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About Small Victories

Small Victories is a weekly email newsletter celebrating people-powered victories against the Trump administration’s agenda. To subscribe, click here!

Alison Diviney and Stephanie Palumbo are the co-creators of Small Victories.

At the end of 2018, Stephanie stepped away from the newsletter, so Alison runs it on her own, which is no small feat! Stephanie is cheering her on from the sidelines as a subscriber and fan.

Alison’s interest and involvement in politics began in 2000 when she turned 18 and felt the flutter of excitement after voting in her first election. In 2004, she moved from North Carolina to New York City and works behind the scenes in film and TV—first in distribution and now in the art department. When she’s not writing Small Victories you can find her watching West Wing episodes on repeat, running in the park, doting on her 27 plant children, or dreaming about the day when she and her husband can finally adopt a pup.

Stephanie spent her high school years organizing with a local youth activist group, and then began her documentary film career as a researcher for Michael Moore while in college. After more than a decade of producing, she has recently transitioned to running documentary film impact campaigns, helping grassroots groups use films to advance their work. Stephanie relies on Dough donuts and comedy podcasts as a form of self-care (God bless Paul F. Tompkins), and she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two cats.


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