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“A connoisseur of anger…” holy hell that is perfection, for all those trolls :ok_hand:t3:

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I was going to share this but I wasn’t sure!

Also, great complementary listening to this article (which I actually heard before the Bloomberg piece came out, I probably wouldn’t have read the article if I hadn’t heard it) is Larry Wilmore’s podcast interview with Michael Lewis. It’s quite interesting.

(Side note: more and more we learn about Bannon…the more confirmation that Joshua Green’s book, Devil’s Bargain is spot on.)


Love Larry Wilmore! I haven’t listened to this one. Thanks for posting!


The rants in the PSA episode are everything. Have a listen!:ear:

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:joy: Lovett’s ranttttt. yasss.

(BTW - went to the LA show taping. :grin: It was amazinggggg. I’ve been to Lovett or Leave It before, but this was wayyy different. And, I mean…John Legend & Chrissy Teigen! :star_struck:)


Lovett’s rants are fucking everything I’m mad about but can’t properly articulate! I can’t wait for PSA to come to Seattle, I went to LIOL a couple weeks ago, he had on my dream panel, Ijeoma Oluo, Lindy West, and Akilah Hughes. Even my normally super shy partner was yelling and hissing with the crowd.


Former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, details his experiences in the Trump White House. :grimacing:



Maybe Brooks should take an AR15 enima and call those kids in the morning…thats not rude is it?


@ron This is your second inappropriate comment about violence. I will not tell you again that this is unacceptable here.

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Excellent piece.

It makes sense – 16 year olds are able to work (thus pay taxes), able to drive and in most states are tried as an adults if they commit a crime. Why shouldn’t they be able to vote?


Profile: Hope Hicks from the New Yorker

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“He’s JFK with tattoos and a bench press“

A Trump voting Democrat running for Congress in WV…


He might be a little rough for my tastes, but Ojeda at least is taking the Democrats away from the losing corporate globalist party and bringing labor back. It’s kind of disingenuous to introduce him as “Trump voting Democrat.” The article says he regrets the decision, that he originally wanted Sanders. That’s kind of the real story, that the Democrats couldn’t win this area with Clinton.

And hey, if populism wins, I’d rather it win on the left than on the right, and I’d rather we get advocacy for our civil liberties instead of this “protect my privilege” nationalist, racist, sexist march that’s been going on. If I lived there, he’d have my vote, and I hope we get more like him.


From Andrew McCabe

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A good (and controversial) follow up from Bret Stephens’ previous Op-Ed.


David Shulkin on leaving the VA

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If President Donald Trump’s lawyer discussed the possibility of pardons with Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, then it could be a whole new piece of the obstruction of justice investigation into the president […] the report raises the possibility that the pardons were offered to influence the two men if they later faced a decision about whether to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into links between Russia and the Trump campaign to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.


From the New York Times.

Mark Zuckerberg, “… answered with white-noise-machine calm, like a tech-support representative asking legislators if they’d tried turning their democracy off and turning it back on again.”

Wow, that’s good.


Stand out piece from the Seattle based alt-weekly, The Stranger on homelessness.

This group experiences the city’s economy as a great depression.