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I need an invite.


Hey Everybody! As they say on cable news, “thanks for having me”! I’m Marsha and I’m a trademark attorney living in NYC. My office is only a few blocks from Trump Tower and every time I walk past it, I give it a middle finger salute. According to Facebook, I am “very liberal” and I am a member of a couple of groups including one for Rachel Maddow fans. But I am increasingly disappointed in FB and the people who post inane memes in response to threads of serious discussion. Yesterday a friend posted a link to a recent poll conducted for CNN on the increase in Trump’s supposed acceptance rate (42% - can you believe it?) and there was a flood of responsive posts saying “fake news!” and “Fox News” – my friend and I kept replying “no, it’s a CNN poll, here’s the link, check it out for yourself” to utterly no avail. It was disheartening, to say the least. I tried to explain that “just because you disagree with it, it isn’t fake news” and I was called a NY elitist. So, I’m done and I am so glad there is an alternative where people read and think before they speak. Ranting is ok, as long as it’s informed! Let the games begin.

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Hello I live in Granite Falls, so fellow Unifour residents. I also agree that eventually we get this right but not before some pretty ugly stuff happening. I am always glad to find sane rational folks living around here. I am not Ultra Liberal but I am a lefty so dont find a lot of folks i agree wit here in Trump Country. Glad to meet you. Karl Z


Welcome, I gave up FB about a year ago so I can agree with you.

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Hey all, I just spotted a very sad update on this from CNN, & not sure what to make of it>>>>

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And sorry for being off the topic of introductions here, but I didn’t know where to put this, please (mods) feel free to move my post as needed.


@elaphe You can post that in the Off-Topic section, that’s why we have it. :grin:


It does feel suspicious, and strange. Wonder if what the real circumstances were for his death in the river. Jogging and slipped, maybe. Who knows.

(Larry St Croix) #690

North Central Valley of California, Redneck country: Stranger in a strange land. Old. Farmer, reader, tree hugging straight progressive, pro-choice, equality yours & mine, love not war, live & let live #solidarity Find me on Twitter @LarryStCroix

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I’ve jumped to the end of the thread to introduce myself after reading a few; I love the variety of backgrounds represented in what I read so far (I’ll read the rest later). An earlier contributor described herself as someone who hates her day job; alas, that’s the case, and I’m looking for something new. Does anyone need a researcher/copy editor with an academic background? In my spare time I’m an organic gardener, a volunteer moderator on several web sites, a writer, and a photographer. I’m a blue household in one of the reddest counties in the nation, and last year I was afraid to put up a Hillary political sign because of the vandalism by Trump supporters. That was a tell right there of things to come.

What I also am is continually astonished at the new shit that Trump comes up with on an almost daily basis - shiny objects to distract from substantive issues (to do with his behavior, his businesses, his campaign, his collusion, etc.) and his outright boorishness and tone-deaf behavior. I was thrilled to find one of Matt’s earliest WTF Just Happened Today tweets and immediately became a follower. I’ve even donated a time or two. Small donations add up, I hope they’re enough.

Thank you, Matt, for taking the time to build this, a site whose time came suddenly and was urgently needed. If you’re old enough to remember the Iran hostage crisis (end of Jimmy Carter’s administration, they were released on Reagan’s first day in office) a little program at ABC started as the hostages were first held - Nightline on ABC. It ran for years.

Thank you also for using the excellent sources you do for the stories you post. I initially came to this page this evening to see if you’d seen the New York Times’ opinion piece “The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump.” It’s a good one. With the advent of this administration I have increased my newspaper subscriptions (in addition to the Times I now get the WaPo) and have joined several rights groups like the ACLU, NAACP, and Planned Parenthood. It matters more than I ever could have imagined that these organizations and these newspapers are here. And this site. Thanks Matt. It always cuts right to the heart of the day’s issues.

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Greetings all! I am an Ohio resident… Tennessee educated… Married, unemployed, dog owner.

My standard elevator greeting would be to say I am a poker dealing chemist who was an IT consultant at Pfizer who ended up a full time employee at Microsoft.

Now I bake… And read… And try to figure out what a 50 something yr old female who used to make six figures is supposed to do.

Looking forward to exploring another facet of the WTF world.

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Hello, Friends!

Mitzi here. Paralegal in Tennessee fighting the good fight where I can. Hard to do here in my home state. We have really lost our minds in Tennessee - on most points. And yes, I am in the city of Corker. Please accept my apologies. Getting harder every day living here now that blacklash has unleashed (revealed) this horrible wave of hate.

Glad to be here in this safe haven of truth.


Hi, I’m Ros. I am of Chinese descent, born in Britain, and have been in the U.S. Washington, DC area, since the seventies. Matt, your daily summaries are brilliant - thank you so much for providing such succinct, readable, and well-sourced summaries of all the news. I wish to help win back our country.

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cool hat, ros


Are these for sale?

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LOVE the hat! :rofl::grin::rofl::grin:


Sorry, it’s a hat in meme only!

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Bird lover and grandmother in Nevada’s capitol Carson City and I am ready to mobilize! We need a nation-wide IMPEACH THE DOTARD PROTEST! The American people need to organize to shut down the capitol buildings nationwide with protesters. WE ARE in a constitutional crisis, this idiot is going to start a war as a diversion!
Thank you,

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Hi, everyone!

My name is Olivia, I’m a recent DC transplant via Cincinnati. I’m so excited to have found this community! I work with up-and-coming journalists, helping to keep them bright-eyed, eager and sharp as they deal with the state of the world and their profession these days.

A huge “thank you” to @matt for all the work he does on this news letter and keeping all of us informed. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t keep up with everything that’s happening. I’m so glad there’s one place I can go to catch up.

I’m excited to get involve here!


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Hello there, Since the beginning of this unbelievable crap show, I’ve gone through many phases. I left Facebook about 8 months since I was just ranting uncontrollably, stopped listening to the news about 6 months ago and now WTF is basically my only source of information. I love that it’s short and somewhat humorous (even if it’s not supposed to be). Anyway, I’m Maya in Northern California and am sobered by the fact it’s now been 1 year and 4 months. Can’t wait to pop open my bottle of champs when I wake up from this nightmare! YAY! And thank you @matt for keeping us all informed in this way.