State of the union and trumps general fuckery?

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What’s going on with the state of the union? Anybody?


The President will give the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 30th at 9pm eastern time. Coverage begins at 8pm.

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I can hardly wait…:roll_eyes:


It is being largely boycotted by Resistance.


I’m not sure I understand the point of a boycott. But then I’m also not sure I understand the point of watching it live. It will be a bunch of hyperbolic absurdities sprinkled with references to the 2016 election, how we have all the best jobs now, and how the world finally respects us as a nation. Something something fake media fake news who cares.

With a few exceptions I’ve always just read the highlights later though, so my lack of interest isn’t exactly taking away anything away from his numbers.

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I understand the boycott, for sure. Every time his nasty face & lying voice comes over the airwaves & into my eyes & ears I cringe with pure hatred…but at the same time, I don’t yet look away because I feel a duty to observe, to know what’s going on. It’s not really for his speech that I observe, but rather for the larger historical picture that I cannot just ignore. Maybe yelling back at the TV is theraputic for me? :thinking:

Dictators want everyone to follow like sheep, believe the lies & accept “the new normal”…fat chance!!! Perhaps I watch because I’m hoping that something bad will finally happen to him & I wouldn’t want to miss that moment? :wink: Hope springs eternal…

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I hope you made a cool sign


Here is a helpful round up of actual SOTU facts from AP News for all you fact checkers out there.

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I’m going to turn it on simply to see who isn’t there. I know that Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has announced she’s not attending and a number of Black Senators and Congressmen were on Don Lemon’s show tonight on CNN giving their reasons for not showing up. Of course, since many of the tickets stated the event was the State of the Uniom, there may be some folks out there wandering around looking for the event. I really am curious to see how the Republicans respond to his comments. And I have no doubt that he’ll say at least one thing so incredibly obnoxious that it will fuel Twitter for the next few days. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard of any drinking games. There were a lot during the debates. And lord knows, we’ll need something to numb ourselves.


The “speech” should be renamed State of the Division. Here is a limerick I wrote for it (speak up if you want more in a new thread, I have written lots of these).

What is the State of the Division, and
why do we treat others with derision?
The Union is weak,
and the outlook is bleak,
since Trump put us on a path to collision.

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I love it, do continue! :smirk:


“Just start drinking when he opens his mouth and don’t stop” I think is what the game is called now.


see new discussion topic, Trump limericks

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Oh, the times I wish I wasn’t on PST…I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t condone me for drinking at work. :joy:

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There’s no shortage for #SOTUbingo Cards for tonight! :laughing:

I collected all the ones I found. Feel free to download here!

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lol. gonna add this to the update


Oh I’m going to force myself to watch, (don’t want to), I felt it’s always better to get it from the horse’s mouth, ( in this case ass), than to have the media tell me what they think I heard. That said I have the barf buckets, and foam bricks ready and a bottle of disinfectant so I can wipe the screen down after I press my ass up against his face😁

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Well, isn’t this just an amazing jumping off point for this evening.

Also, NBC doesn’t mention her use of the phrase during her 2009 senate confirmation hearing.

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Excuse me while I go take some anti-nausea medication…it’s almost time.

I look ahead to what I hope will be a bright spot, the rebuttal speech by Kennedy.


He’s fucking clapping for himself! Turning it off now, yelling at my iPad is scaring my pets. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: