Introduce Yourself!

(Kevin M Cummings) #702

Great job Matt , here is a a short Autobiography.
Things I like , Comix , Television , Swimming .What I can tell you I do not like ,When people do not communicate.
The only time I left the U.S. was going to Quebec about 20 years ago , otherwise I pretty much stay to myself in New Hampshire .I had a very good man to live with take care of and have take care of me until 2011 when he passed away .
When I was very young either 4 or 5 my mother had a nervous breakdown . I am the youngest of 4 boys still living .My father did a good job bringing us up, we’re all independent and doing well .
The 4 of us, the Cummings boys , were sent to different homes for some months while my father got things straightened out for Us to all be under the same roof ~ HE WAS A TRULY GREAT PERSON .
I Honestly Love Family & True Friends. I’ve had and have lots of love and affection. Sexuality was never a problem for my family to accept.
I’m not much for organized religion but I am spiritual and I was brought up Christian .
I am HIV positive ,Generally in good health for a 59 year old .Was diagnosed in the late eighties so you could call me a long term survivor .The virus is undetectable In the blood work I have done every 4 months .
Pence scares me more than Trump !

(Deb Lander) #703

Good morning from Guanajuato, MX. My new home and snowflakey -safe-space in this insane time. Hub and I left Nevada for the peace and tranquility of this beautiful, historic, laid-back city. We can afford to eat, seek health care, and live a relatively stress-free life here. Facebook and I are legally separated for the time being, but I still need my daily dose of WTFJHT. Big thanks to Matt for the work he puts into it. Cheers!

(M A Croft) #704

Hi from NZ. I’m a kiwi and I’ve been following WTF for the past year and a half. This is the most comprehensive site for all the various incidents that have been the continuing train wreck has befallen the US. It shocks and dismays so many of us who look on from afar. I send greetings and best wishes to you all and hope that some time soon reason will once again find a place in Washington. Kia Kaha Kia Manawanui
Be strong and steadfast in your resolve.

(Larry St Croix) #705

I was a Bernie primary voter, Hillary in the general. Put a sticker on the truck before the primary and got keyed, more like a screwdriver, gouged down clear through the paint and peeled off some metal with it. I should have known better than to exercise my 1st Amendment rights living in an area which wants to secede and become the State of Jefferson. I didn’t put up a road-side sign for Hillary because honestly I was afraid it would be set alight. Call me chicken if you like, I like chickens :chicken:

(Karen) #706

Hi everybody, Karen here. Originally from small town, Upstate NY, i’ve been living the last 30 years in the heart of progressive Silicon Valley. Having gone back to school as an older adult and graduating in Business/Human Resources just when everything tanked('08), left me out of my chosen field, not in tech, and decidedly blue collar.

With the housing explosion out here, I decided in order to get my piece of the “American Dream”, to move and buy a home in the San Joaquin Valley with a 3 hour a day commute and a much less progressive attitude. It’s been just under 6 months now.

I’ve been following WTF and retweeting since Day 1. It is now becoming even more of a lifeline with my recent move. Even in California, it amazes me the hate and ignorance that abounds. Thank goodness for venues like this and the Indivisible groups that give me hope in this dark period.

In addition to the complete incompetence and lack of leadership from the current administration, the thing that is bothering me the most these days is the division happening in the Democratic party, much like the Republicans. I tend to be more progressive, but realize everything won’t happen overnight. I believe the pressure from many for that pure/perfect candidate is toxic to finding the good and being able to move forward. We need to be able to get them in office and once there, hold them accountable. It’s easier to change the system from the inside.


Good Day! I am a retired Primary Care Health Care Provider. I avoid the news like the plague except for WTF. My only comment is that I think that since we are being led by a childlike man, it should be:
GAME OVER. Time to get new players who know the rules, and don’t cheat.
Before he whimsically takes away our freedom.

(RE) #708

Hear, hear!


I really appreciate your efforts Matt thanks! I live in the infamous state of NC where democracy has been dying pre trump. Originally from MN. Now it’s dying at the national level too. I look forward to the discussions.
Stay strong

(Pauline O) #710

Pauline, age 74, retired after 44 years as a high school teacher. Born in North East of England but lived and worked in London since 1972. Became fascinated by Trump’s campaigning ‘style’ and could not believe he could win. Same disbelief about the foolishness of decision here to leave Europe. Share views with friends in Chico and niece in Boisie, Idaho who lived in LA then Malibu for several years.

(Larry St Croix) #711

Gas prices must be killing you right now

(Karen) #712

While i’m not happy about it, even with the increased costs, i’m paying less than I was in rent! :grin:

(Steven Jones) #713

I am SOOO embarrassed! I’ve been here since 071717 and have yet to introduce myself!
I have lived in Western Washington since 081517, but I am a native to the N.W., born in Seattle, but was gone for about 10 years. I moved here from Virginia Beach VA, before that I was in Columbia SC, before that it was Louisville KY, which was after Port Hueneme CA, which came after Huntington Beach CA, which followed Everett WA.
I am a programmer, and most of my work experience revolves around data manipulation.
I am a retired, fat old man.
I grow a LOT of dahlias.


Wow you’ve been around. I didn’t know anyone else knew where Port Hueneme was. :scream:

(Lynn) #715

I know where Port Hueneme is too, LOL! Former Californian for most of my life, but living elsewhere (in “enemy territory”) now.

(Israel Davis) #716

Um, hi. My name? Israel Davis. I’m 70 y/o, I’ve done different things for a living – road construction, truck driver, substance abuse counselor (I’m a drunk and a drug addict, clean & sober 33 yrs) in that order, retired 10 years ago. We have seven dogs, four cats, and my IronHorse. I’d never voted (pol!itics is bullshit) but my lovely spouse threatened me with certain consequences (which modesty forbids disclosing) if I didn’t register and vote for H. Clinton. My addictive tendencies turned me into a political junkie; I should have chosen the consequences. Mostly, I try to avoid the news because I detest Trump and his ilk. His lies, blatant racism, destructive politics, psychopathic behavior and absolutely unbelievable stupidity dominate the news. What’s absolutely astounding is that Trump hasn’t been impeached or assassinated. Okay, enough said; I’m obviously verbose and easily upset, so…I’m gone!


Big fan of dahlias!



Retired Canadian journalist whose protest days go back to the ‘60s and continue to this day. Don’t appreciate how #45’s politics are sliming North

(Renee) #719

Couldn’t agree more, Lynn. In reading Frum’s book I came to realize that even some of the donor class or ie Koch brothers were completely stumped by Trump. This is by way of Robert Mercer & daughter…what happens when crazy is funded by their billions. When everything is for sale and the only limit is money… welll, here is the result. If it wasn’t for Mercers, Trump would not have advanced to be the GOP canidate that is for sure. But the complete package is everyone had a green light - and here we are.

(Renee) #720

hey Karl,
I am in the suburbs of the Twin Cities but have seen almost every area of MN due to my work.

(Renee) #721

Septguy - ditto! Trump road on the GOP crazy train - I am sure he would have done a Dem ride if he could have managed it. Probably too much thinking required!