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I didn’t know Gergen spoke at Elon, a good academic institution. So much for teaching and modeling open expression, by the parents. NC seems divided like the nation, the large population centers are considered “liberal” and the rural areas “conservative”. The use of broad terms like these to describe people is helping to dumb down our society and create social discord IMO. They are useful for short political ads.

Like you I try to avoid talking politics in public. It isn’t productive.

(NJ Baker) #663

Ditto from lovely British Columbia, WTFers. The daily reminder that y’all aren’t as batshit crazy as my ‘Murican family members is much appreciated.

(Lynn) #664

It’s just that batshit crazy grabs more headlines…:unamused: And welcome!

(Anne Ellis) #665

British Columbia, eh? Lovely place. Don’t be surprised if it gets more crowded with asylum seekers from the U.S. It’s good to know you realize we’re not all batshit crazy.

(Martha C. Horbostel) #666

Must checking in to send enormous gratitude to Matt for crafting this site and the new expsnsion contained in yesterday’s email.
And, equally, to all who participate and provide daily information.

(Amy Brookes Smith ) #667

Hi. I am Amy. I live in Hickory, NC.
I still have hope that our country will figure all this mess out and fix it!

(Kenny Cather) #668

Hello! I’m Kenny.

Is there still a Slack group?

(Renee) #669

I only wish the GOP would come back to being a true conservative party…I don’t know what it is anymore - whatever the donor class asks of it. I love this site and and I am for sure in the lefty category but there are a lot of ‘never tromp’ GOPs that I admire too. I like David Frum’s writing and may have to suggest his new book for the reading list.


I agree on Frum, he produces some interesting arguments. I don’t really call Trumper a conservative I think he’s an opportunist. But that’s JMO.


On Gergen’s comments about NC politics, “nailed it”.

(bonnie) #672

hello from tx

(Lynn) #673

Very much an opportunist…while the Republicans have been sliding away from their values for quite some time (a life-long Republican friend gave them up many years ago) they really created a monster & got what they deserved in taking on the donald “to win”. Now they’re swirling the drain right along with him, and they all deserve to be flushed. trump is truly without values (or should I say value?).


Well certainly his “values” are in question, I’m not sure what they are however. He jumps around possibly because of his populist leanings.

(Lynn) #675

“He jumps around” [on values] because he says whatever b.s. serves his purpose at the moment, IMHO.
His so-called values are self-serving whims.


I see you’re a fan😂

(bonnie) #677

im bonnie and i live blue in a red state,


My state changed around me, course the gerrymandering had some impact.

(Joe Amditis) #679

Yes! The link is

Let me know if you need an invite.



Hey all. I don’t know why I didn’t see this forum sooner. I’ve been a wtfjht supporter since the very first post, even bought the t-shirt. I’m a 40-something son of a green-card-holding Trump-supporting Fox-News-acolyte, and have been a (what I thought was only reasonable but now appears to be) raging liberal since college and having my eyes opened to the world outside small-town America. I’m legitimately scared/terrified about a great many things, but have a fairly rational and pragmatic approach to everything, which are sadly now compatible. That’s my fancy story!

Oh also, I’m Jewish, and therefore simultaneously secretly running everything and somehow being a subhuman weakling. What an exciting time to be alive!

(Lynn) #681

Glad you joined us & thanks for the giggles! I needed that…:grin: