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Pleased to meet you Matt + all and thank you for many months of gripping and often hilarious coverage of the Orange Kaiser (Am I allowed to say that?)
Just reading Rick Wilson atm but looking forward to Bob Woodward’s final nail. Much more interesting than Nixon, as I recall.
Do well.
John Peverell etc.

(David) #763

Been here before. Read daily for great information.

(David) #764

Been here since July, almost daily observer. Absolutely lost on adding a picture. Oh, well.

Spent the last day and a half glued to the TV for the Kavanaugh hearings. Great compromise by Coons and Flake today to get an FBI investigation. Daily Kos had as couple of comments today on the Urban Dictionary definitions of boof/ boofed, Devils Triangle and FFFFFF, which Judge K lied to the Judiciary committee about under oath. He is going down, and hopefully in an orange jumpsuit. Felony perjury, in my non-legal opinion.


How would anyone prove he lied about knowing the terms?

(David) #766

Consider: How would anyone prove I lied by saying that my generation thought “The bees knees” meant something awful?

Q: W(ho)TF would believe he is the only one with the non-standard slang definitions?

A: Someone needing a “Get out of jail card” on SCOTUS, perhaps. Or a true believer.

(debi) #767

I’m almost 50, Female. Live in San Diego California. Hi everyone. Glad to be here and hope to make connections here. This may be the worst day of all since the election, October 6, 2018, the day they put THAT guy on the supreme court despite everything else. That’s all I can say because I am dumfounded and overwhelmed by what happened. Shocked. But it never seems to end, the shock day by day. Thanks everyone for being here. Debi

(D.) #768

A joyful Canadian life coach in Germany

Hi, I’m Deb, and I’m new to news.

I’ve pretty much ignored formal news sources since giving up my TV in the 80s. But in 2016 I discovered a deep core value that was previously incognito: stand up for the vulnerable. I was raised as a citizen not of a country but of a planet, and vulnerable people everywhere were being put at risk as the new US government rolled back and flaunted hard won positions on asylum, immigration, pollution, health and safety. Even civility! To do my part I needed to be informed, and my way out of the real-or-fake news avalanche was to focus on trusted sources; old ones like The Guardian, CBC, NYT & WaPo and newer, social media oriented ones like Matt’s.

Now, with the mid-terms approaching, I’ve decided there’s little I can do as an overseas non-American. I’ve worked hard to help stimulate the US’s immune system, and it’s time now for Americans to do their democratic best. So I’m going to take a break from political news and focus back on my work. At which point WTFJHT becomes more useful than ever - just to stay in touch :slight_smile:

My work is helping change leaders be more joyful and effective. (This way my effort is multiplied into the world!) It’s important work, quiet work, helping people dig out and shine up their authentic style, their core values, their strengths and contribute them where it matters most to them. Many of my clients are in the US: bringing more joy into the system has got to help!

I’ll continue to amplify important truths in social media, and to encourage thoughtful reflection on current events among my followers. Let’s keep our eyes open, speak the truth, do good stuff, find joy and create joy for others. Oh: and vote!

Thanks, Matt for this initiative.

  • Deb

(M A Croft) #769

Quoted for Truth.


(Peter McDonnell ) #770

I’m an Australian with an interest in American politics as a fellow world citizen. We all need to understand that the world doesn’t end at our borders and all things impact the world as a whole. Trade, economy, world peace and environment are all world effecting areas. American politics and actions have far reaching effects across the globe. So before you dismiss me as not American please take that into account.


I actually find it validating that we have community members from across the globe. As an American, it makes me feel like I’m not losing my mind.

Well put. These values should be universal. Thank you and welcome. :wave:

(Peter McDonnell ) #772

Thank you. It’s frustrating to voice an opinion as sometimes when people realise you’re not American they switch off, basically mind your own business. Some accuse me of being a bot or a troll.

I’d like to think that as citizens in Western society that we have basically the same values and aspirations. The gauge on what makes a good person. No one is perfect and I’m sure everyone has things in their past they’re not proud of. I believe in understanding, tolerance and acceptance. People have different views, opinions and beliefs.

I don’t think we’re much different in Australia other than we seem to be a bit more savage on our politicians. We can it the tall poppy syndrome at it held against everyone. Strive to far above everyone else the mob will take you down. The only exception is when it’s done with humility. Hard work, exceptional ability in any area is highly respected but arrogance, deception, dishonesty and poor sportsmanship will turn the populace against you.

That’s probably why I find it incredulous that so much support has gone to a person like Trump. Any of our politicians found to blatantly lying and misrepresenting the truth would be turned upon by the electorate and their party would push them out and ostracise them.

