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I feel for you. It’s hard for me to understand how “ so smart” and “ Trump,supporter” are in the same sentence but there are examples in many voting precincts.

(Diana McAnally) #783

thanks for the welcome. I’m a retired senior citizen who remembers when America was truly great. A baby-boomer, widow and somebody who really does feel “entitled” to collect social security, Medicare and other returns after a lifetime of paying into the system that is supposed to make our golden years “secure”

(David Synnott) #784

Hi, I’m Dave an old guy from Botany in Sydney AU. been around the world a bit in the NZ Navy when very young. Work for the IBM and Xerox when older. When the US sneezes we get a cold, so its best to be very interested in what your poli’s are up to and in particular the current president. It’s hard to imagine how you put up with it all.
If one didn’t know better from down here you would think the US is about as democratic as some central European ex Russian state. I am here, reading your news everyday to find out how you guys are going to fix it and very hopefully save us all and perhaps the planet too: please try hard.

Just so you don’t think we are a bit big headed, our poli’s are a total disgrace, their lesson comes in March 2019.

(M A Croft) #785

Hi Dave - I’m ex RNZN as well 1974 to 88 - nice to meet you.

(Renee) #786

Hi Dave,
This is a good site to read. I have Aussie friends in the US and some of our family have married and move to your side of the globe. We are all in it together when you consider out planetary relationship. Good bunch here in the community too!


(WAlli Kay Osborn) #787

Newbie from Seattle, WA. So glad to be here. Matt - Your’s is all I need. THANK YOU for all your hard work. I appreciate you (and your community). I’m so sorry I realized too late I posted this in wrong. Area. PLEASE DELETE!


Moved your post for you. Welcome! :wave: