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(Anne ) #208

So, I’m 63, mother of three, grandmother of four, a retired public library book nerd, living in the Northwest (Hello from Blue WA!) and pretty much terrified and disgusted by narcissistic sociopath Trump.

It’s exhausting keeping up with 45’s crazy shenanigans. I’m bone-weary imagining what the future will look like for my grandbabies. Staying engaged, informed, and actively involved is so important for all of us right now. I’m thrilled you’ve created WTFJHT. You cut-to-the-chase and recap exactly what’s important for folks to know. Matt, thankyouthankyouthankyou…

(Diana) #209

Hey, I’m Diana. Glad to be here. WTFJHT has been the high/low point of my day for the past several months.

(Rebecca Byrne) #210

Hello everyone! I’m Rebecca,living in theSF Bay Area, where I work as a corporate event planner in the med device space. Just looking to broaden my mind and meet like minded folks who are interested in discussion.

(Viv) #211

Hi, I’m Viv, I’m Australian and I’m here because (a) the man stumbling around the White House right now is bloody terrifying; and (b) I’m an old fart who misses what USENet used to be (yes, even the modem dial-up tone), and this looks like an interesting community built on a platform I might like to tinker with myself at some point. Lapsed blogger, freelance web tinkerer, politragic.

(Kara) #212

Hi, I’m Kara from Connecticut. I’m a work at home mom of four. I’m here because our president is crazy and dangerous. Sometimes the outrageousness of his daily assault on everything decent in the world makes me feel like I’m living in some horrible parallel universe. I’m here to connect with people who can WTF with me.


Hi Kimberly! I’m a retired public school teacher from Illinois who is very concerned about the messages from the White House and the silence from many in Congress. I joined “Indivisible” a few months ago and find their daily and weekly lists of what to do very helpful. I’ve also been forwarding their lists to many friends who tell me they’re grateful for the information.

I feel that the Democrats need a strong leader to rally behind. I’m not sure who will fill that role. Getting candidates elected is absolutely an important focus, however, we still need to communicate clearly with any candidate to make sure they understand what is important to us.

I don’t have any suggestions for a mission statement, but a friend sent me this quote that I’m holding onto dearly as we move forward:
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

(Audrey) #214

Hi Matt - thanks for your newsletter and this group!

I cofounded an Indivisible group for district CA-37 - we have over 400 members now and it feels good to be doing something about the current sad state of things.

Our group admins use many sources to stay up to date and recommend actions for our group, and your newsletter is a very helpful one to us! Thanks again. #resist

(Sonny Cohen) #215

Hi, I’m Sonny. I’m in the Chicago area. I help my clients with their digital marketing. Social media, build websites, blah, blah. Most of them pay. But I tend to support causes pro bono. When I attended our first North Shore Indivisible organizational meeting, I accepted the “clip board” for social media. OMG, what have I done? Anyway, in a short time we implemented our online presence and focus on helping people turn hand wringing into actionable tasks. We are in a swing district, Illinois 10th, and currently have a progressive Democratic representative. While our main effort is to insure our representative’s re-election, we are working to build a big tent and engage more people who are focused on specific issues.

(Ashley ) #216

Hi @Audrey_IndivisibCA37 from CA47! :smile:

(Audrey) #217

Yay! Thanks for the reply and nice to be in touch with another Indivisible! We have the amazing Karen Bass as our rep, and i just read about Alan Lowenthal - he sounds great too. We are so lucky!


HI my name is Denise I live on the central coast of California. I am a 50
something yr. old mother of two and grandmother of 3. I am opinionated at times and can be a little rough around the edges I love WTFJHT thanks Matt for my daily fix on whats happening in our nations capital. I am just an ordinary citizen I have no college degree I am just a wage earner who finds what is going on in the White House very disturbing. I know I’m not alone and my question today is why does everyone just turn their heads and look the other way since when is ok to behave in such way and say the most ridiculous things and what about all the fake facts he tells about himself or his crowds of supporters. This has gotten way out of control and I am concerned about health care. the environment and the middle class citizens like myself. i think we live in the best place on the planet wouldn;t want to live anywhere else but that hasn’t stopped me from getting my passport just in case. Nothing good will come of this administration if changes are not made sooner than later.

(Ashley ) #219

We are! Especially because we are adjacent to almost all 4 of those key OC districts with Republican Reps but went for Clinton!

(Jason Bell) #220

Hi everyone,

My name is Jason, I’m a senior interactive producer at a tech company in Silicon Valley, but more importantly I am a very concerned citizen of this country.

WTFJHT has been a invaluable source of information and I hope to find ways to contribute in the future.

(Ashley ) #221

:wave: Welcome @BrianEmo!

Interactive Producer…seems pretty awesome, not going to lie!

(Ashley ) #222

:wave: Welcome @dmc!

(Ashley ) #223

:wave: Welcome @Sonny!

Do you guys have a Facebook page? I would love to follow, always looking for new ideas for our Indivisible group here in CA!

(Lori ) #224

Hi I recently joined the forum and have been getting the WTF emails for a while. I am a 63 year old retired psychiatrist. I am very involved in the Hoosier (indiana) Sierra Club and the Indiana Forest Alliance. I help admin the BRCA sisterhood (online FB support network for folks with genetic predisposition to cancers) and I recently began teaching adult non-swimmers to swim. I gave up on TV news a while ago and rely on following trusted reporters in Twitter and the WTF emails…the rest is way too noisy. I am what Malcolm Gladwell coined a “connector” and derive great joy from putting folks together to do good work. Thanks Matt for the emails, they help me stay grounded without getting too overwhelmed. Lori


Indiana represent! :blush:

(Lori ) #227

We should meet up
For Java in Indy soon!


Born and raised there, but sadly moved away a few months ago or I’d be all about a pint of Bulldog Brown at Scotty’s lol. Man I miss that place.