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(Lori ) #229

I can’t find your original post to see where you live now. I have been here ten years and finally love the place. It took a while. I was in Nashville TN 30 years before here, and was born, raised and educated in Michigan. I forgot to say that I am trying to support Physicians for. national Health Plan via donations, social media/education etc. Also a trivia point is I knew Tony Schwartz in college as he roomed w my cousin at UofMIch for two years. I followed his writing career but lost track after about a decade and only vaguely remember that he ghost wrote Art of the Deal. He is an interesting and very bright fellow who feels bad that he contributed to the fame of DT as he never dreamed in a zillion years that he would end up prez. He tried to warn everyone at the risk of libel threats from the Donald. Eventually he tried to stop opining about Trump after his interview in the New Yorker so he could do his own work but he now is back on Twitter and if any of you are on there, he is a good one to follow.

(Susan) #230

Hi there,

I’m Susan and I’m Canadian but I’m obsessing about what the fuck is happening down there so I follow Matt’s updates every day. I’m a therapist by trade and the only good thing about this s%#* show is it increases my client load. I’d gladly give that up. Love what you are doing Matt. Keep faith.


In Wyoming now, and actually lived in nashvegas myself for about six years a while back, good town. Have friends in Murfreesboro I try to visit on occasion. You might want to put the links and info to Physicians for National Health Plan in “Actions” so we can learn more about it.

(Lori ) #232

I will do that!

(Bogdana) #233

My name is BJ, I’m from DC, I live in Belfast NI UK and I’m a nurse. I consider myself a disability rights advocate. I don’t hate people based on what color they are, or the type of person(s) with which they have sex.
I love Star Trek so I’m tickled by Spock being randomly chosen as my avatar.
I like knitting too much.


Dr. McCoy is my favorite, and always was way more tolerable to me than pretty much anyone else on the show.

I also love knitting, although I don’t have much down beyond straight lines yet. I love to crochet and various kinds of sewing and pretty much anything else you can do with yarn or thread or any other craft.


Dang, this is how I learn that no longer exists!


Hey all, my handle’s a handful so feel free to abbreviate it however you like. I’m an American permanently residing in Europe who now holds dual citizenship (twice the democracy! twice the taxes!) and has a broad range of hobbies and interests, including jewelry-making, writing, and mail swaps (tea and postcards, mostly). I’m posting right now to put off a work email, so I guess I’ll keep this brief and get back to my day job. :slight_smile:


wait what

Now I feel old.

(Colton J. Provias) #238

Over by Pittsburgh.

(Bruce ) #239

Hi Matt and All… This is BRuce from Ajijic, Mexico… I am born Canadian (Nova Scotia), carry two Passports, Canada and USA and am a Residente Permanente Mexican visa holder. Matt, thank you for WTFJHT… it confirms that we are not crazy thinking there is something wrong with Washington… not just Trump… and in some ways with our materialistic ways. I am a social lefty, and righty on the economics sides. Looking forward to learning what the community thinks without being brow-beaten…

(Tori Michel) #240

Yeah. Some of what I wrote is in the interweb archives someplace, but it all went downhill quickly after IAC bought it from the NYT. It was a fun job while it lasted!

(John Kyzer) #241

Hi all! My name is John Kyzer, I’m from Arkansas and I am a programmer. Currently working as a Data Analyst for an insurance issuer. I play in a band, I’m the Bassist. I generally digest news at about a 95% of my day rate. It’s been ritualistic for me for about 17 years. I’m a political junkie. Also, a policy wonk. I typically read everything with a grain of salt, and generally am pretty skeptical. Also, I love science. Astronomy since I was 8, Physics 12, Meteorology about 14.

(Jason Bell) #242

Sounds more awesome than it is :grin:


Ironically (?)* enough, I had a brief stint writing evergreen articles for a content mill that was turning around and selling them to a client who wanted to be “the next” Maybe that niche has opened up and now, finally, one of my garbage articles about rose quartz or printing your own checks can finally see the light of day~~

*maybe, like, Morissette-style irony

(Emile Gauvreau) #244

Hi, RevE here. Recently retired. My last gig was as a minister of a new thought center in SWFL. Left the comfortable left bank otherwise known as Los Angeles about 10 years ago to wind up in a town that is just short of 75% republican, we have a neighbor who still has his Trump/Pence sign on his lawn, I guess he didn’t get the message that the election is over.

Trump is a disaster as a president, even George W looks good at this point. The challenge I see is that it is not enough to resist or be against Trump. The winning party in 2018 and beyond must have a clear and compelling message that captures the hearts and minds of the vast majority of voters, this is how the tables will be turned. The GOP gets poor people to vote in favor of issues that effect the rich and put in jeopardy the programs that support them like ACA, Medicare and Social Security to name a few. What is the message and who is going to deliver it!

(Mark Kalynchuk) #245

Hey, I’m Mark. Canadian citizen that frequently visits the States, I cannot actively effect the American elections but I know the world as a whole is affected. I’ve been receiving WTFJH almost since it’s inception and I’m happy to have it as a daily source of information on what’s going on.

(Bogdana) #246

I do cross stitch too but it’s mostly just Christmas ornaments :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Bogdana) #247

I’m abroad as well, American in Belfast. And I love mst3k!


I worked in the corporate world for 34 years, serve on the Board of two non-profits now that I’ve stopped full time work, live on the Eastern Seaboard. A voracious reader, I am saddened by the comments I hear from people who seem to be gullible to what they read online and I am concerned for our country by what many politicians seem to believe as “truth”, most significantly DJT. The voters were manipulated into the results we are getting today in our government, I suspect it’s going to take a few years before this starts to be realized.