side for decades and it’s just a nightmare that he made it to the White House. We used to think Giuliani was the worst-case-scenario. My career has been journalism-adjacent so I’m a media junkie and read everything to try to understand, but it’s a lost cause. Thanks @Matt for creating this site and community, long may it wave!


@Qwest No worries and thanks for the the offer. :grinning: There are lots of independent, fun, single women doing the full-time RV thing. If it’s your dream, it’s never too late to do it. All the resources you need are out on the internet! The internet makes it all possible.

(Soraya E.) #281

I should’ve introduced myself a while ago, but life interfered, anywho, I am me. By me, I mean Farijal, but most people, and by that I mean the ones who don’t speak Dutch, call me Soraya, which I gladly accept, since it’s one of my first names. I have three.

Currently in my very late twenties, 29 going on 30, I live in The Netherlands, I was born in Surinam. I think most of you will know where both of those countries are and if not, use a search engine or an atlas. Or a globe.

I’m a full time student of life and occasionally of an actual school subject, but that’s a bit on the back-burner because of my health and upcoming surgery. I also help my father with his company and help the boyfriend with his company, my father has a web-hosting company and the boyfriend a VR company.

In my spare time or maybe I should say, when I feel like it, I make bonbons (chocolates!), I started painting, I write poetry and I’ve started writing a book. One day, I’ll actually have something to show and make my 4 year old sestra proud.

I guess that’s about it. If you want me to dive in more personally, I suppose you can find me on various social media sites by way of FB, T and IG. Or, you know, here. waves


Welcome! I do recommend you not post social media here in the open. If you see someone you want to know better and decide to exchange info privately, that is probably slightly safer. :slight_smile:

(Karl Zaremba) #283

Karl here. Found this through a friend. Great summation and time saver at the end of busy days. Gets to the crux of things faster than trying to find it all myself. I am 62 years old and politically very moderate, which has become hated by both sides. Kudo;'s for a great idea Matt. Passing on to others that I think will find useful. I look forward to finding your daily message in my inbox. Keep up great work.

(Kristina Burrows ) #284

I’m Kristina and I love this site because I actually say WTF pretty much every day since HE was elected!

(Claire B Alexander) #285

Hello, I’m Claire, a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco with husband and 2 daughters. Thank you, Matt, for WTFJHT. I feel less bludgeoned and insane and alone reading it, and I appreciate the sheer gathering of articles. If nothing else, the :flushed: at the end of each entry makes me feel better. I can’t explain it.

Anyway, niceta meetchy’all. #resist!


You know I hadn’t really thought about it, but I wait for the smiley too.

(Charlene Campbell) #287

You are the reason I am here!


Hi, everyone. I’m a retired legal administrator and have been active in resistance activities (Indivisible and similar) since the inauguration. Recently my approach has been morphing into the political, such as getting to know progressive voters in my area, educating them, and in the future helping to get out the vote in 2018. I’m in a red state, but we have reasonable hopes of turning it blue at the state level in a couple of cycles. Certainly progressive activism here (Arizona) is increasing by leaps and bounds. Many thanks to Matt for WTF, which, along with NYT, is my go-to source of daily info on the rolling disaster. Thank you, Clay, for stepping in during Matt’s well-deserved vacation. Bobby