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For the Op-Ed pieces that are too well written, important or are simply must reads.

Master and Commander

Watch all the videos if you can stomach it.


Must read

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This Op-Ed was a controversial topic this morning on Twitter (before more Russia info broke at least). The title of it is terrible, but there is two sentences buried deep that get to the core of it:

Gun ownership should never be outlawed, just as it isn’t outlawed in
Britain or Australia. But it doesn’t need a blanket Constitutional protection,

This was written by Bret Stephens - the conservative columnist for the NY Times (also, borderline climate denier - but that’s for another day). While, I disagree with several of his points of why Democrats have “failed” at passing better gun control – I still think it’s a must read to have a different perspective.

I believe that majority of Democrats would actually back repealing the second amendment if it were a true option. But, over the years because it is defined as a “right”, it’s a fine line to manager. It’s important to see it as: repealing 2A ≠ banning guns completely.

Plus, there is also the “Constitutional Conundrum of the Second Amendment commas” - yes, the comma placement could completely change 2A as we know it today (short twitter thread about it here).

Day 392

From former Supreme Court Associate Justice, John Paul Stevens.

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I’m not 100% sure what to make of this yet, but the simple concept of Mikhail Gorbachev writing a Op-Ed for the Washington Post to make a plea to two current Presidents, is…mind boggling.


More of a profile piece than an Op-Ed but definitely a must read. Gave me chills and not the fun kind. :grimacing:

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I’m not sure if this would be considered an Op-Ed, since all of Crooked Media’s articles would be.

:joy: Trump’s Golden Rule of Governing by Brian Beutler

“As long as Trump is president, America will be subject to government by pee-pee tape. He will eventually feel the splashback, but by then we will all be drenched.”

:disappointed_relieved: The Death Loop by Jon Lovett

“It’s been two minutes since the last attack. The phones on the bodies are starting to ring. And elsewhere in some sad, ugly mind, an idea is taking hold.”




Holy hell this guy has had quite a streak of epic eloquence. I know nothing about him personally or policy-wise, but right now he is doing fine work speaking out. I’m looking forward to seeing what actions he takes for the remainder of his term and then as a private citizen after.

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Lawrence O’Donnell said his Senate Floor speech was the best and most eloquent he’s ever heard (and he’s heard ALOT of them!).


This story is more like a podcast than a traditional Op-ed about Milllennials. Well worth the 20+ minutes of listening!

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I meant to post this before – this is a must read. Ezra Klein did an amazing job on this.


Linking per @Seabass’s suggestion since this is pretty essential reading:


From the editorial board of USA Today of all places. :face_with_monocle:

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USA Today back at it with a Op-Ed from Sally Yates:




Her best yet! You must have activated the spy cam @Pet_Proletariat, I’m wearing my “I like my politics thigh high” tank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :muscle:t3:


Great piece from my least favorite “Never-Trumper”, David Brooks of the New York Times.
All this year his writing seemed so lost but in this piece he reflects on the state of his party.