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📚 Recommended reading for the resistance (books)


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Hi Matt, I’ve just looked through your list and many of your entries are among my recent reads. If you are looking for some additional material, you may want to have a look at the following books for your interest:

  • L. Tribe and J. Matz, To End a Presidency - The Power of Impeachment 2018

  • The Case for Impeachment, Allan J. Lichtman 2017

  • M. Nance, The Plot to End Democracy 2018

  • R. Wilson, Everything Trump Touches Dies 2018

  • D. Frum, Trumpocracy - The Corruption of the American Republic 2018

  • The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump - 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, Bandy Lee Ed. 2017

These are all good books on the subject of the American presidency. Another good book, which is a fictional account of a futuristic American landscape is American War, Omar El Akkad 2017. This book will make any reader cringe at the thought of what a modern American civil war could look like.

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I recently finished Jill Lepore’s These Truths. It’s a dense read but really provides as great historical perspective for how we got here.


Must watch - now on Netflix

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Rachel Maddow new book Blow Out
It’s a great connect the dots for understanding the links or path of corruption.

There are many great books, on this list, even stories not an exact fit are worth reading, take the life of Huey Long, he was often crass had way of speaking that would offend political elite but motivate a mass following to the working families. While there is no doubt of his corruption he at least did do good for the people of his state, so that it could be understood why it might be over looked, unlike the corruption today benefits small already wealthy few. So I would recommend a bio about Huey Long, seeing the lack of any good done for the people now as opposed to then, but also the evolution of how corruption affects those in power, as limits and boundaries are pushed.


:film_projector: One of my personal “top ten” movies is the 1949 version of “All the Kings Men” which is based on the Robert Penn Warren novel of the same title – the lead character, Willie Stark, is closely patterned after Huey Long. It’s a riveting and chilling look at corruption in politics. As you say, the arc of Long’s rise to power so closely matches what we’re seeing today. @nowment Thanks for your post because it’s prompted me to look for a good bio on Huey Long – I know his fictional counterpart, Willie Stark, very well, but you reminded me that I’ve never examined the actual life of Huey Long.

P.S. IMO, the 1949 version is the one to watch. Not the later remake (which is an OK film, but can’t touch the original). The '49 version won the Oscar for Best Picture and Broderick Crawford was awarded Best Actor for his dynamic and mesmerizing portrayal of Willie Stark (it truly is an amazing performance).

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