Introduce Yourself!

(Sally Franklin Christie ) #249

Hi, I’m Sally.

I write, I paint landscapes and keep thinking I’ll wake up and discover this is all a bad bad dream.

I want my America back.

Sally Franklin Christie


(Heather) #250

Hi all. I’m not usually one to participate…online. Been burned too many times by trolls and have never seen the value from it, but I’m compelled here. WTFJHT has saved me in this frightening time we are living in now. New to adulting (w a toddler) I’m freaking out on all levels. I’m glad there is an equally frightened but also well educated and hopeful community here. Thanks @matt for all you’ve done and I am excited to see this site grow!

I am originally from So Cal but now reside in Central PA. Feels like I’m the only progressive here sometimes (esp when having dinner with the inlaws- trumps target market). At my last primary there were 5 positions where republicans ran unopposed. I was disgusted. I was invigorated by the berners in the area. Disenfranchised by the dems and all around depressed by everything else.

My saving grace is my loving husband and my son. The topics of import to me are healthcare, the lgbtq+ equal rights, environmental protections (keystone pipeline is not far from here) any my body’s protection. Oh and separation of church and state. I’m not religious but I’m spiritual. I’m done with the fundamentalists trying to create the rules.

As a woman I have never felt more threatened by the government than I do now. What we are facing is eventual forced pregananies by this redic Repub party. I stand with planned parenthood. I have always stood with women’s rights to chose what is best for her body. And I also stand to legalize the green gift from the gods they call Marijuana.

([email protected]) #251

Hi! I’m a disaffected political critic with formal education in history, government, economics, and the U.S. legal system. My particular passion is immigration. I support the U.N. declaration of human rights. I steadfastly believe open societies are the future of humanity.



I’m not sure how to introduce myself. I’m a political progressive humanitarian. I’ve been following the site for a few months now. I live in Washington State. I voted for Stein in the last election, which didn’t make a difference anyway because of our electoral system. This state was going to be blue no matter what I did.

I’m looking forward to learning, sharing, and resisting together.


@Hd1156 Hear, hear! :clinking_glasses:

(Daryl) #254

Daryl here from VT, Bernie country. Thanks to my friend for spreading the word about this. First newsfeed I got today looks good and thorough.

Hi everyone! My first observation of where we are at is Constitutional crisis and also we must find the balance between being passive and the temptation to stoop to the level of violence to battle hatred evil and threat to our democracy. It’s tough right now.

(Tom ) #255

I’m a Californian with some stints in the Pacific Northwest, now back in California for probably forever. The official highlights of my political resume so far have been partly managing a state lege campaign (we lost) and dropping out of grad school. I have a strong interest in public health, repro rights, violence prevention and lgbt issues. If I could get every American on this board to call their congresspeople about one thing, it would be the Global H.E.R. Act (H.R. 671 / S. 210).

(Ashley ) #256

:wave:t3: welcome!

I live in So Cal, but originally from Philadelphia (suburbs)!

(Chris) #257

There are plenty of people working on issues in Pennsylvania…and yes even in central PA. I know of several statewide efforts, ranging from my group (FairDistrictsPA) to RepresentUs, Action Together, SEIU, and so on that all have arms across the state, so don’t be discouraged! You aren’t alone!


Hello All,

I’m in the SF Bay Area, an artist, also working at a small film company, and I’ve been an on-the-ground activist starting with Howard Dean’s presidential campaign back in 2004. I run a private FB group called “Riding Congress” that regularly badgers Congress critters about what we want done, (and undone). I rely heavily on Matt’s WTFJHT weekday newsletter because frankly I can’t stomach digging through the sickening news on my own anymore. I’m very grateful that Matt’s able to do work for us because without his guide I’d be less informed and less able to do my activism. I’m trying to think of it like flossing. We know it’s good for us to do it every day but it’s a PITA and sometimes it makes you bleed! Anyway, glad to be here and grateful for this resource. Also, born in Philadelphia but been in CA since childhood. I went through Bezerkeley schools and lived to tell!

(Ashley ) #259

@ChrisB: Where is your group located in PA? I know PA07 is criminally gerrymandered. I grew up on the border of PA07 & PA01 (thankfully, I was in PA01!).

I know my Congressman (Dem) is working with a Republican (!) Congressman from PA (north Philly area, I believe?) on potential legislation or some effort to eliminate gerrymandering on the federal level (which SCOTUS might do before they can get anywhere!). When my Congressman was in the CA State Assembly, he played a big role in reforming CA redistricting and establishing our independent commission for redistricting in CA.