I don’t know much about Mueller but he holds my respect at the moment for the way he running this investigation. To me it’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about truth and accountability. If foreign parties have influenced the democratic procedure then Trump and Co govern under false pretence.

His government have torn apart protections put in place to protect the environment, opened national treasures for plunder, cut protections on regulations that protect the people he governs. For what if not for personal gain. Western culture looks to America for direction and sometimes protection.

Now America looks less the protector, less the stable trusted sheriff and more the antagonist. First stirring trouble with North Korea and China then palling up to North Korea because they say some pretty things about Trump. Then turning a blind eye on Russia’s transgressions and the news that the government has turned a blind eye on a team of Saudi Assassins murdering a journalist on American soil due to his free speech. Isn’t that one of the things America stands fast on and would protect at all cost? It doesn’t give the rest of the world faith in America as a peacekeeper.

Guys, this isn’t a hate speech on the USA. I love America. It’s just so disheartening to see her lose her way. Don’t let madness prevail.

(Peter McDonnell ) #773

Correct myself there. I thought the guy was assassinated in America in the Saudi consulate. That said, if you don’t stand against torture, murder and human rights in any country for any person how can you expect any difference when it is an American. All lives matter.

(Michele B) #774

Continuing the discussion from Introduce Yourself!:

Michele here! I pay too much attention to what’s happening in WhatTheFuckVille, and I like to chat about it with smart people. I’m friendly, I don’t hurl insults, and I hate racism.

(Renee) #775

Hey Deb, Good to be heard, isn’t it? The amazing bad dream - over and over… That is the reason why I found myself here sometime after the election of 2016, still in shell shock. Matt does a great job and many like-minded people here. I have been traveling and not here much as of late. Had to take a vacation where there was no cell reception! I live in Minnesota where the weather is not as nice as yours but we have lots of liberal-leaning politics. We lost Franken, someone I supported to get into the senate and to stay there. What can I say, stil bitter! Welcome from Mpls!

(Jeff) #776

Hi! I am a Librarian and PhD who has spent years investigating primary source and facts through research and open-mindedness. It is mind-numbing to witness this huge assault on knowledge and truth. I have some semblance of hope for the future now that the mid-terms are over and checks and balances have been restored to congress - but how are we going to fix this mess? UGH – but thanks for the great site - glad I found it. JG from NJ.

(Robert Dvorkin) #777

hello everyone. I’m a dual Canadian-American citizen. I was born in Canada but lived almost half of my life in the US. I returned to Canada about five years ago and am very happy to be back. The turmoil currently taking place in the States is difficult to witness but I feel it’s important not to turn away. I’m grateful to Matt for putting this website together and for his determination not to let this become the new normal.

(Margaret Garberick) #778

Hey there. Now that I worked as an election judge to make sure democracy works I can breathe and say what’s on my mind

(Ellen Gaver) #779

Hi all. First of all, @Matt, THANK YOU. You are literally keeping me sane. I’m Ellen from the Central Coast of California. I am a home-based marketing/advertising rep and truthfully, I can no longer prioritize what I care most about. I have to say ALL OF IT. Everyday I think I can’t possibly be shocked and then it happens. So before 46-1, I cared about (and still do) the environment, health care, social security/medicare, children’s welfare, civil rights, human rights, to name a few. Given the assault on all of them, how can one prioritize?

(Cynthia Lynn Hood) #780

I am a lifelong Democrat. My parents never voted. I acquired my political leanings by reading about each candidates platform. I have voted in every election, since I was 18, save the midterms, on the day I gave birth to triplets. I just want to vent. I am in love with, cohabitate with, and work for, a die-hard Republican. A staunch TRump fan. I have insisted that we do NOT discuss politics. He is extremely intelligent, an INTP personality type. This has me extremely vexed, that he is SO smart, yet blindly supports TRump. He gets his political news from Fox, and Facebook memes. Someone please advise me on how to keep my sanity! I can only retreat so far in this house :unamused:

(Renee) #781

Howdy Jeff - glad you found the site. I worked in consultant/sales for research sciences - private & educational and I couldn’t agree more in this non-reality reality. I am starting to think this is universal state of affairs. For example, climate denial even as the issues caused by climate increase faster than acceptance/solutions and there are wonderful science and research being done - CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing and immunotherapies for cancer - yet you get to the delivery point at the hospital and the #3 reason for death (in the USA) is mistakes or malpractice in medicine. There is going to be a lot of work to right this mess - on so many issues! We will need librarians more than ever.