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In truth, I dont think it matters that they associate themselves with alternate facts or that they attach no importance to science. I think they’ve decided to go against facts and science and even common sense and basic self interest just because it will destroy all the things we value, to one extent or another: Democracy, the Enlightenment, Truth, science, pragmatism, fair play, freedom, the Constitution, and the Progress we’ve made in human decency and interaction.

What’s clear to me is there can no longer be any excuse for giving them the benefit of the doubt. That many of them may be stupid, badly educated, resentful, misunderstood, can no longer function as excuse. Many of them know better in any case. They are racists, maliciously evil, and out to destroy the country. And we need to face them that way.

Since we need to give the law and our vote every chance to redeem our basic institutions, we neednt go to civil war footing just yet, but that day may come. In the meantime, let’s do what we can. Let’s humiliate them publicly, by revealing their lies, their use of informal fallacy as their basic, their only tool of rhetorical adjudication. Let’s stand up to bullies by standing firm. End your friendships and relationships with Trumpists! There must be a cost for trying to destroy our country. When they make claims, demand to see their sources, and put it out there for all to see, and test. But demand also that they answer the following question: what would convince you that you are wrong? If they offer no falsifier to their claims, you know without doubt that they are after your epistemological and metaphysical destruction. If they do offer it, then show them.

Almost 550+ days! You can’t claim ignorance. It’s all there to see! And we are too well versed in the ways of the totalitarian personality. We don’t need to be lambs, we don’t need to wait for our destruction passively, as too many in our history did before because they couldn’t believe what humans were capable of. We know. Trumpists are morally filthy. Let’s tell them that, and let’s act on that now obvious fact.

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THAT is tough job! Nurses are the best. I had a great nurse during last surgery/hospitilzation and can say they really make the difference! I read here often and occassionally post.

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I think the only tools are those used by deprogramming for cults. Why rewrite the book? But that is what it looks like to me. Politics being emotional and hyjacked now as a cult of personality. I blame FOX.

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These people aren’t forced to switch to that TV channel. It speaks to them, and answers to who they are. Let’s stop excusing their stupidity or immorality. They’ve chosen this path. Let’s answer their claims with reason, when they are still receptive (pointing out the fallacies in their reasoning, demanding evidence for their absurd claims, etc.), and simply standing firm in our own reason, when they are not. They are morally filthy in their racism, anti semitism, anti Muslim, and xenophobia for non whites. Let’s humiliate their pretentions to civilization.

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I would argue that there is such a thing as non-partisan dialogue. You don’t have to vehemently support a particular political party when discussing issues and policy. I do agree that it is somewhat impossible to have non-biased discussions or to be truly “neutral” when discussing various issues and policies.

It’s one thing to be even-handed and level-headed, but to suggest that anyone can truly disassociate and remove their own experiences from a discussion would be to suggest that they are able to remove their humanity from the equation, which wouldn’t make for a very good or meaningful conversation anyway.

As Howard Zinn once wrote, “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.

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Also, @Joanie, hello from Bloomfield, NJ!


Interesting how so much is judged these days on a “partisan” scale and that in this case if it’s “left” it’s bad and not deserving involvement which implies if it’s the opposite partisan leaning it’s good and deserving of involvement.


I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the Russian propaganda effort has had greater impact via the thrust to divide the US along partisan lines than I thought.

A question to the moderators, does WTFJHT have a mechanism to verify whether forum users/commenters are who they imply they are?

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(Note: not a mod) I’d say that there probably isn’t anything like that in place. In fact I’d be extremely surprised if there was as it’s a near impossible task. Without requiring people to provide some sort of proof of identification upon registering, there really is no way to do so. And what would you use as proof? Not to mention that we have people from Canada and Europe who comment on here sometimes. There’s just no feasible way for Matt and the others to be able to check or verify with the resources they have and the kind of platform that they want to run.

However, the very nature of this community protects it a lot. Since everything that is posted is fact checked and reviewed, looked at critically. Also because this is specifically geared towards detailed discussions with trolling/inflammatory stuff not allowed. Essentially the mods fact check and review the content of what is posted rather than attempting to regulate who can post.

Again, not a mod, but have some knowledge of website design/coding. Hope that helped with your question.



