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The Latest – Monday, January 11

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More litigation coming at Trump via the DC Attorney General.

President Trump’s private business failed to pay a $49,000 hotel bill incurred during Trump’s 2017 inaugural — and then, after the bill went to a collections agency, Trump’s nonprofit inaugural committee agreed to pay the charge instead, according to a new filing from the D.C. attorney general.

D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine (D) had already sued Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee, alleging it had wasted donors’ money on an overpriced, barely used ballroom at Trump’s own D.C. hotel.

On Monday, Racine added an allegation to that suit. He said the president’s inaugural committee — a tax-exempt charity — had improperly paid a bill it did not owe, using nonprofit funds to pay a bill owed by a for-profit business.

The Trump Organization was liable for the invoiced charges,” Racine’s office said in the filing. “The [Inaugural Committee’s] payment of the invoice was unfair, unreasonable and unjustified and ultimately conferred improper private benefit to the Trump Organization.”


The only two banks willing to do business with Trump, Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank, both just dumped him.


Some concerned citizens Terry Bouton and his wife wanted to study who these Stop the Steal insurrection was comprised of, and made about 20+ entries (thread) to describe the many layers of people participating in their version of being ‘Patriots.’

No getting around that this insurgency had some master planners in there, and it could have been far worse. I just can not get over the WTF of having our Capitol desecrated.

And everyone asks. What did they want? It goes to every extreme.

What was Trump’s plan - steal the election, call for Martial Law or Insurrection Act.

Just so much unraveling still to be done, but in the meantime, rounding up the traitors and getting DJT impeached is what is happening now.



Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar and Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks have all been implicated by an activist in the Capitol insurrection

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