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Remember Joseph DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, who very briefly worked for Trump before he dumped them for looking disheveled? They’re back!

Trump reveals his ‘truly great’ legal team: A conspiracy theorist accused of antisemitism and his wife, a lawyer who retweets QAnon and a campaign legal adviser who says gays are ‘sinners’… all led by Rudy Giuliani

  • Donald Trump announced on Saturday night five members of his legal team
  • Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, will head the legal fight on Trump’s behalf
  • He is joined by long-time allies Joseph DiGenova and wife Victoria Toensing
  • Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell is also joining their group
  • The final member of the team is Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign legal advisor
  • Trump’s legal challenges are floundering but he hopes to inject new energy
  • Legal experts widely agree that his court cases will not overturn the election

Worst super sentai show ever.


CNN reporting - Sideshow Rudy being called in…to PA



Looks like the Federal Reserve nominee Judith Shelton was denied a Fed spot when VP Elect/Senator Harris came in to vote no on her nomination.

And Trump 'n Co with Guiliani as the newest lawyer have lost the PA Supreme Court.


Trump gets his temporary Defense Dept head to reduce troop level in Afghanistan and Iraq just before Biden takes office.

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Unfathomable to consider in what world Giuliani deserves $20,000 per day.


Is it bad I salivate at the idea of watching Rudy try to sue Trump when he gets stiffed for that bill?


Still, would like to know more about the 2 that dissented, did they have an argument?


Even the two Republican justices who dissented from the majority opinion disagreed with the idea, advanced by the Trump campaign, that legitimate votes should be rejected because of improper observation practices.

“Short of demonstrated fraud, the notion that presumptively valid ballots cast by the Pennsylvania electorate would be disregarded based on isolated procedural irregularities that have been redressed – thus disenfranchising potentially thousands of voters – is misguided,” wrote chief justice Thomas Saylor in his dissenting opinion.