I’ll let @matt take the security side of this question. I will say that we moderators do work hard to ensure this community is spam and cruelty-free. It’s pretty easy to spot a Troll and we have the ability to remove them with a single click. Remember, users are always in control of the content that they share on this forum, so share wisely and always flag suspicious comments. The Moderators are here to help and protect this community. :v:


@vine409 We moderators read everything that users post on here, and I mean everything. We will call out any user that is posting content that is suspect or inflammatory. Keeping the discussion civil and highly informative is our only priority. :vulcan_salute:


Thank you, moderators! Your hard work ensures a continuously high level of discourse in this community – really unique among the various forums I visit where spam, vitriol, and outright craziness often hijack the conversation. Your dedication is much appreciated! :clap:


I know its a problem Facebook and Twitter have been trying to deal with.
I havent seen a big problem was curious. A comment i saw recently made me wonder if it was a bot or troll.

I think the attack on social media has been huge and will increase with this election.

I’m really wondering if Russia has T under their wing and will work this election hard. Heard stories out of Florida recently about election irregularities from a poll monitor that had not heard before that gives me concern.


Block and move on is all one can do on social media. My personal FB block list is basically nothing but trolls and bots.

If you see something, tap the flag and the mods will review.

Maybe, it’s hard to say.

If it’s from a reputable source, post it.

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Is Ingress anything like egress? Or do I digress?

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Hi, @Matt. I’ve been around awhile, but rather than bother to remember my user name or password or check what email account I was using, I just opened another account. I don’t think I did much logging in with the other one, anyway.

I’ve followed you consistently since I discovered WTF. I awoke (English major, can’t stand the other way people are saying they came to their senses) the first time I heard it’s voice on the trail. That sound, you know the sound of someone keying a car or the squeak of chalk on a chalkboard, shook me out of any chance of getting a decent sleep.

Thank you for helping me keep tabs on all of this poo. OMG! When we were kids we had a big dog and a pooper scooper. There’s a lot of poop to clean up folks. Get yourselves a scooper if you want to dig yourselves out of this sh*t storm.

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@SEPTGUY to answer your question about vetting of users: no, i don’t do that because dipshits get deleted. the mods here try to course correct where necessary and are generous with warnings when things stray into strange territory, but occasionally we remove users after repeated warnings.

facebook/twitter/etc have the issues they have bc they attempt to operate as a marketplace for free expression while additionally keeping their hands off the wheel. here, we have ground rules that form a social contract. you break the contract, you get booted.

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Good day. My name is Ross. I’m an IT professional, business development, and training. I have been thoroughly buried (as Huxley predicted) in the minutia of all the things ie. the privacy debate, the FCC ruling on title II, net neutrality, the new-abnorm and on and on and on that, it’s harder to process the macro view.

Found you on the Alexa skill list and I am thoroughly enjoying the broadcast. Hi Matt, Hi Joe!

The problems we face we face together. I’m a Republican from NY. I live on an Island, climate adjustment must be made. Puerto Rico is extremely vulnerable, as is NYC. Deficit deficit deficit. Russia, China and a bunch of others are bullying the shit outta everyone on the digital schoolyard. Tariffs!(yaar) The FBI is magnificent. I’m afraid I’ll be killed by this new EPA.


It was a one-on-one conversation with a poll monitor and yes i consider them credible and no i can’t post a limk to a private conversation.

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I used to think of myself is not interested in politics but then Trump came along and I had to admit and come clean I was a closet Democrat all along. I enjoy listening to other people’s perspectives an intelligent discussion which Benefits all of us. I’m from Southern Oregon but I promise, I am not a kale eater. I found this site totally by random fate as I was punching on my Google find app, I just said what the fuck happened today? In this site came up. I’ve been following it as a non-member for sometime but not as a member so I never got the opportunity to listen to the community opinions. It amazes me, as everyday I read this and just when I thought I’d seen and heard stupid, the current Administration continues to threaten my credulity for bullshit parameters. LOL. I believe this is just my personal opinion, the complaining about the current Administration does nothing constructive, however, this blog gives me ammunition to stay on top of the ever-changing face of this thing we call the Trump Administration. I believe that constructive actions can only be actualized by people who are informed about the situation they wish to change. I hope I can learn something and maybe contribute something to this community. as long as there are people Like Us, there is hope for change. thank you for your time I know this was a little bit long-winded, but hi and hello, this is the way we do it in Oregon. LOL we think everybody is family and friends and we will talk your arm off. At this time though, I think it’s best that I do more listening than speaking until I have something intelligent to contribute