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💬 WTFJHT water cooler - chitchat thread


For all off topic chitchat. So uh, what are y’all really into right now?


Looking for recommendations for a new series to watch, that last series I watched was the latest umbrella academy on Netflix. Thought it was fun.

What are you guys watching right now?


Not a big Netflix episode watcher…here and there I am looking at movies. Started with Ken Burns - History of Jazz series, 1918 Pandemic etc.

But I like watching LIVE CAMS - which moves the camera from spot to spot, this AM raptors and other birds of prey in Mississippi Delta and now Alaska Bear. Great armchair channel to check out. It is calming. :slight_smile:

Have bi-weekly zoom chats with special needs adults so we keep it very light…and they like

My homing device is set to getting out of office you-know-who in next 60 days…so writing postcards, making outgoing calls and going to WTFJHT.

Saw UNFIT this week. Yup, I concur. He is.


Have you seen The Good Place? Because if not, you should watch The Good Place. It is probably one of my top 3 favorite shows ever.


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I think I my entire childhood just had Cheers on in the background. And then along came a little lady named Veronica Mars. So I loooved The Good Place.

No, I haven’t I’ll have to check it out, thanks :blush:

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I dove straight into my Star Trek “project” I’ve been meaning to do for years, just watch every episode from Original to Enterprise (I’m saving DS9 for the last, b/c I’ve never seen any of that strain and I have a feeling I’ll love it so much) plus all the movies. I’ve seen random eps/movies throughout the years but I had this urge to just start at the beginning.

The Good Place, Umbrella Academy and Schitt’s Creek are all on my new-show to-watch list, I just need to stop myself from doing comfort rewatches of Parks n Rec and Supernatural when it gets super wintry like I usually do every year lol.


I don’t feel bad about comfort-re-watching, it just drives everyone else nuts. For years my comfort show was How I Met Your Mother to the point where I have literally all of it memorized. It’s hard for me to see everything in it the same way I did when it aired because in retrospect Ted is terrifying from start to finish so I don’t sit down to it like I used to.

As far as Star Treks go I never bothered with anything after Voyager because in my head everything conceived after Rodenberry died isn’t canon. DS9 is my least favorite because the interpersonal dynamics of a space station are just different than that of something that moves in a way that isn’t as fun to me, but it is the favorite of many.

@dragonfly9 I see you like documentaries… how do you feel about video essays? I’ve got a whole bunch of people on youtube I think are great, depending on what you find interesting I might have something! I enjoy a wide range of topics, and youtube is my main go-to.


Thanks @celena`

I am a open to some suggestions…I like seeing some new pods which @Pet_Proletariat
put on…the one on “Future of Internet” (do not remember now) was interesting from NYT.

Will less likely to go to YouTube, as they fill you up with a million things. But give me your best 3…and I can take a peek. I am very random access type of watcher. Thanks

I did watch Schitts Creek and that was fab.


_Three???!?!?_Hmm. I love science, so many of the channels I enjoy reflect that.

SciShow: There are a ton of SciShow channels (SciShow, SciShow Space, SciShow Psych, etc.) and they’re all fantastic and worthwhile, they’re typically 5-10 minute episodes and you’ll find everything science. If you want to learn about something, chances are they have a related episode. Journey to the Microcosmos is all microbiology. It’s just 10-15 minutes of watching stuff under a microscope and learning about it with relaxing narration. These are all channels from the group Complexly.

Veritasium: Math and physics, approached with a sense of wonder.

Philosophy Tube: I just found this guy a month or two ago, and he is fantastic. Most of his videos are politically relevant in today’s world because philosophy always is, and he is incredibly entertaining. His videos can be anywhere from 25-45 minutes and once in a while an hour or more.

Honorable mentions: I get some of my news from Philip DeFranco; he throws some celebrity news in there as well, which lightens things up a bit for me. Lindsay Ellis was my introduction to deep-dive video essays; she mostly talks about movies and books and her analyses are really interesting.

Lindsay Ellis’s most recent video is uh. Somewhat very NSFW. And I could go on, this is a fraction of the creators I really enjoy sitting down to.


Thx…all a bit outside my purview but interesting of course. Thx for thinking of me.

I get someone else’s magazine that I glance at…but do not begin to understand called Science & Technology “Developing Innovative Hohlraum Designs” - nope. Not anything I can dig into.


Philosophy Tube would probably be better, then. SciShow does break complex things down fairly simply.

And oh man, how could I forget LegalEagle?!


We like old crime dramas, I admit. We recently binged Columbo, and are nearly through with a re-run of Monk. Sadly, a lot of series we like tend to get canceled and become hard to find.


That guy will always be Fred Savage’s grandpa to me. <3

Kid starts school Tuesday, this will be good and also awful. When is this plague over so I can get his ass out of here for 8 hours a day

edit: I think my parents watch Miss Fisher and say I’d really like it but I literally don’t have a cable subscription. If it isn’t on Netflix/hulu/amazon prime I am probably not going to see it.


My kid started school this week, online. It’s his senior year of high school too. Kinda sucks, it’s also kinda ok because he’s safe. Applying to colleges has never been weirder :woman_shrugging:t2:


This one is starting second grade. o_o His school is doing full-time in person with a remote option, and we decided to go with remote. His teacher just sent us an email with all these classroom activities and setups and I have literally NO IDEA how any of it is going to translate to remote learning. I’m going crazy with this.


There are quite a few good programs on Netflix. I’ve been watching Away, with Hilary Swank. It’s about the first trip to Mars. I think it will win an Emmy Award. In the Syfy range Marvels Agents of Shield series is great. Any of the nature shows are good to. Reminds us how import Climate Change should be to us all. Well that’s my input. :mask:


I admit to being a cartoon aficionado.

We really liked KIPO here, and for utterly weird (and surprisingly good at offering cooking advice), there’s Food Wars.

Working my way through Avatar: The Last Airbender with my kids. I never saw it when it was airing, so it’s my first time too. Animation is great, I’ve spent so much time with it.

Any particular genre? Sci fi, horror, teen drama…?

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I watched that with my son when it was airing, fun family show that teaches the dangers of colonialism. Korra is pretty great too, plus the ending is kinda awesome. :blush:

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