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This is evergreen. :evergreen_tree: welcome, you’ve found the right place, my friend. Remember folks, you can always check the current political status on @matt’s other site

Take a deep breathe and let it out slowly. You can relax. :herb:

(Lisa) #803

Living the dream as an attorney in New Mexico. At the end of 2016, WTFJHT was a lifesaver. Thanks, Matt

(Lisa) #804

Sarcasm btw

(Lisa) #805

Except that WTFJHT was a lifesaver was not sarcasm

(Keith Roots) #806

Hello from the other side. I’m a retired British firefighter, now living in the far South East of Bulgaria, in the last village in Europe. I’m fascinated by American politics, and have followed WTF since almost day one. I get my daily ‘fix’ just as you are turning in for some well earned sleep. :grin:

(David Bythewood) #807

Hello there. I’ve been following WTF since day one pretty much, and occasionally poke Matt with articles I’ve spotted. He suggested I look into the community board. I admit I tend to be busy, but I do like to share, and I maintain an endless supply of memes and article links.

My name is David, but online most folks know me by Wind or Windthin. I’m a nerd, cook, bird owner, navy brat, steampunk madman, jack-of-all-trades, former online radio DJ, longtime roleplayer, and general oddball. I’ve lived in four states; Puerto Rico where I was born, Hawaii where I spent much of my childhood, Connecticut twice and Illinois three times; Illinois is where I am now. My wife is self-professed political nerd herself, and we tend to collaborate in our own various ways on things. I’m always happy to help, eager to learn, pleased to share, and glad to listen.

(perry lee) #808

long time follower, just signed up for the community today. i have been posting on reddit and prior to that, twitter, about the current situation. reddit’s signal to noise is very low, and twitter has become totally unusable. so here i am.
i’m a cyber risk consultant and often interface with trump supporters at all levels of society. its eye opening and astounding and lots of negative adjectives too. i’m excited to participate in this community.


If you can shed some light on how reasonable people can back him, I’d be interested. I don’t mean the hard core base who are just crazy, but the ones that haven’t jumped off the cliff yet.

I assume the FOX pundits are in it for the money, not because they are true believers.

(perry lee) #810

i would have to evaluate your definition of reasonable. for example, trump supporters i have spoken to think its reasonable for this president to do what he does because it has some positive impact on the stock market. That is the most popular justification for support, “my 401k is doing great”.