State of the union and trumps general fuckery?

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In case no one else would? :rofl:


I can barely stomach the once-removed breakdown of it on twitter, I ended up dumping out my old lady tea and drinking wine in bed.

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On a positive note, Joe Kennedy’s SOTU response was :100:! :clap:t3:


This gave me a wee chuckle

But just for a moment, let’s listen to the guy slamming beers in the red sweater:

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I’d almost forgotten what a sane leader sounds like. :hugs:


I didn’t have the stomach to watch it last night, has anyone found a good analysis of it? I might be able to stomach that. Or I might end up needing some of @MissJava’s wine.

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Fact-Checking Trump’s 2018 State of the Union

📆 What The Fuck is on the Calendar

Not sure the AP one is working, it just takes me to a page saying they have one, but without actually showing anything.

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It could be your browser, but I’m not sure.

It should look something like this:

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So, to nobody’s surprise, TV viewership of the speech was down. :weary: “Trump’s initial SOTU, the third longest in history, is now also the least watched address in nearly a quarter of a century” (Deadline Hollywood). I was most amused by the fact that there seemed to be almost as much attention paid to Melania’s outfit as the President’s words.:roll_eyes: And the nerve of Sarah Sanders Huckabee criticizing Nancy P’s need to smile more! :angry: She should talk! :expressionless:There have been as many unsubstantive comments made online today about the speech as not. In fact, whatever criticism there might have been has been overshadowed by the new episode of How the President Turns, a political soap opera :exploding_head: