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I feel for you. It’s hard for me to understand how “ so smart” and “ Trump,supporter” are in the same sentence but there are examples in many voting precincts.

(Diana McAnally) #783

thanks for the welcome. I’m a retired senior citizen who remembers when America was truly great. A baby-boomer, widow and somebody who really does feel “entitled” to collect social security, Medicare and other returns after a lifetime of paying into the system that is supposed to make our golden years “secure”

(David Synnott) #784

Hi, I’m Dave an old guy from Botany in Sydney AU. been around the world a bit in the NZ Navy when very young. Work for the IBM and Xerox when older. When the US sneezes we get a cold, so its best to be very interested in what your poli’s are up to and in particular the current president. It’s hard to imagine how you put up with it all.
If one didn’t know better from down here you would think the US is about as democratic as some central European ex Russian state. I am here, reading your news everyday to find out how you guys are going to fix it and very hopefully save us all and perhaps the planet too: please try hard.

Just so you don’t think we are a bit big headed, our poli’s are a total disgrace, their lesson comes in March 2019.

(M A Croft) #785

Hi Dave - I’m ex RNZN as well 1974 to 88 - nice to meet you.

(Renee) #786

Hi Dave,
This is a good site to read. I have Aussie friends in the US and some of our family have married and move to your side of the globe. We are all in it together when you consider out planetary relationship. Good bunch here in the community too!


(WAlli Kay Osborn) #787

Newbie from Seattle, WA. So glad to be here. Matt - Your’s is all I need. THANK YOU for all your hard work. I appreciate you (and your community). I’m so sorry I realized too late I posted this in wrong. Area. PLEASE DELETE!


Moved your post for you. Welcome! :wave:

(David Synnott) #789

Hi, understand your dilemma have similar friends, discovered its best not to respond unless in sotto voice and suggest may be the it might be good to do with some fact checking, they aren’t going to change until it affects them personally. Then listen tothe cries for mercy. Tthen be merciful.
Finding the middle may be harder for you than they, the is a good place to be.

(Kimberly A Schweighardt) #790

I was introduced to your community through probably the best friend i have ever had she is still in NYC my life took me on a long journey from artist , socially conscious human being who lost herself trying to fix her supposed soulmate for 15 yrs .the journey has taken me up and down the east coast several times trying to find my way back to myself . The current state of our nation has me disgusted, disturbed , dumbfounded …I have never been a fan of capitalism but do believe that any political system religion or ideology of any sort can be perverted . I get angry wh ed n people don th even realize we never were a democtacy . We were a democratic republic but more of an oligarchy headed toward an orwellian dystopia if shit doesnt change . I have no problem with the word socialism

(Linda Bealer) #791

Hello, from RI!
Been watching this site for a couple of months, and it has become an essential part of my news-gathering, so figured I should join.

(Kristin Beauchamp) #792

Retired Elementary teacher. Long-term WTFJHT reader. New poster from Tip o’ the Mitt-Michigan. We live Under the Bridge, and we’re known as Trolls, but not in the bad way. Very avid follower of US & world politics, environmental issues, animal rights. Lover of husband, our dogs, Family & Friends. Appreciate & do art, crafts, quilter, fiber arts.

(Mike Melnyk) #793

I am a retired Canadian who has been looking on at the state of US politics since the 2016 election and I am very angry that the US people have been accosted by such a blatant attempt at subversion. I have a Masters degree in Sociology and an MBA and I look upon this situation with great interest in an effort to come to an understanding of why the US finds itself in the situation it is currently in. I have many friends Stateside and I am dismayed at the situation they find themselves in. I am looking forward to much pertinent discussion of the political climate in your country.

(M H) #794

Hi, y’all! :nerd_face: yes I am a transplant from OR, CA, and, TX to Smyrna, GA. I have 3 adult children and 7 grands. I was active in the women’s movement for years, but health problems keep me pretty close to home now. My old blog shut down so am super delighted to find this one! Oh, and I am a politics junkie and a reader. And, apropos of nothing, Friday, 3/8, is my 78th birthday.

(Cindy Jo Lee) #795

Hello y’all from Texas. I am a retired copy editor and food editor. I also did some reporting, worked in the composing room and classified ads. Journalism runs in my family. I have a rare lung disease, and a 3-year-old cat.


Welcome…and happy birthday this Friday. Fridays in T/Trump world tends to be especially riveting.

You are amongst thoughtful people and a place to locate where we are in all the daily news drops…we do weekends too!


(Caren) #797

i’ve been reading WTFJHT for quite a while now, hubby reads it too - we both follow on facebook and get the (mostly) daily emails. i think whole regime is insane, and it just keeps getting more insane with each passing day. along with hubby, we have two daughters and two cats.

::waves hi to everyone::


Hi, long term resident of Thailand here- former chair for Democrats Abroad in my town- but moving to the big city so no longer have my DA facebook page to vent on. WFJHT has been invaluable to me- keeps me sane and not having to read everything, so thanks for maintaining my sanity. I shared this website on the DA facebook page many times. Hope it brought many subscribers!

(valerie fanarjian) #799

hello. my name is valerie. i live and work at bard college at simon’s rock in western mass, which is a 4 year institution for students who want to start college early. i live with the first year boys, 16 olds who are smart and smelly… and mostly lovely. i look forward to WTF every evening and am SO thankful that there are still some sane people out there —THANK YOU MATT for all of this — i m too tired to be clever right now, but most days i am mildly entertaining . night.


Been getting the email newsletter for a few months now, finally joining the community. Have never paid so much attention to politics in my life as I do now. Although, it may be argued, I’m actually paying attention to the continual clusterf*ck rather than politics. I know for sure I’ve never been as emotionally invested. At least weekly I tell myself I’m going to stop keeping up with the latest news (to protect my fraying sanity), but I’m always back to it the next day, somehow afraid to miss the next outrageous event. I’m so tired…

(Matt Kiser) #801

I think that’s the majority of WTF readers!