I know in CA we don’t have to worry about gerrymandering (bc of the indepentent commission), but fair redistricting is something I’m super passionate about!

(Chris) #260

Our group is statewide in every city and every county. I am the coordinator for the northeast region.

(R. Francis Smith) #261

So, um, I’m R. Francis Smith, the R stands for Russ and I’m okay with it, I just write my name like this because it can actually be found in searches, plus I kind of like it, even though it makes people get all awkward with how to address me. (R? Francis?) Sorry about that.

Let’s see… I live in what may be the reddest state, Oklahoma, but persist in being a big ol’ lefty, and in case that’s not awkward enough I’m a Christian who worships with a church of pretty much all staunch conservatives. On a completely unrelated note, I’m sure, I’m also in therapy for generalized anxiety disorder and possibly OCD, and in all seriousness, WTFJHT has been a lifesaver to cling to, as I’m sure it has been for y’all. Where was I? I’m a husband and an adoptive father of two daughters from Kolkata, India, one of whom is about to turn 18 and did I mention the anxiety?

I’m a university system administrator and have been for the most part for a few decades now; I have a degree and a half in Computer Science and remain a hobby programmer in my spare time, such as it is, most of which is web-related these days because what isn’t? I’m a Patreon backer (is that true of everyone here? I have no idea) and a daily reader since… day 15? Something like that. I tend to just blurt out random facts when asked to introduce myself. I read a lot of webcomics and I more or less can communicate in Esperanto.


(Ashley ) #262

:wave: welcome @rfrancis!

(Joe Sheil) #263

Hello…I’m Joe, close to / west of Boston. Just joined. Lived in NYC (So Bronx Irish Catholic), moved to Canada and then here in 2003. Two grown kids…musicians. I play bass, sing and make no money doing either, so still a working stiff. Health care consultant. Lean left…happy to be here- my goal tonight was simply to praise Matt & co and add - great T shirt!! I’ll wear it with pride!! Carry on…

(Jeannine Cheek) #264

HI, I am Jeannine. I live in Arizona. I was a site software coordinator for a high school. Fancy word for teaching teachers how to use their computers. I retired from that, volunteered for our local Fire Department as a EMT/FF for 6 years. Just couldn’t keep up with those youngsters anymore. I found WTFJHT a few months ago. Matt hasn’t missed a beat. I know I can get the latest news and links to keep up with WTFJHT. I would like to find a few more AZ people in this group. It’s lonely here. :sunglasses: Politically speaking.

(Steven S Hay) #265

Former GOPer, former elected official, former Democrat, now Independent, voted for all of the third party candidates. I am 5/8 retired, from IT, now working in Low-Income Property Mgmt In Upstate NY. I have expanded form reading Drudge for the other side, very disappointed in Huffingtonpost redesign (and buyout), We have been MSNBC watchers since Jan20, and now enjoy Matt’s newletter. My wife and I wrote to all of the GOP senators for Healthcare (you’re welcome …). We have readability with many websites and cannot join our local resistant group because the entire website is in Purple background with white lettering. Our issues now are with Healthcare, we are considering Nova Scotia. Planning to un-elect John Faso in 2018.

(Jessica Corbitt) #266

Hi, im Jessica,

Im a workaholic legal editor/supervisor legal doc poster approver at JD Supra. Ive been doing this for almost 11 years since i graduated law school. Fortunately i got to publish every wonderful thing that Obama did for his 8 years in office and now in the 220 days of the man i call Cheeto Hitler Pussy Bitch, ive had to publish every scummy reversal of all Obama accomplished. I often feel im living in an alternate universe or maybe this is just hell. I find myself obsessed with how chpb could have won, what kind of world we now live in and one night i googled what the fuck and found Matt’s new site. I signed up and swear these daily emails have become my life preserver! Thank you so much for doing what you are doing, your energy, time and brilliant mind truly have helped im sure, many of us hang on! This forum gives me daily hope that in the end good will prevail!!!

Thank you!

(Melody Weiss ) #267

Hi! Big time #Resister here! Single mom from Los Angeles. Passionate about injustice, but tolerant of others as long as everyone is civil.

(Ashley ) #268

:wave:t3: Welcome from Long Beach, @Melody!