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Do we really know for sure he’s not a cannibal though? He’s got shitty property all over the world, I’m not at all convinced that none of them have an area where one can hunt people for sport.


@celena It’s up to the states, they run the elections. Folks can always put pressure on their Secretaries of State.


lol I needed a little chuckle, thanks for retweeting this, The Rock.

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So, I totally thought I posted about Orrin Hatch’s statement in medical marijuana research, but I can’t seem to find it…

On 9/13 Hatch released this amazing pun riddled statement:
(He was either a total stoner back in the day or was being trolled hard by a staffer.)

Oh, no…he’s a total stoner. To start, Orrin Hatch writing for HuffPost…2017 is a weird, weird time. But, he pulls out alllll the puns here and he knows it.

“As I said last month on the Senate floor, it’s high time we give stone-cold serious consideration to medical marijuana research. For twenty years, states have delved into the weeds of potential uses, but research has often been stymied by a puffed-up regulatory bureaucracy. As doctors strain to find effective alternatives to addictive opioids, they need more than token gestures from Congress; they need potent solutions. That’s why the bill we have rolled out is not a half-baked policy proposal but an earnest effort to address a chronic problem in the system. With growing support from Democrats and Republicans alike, this joint effort represents a unique hash of ideas from members of both parties, and a budding opportunity for real bipartisan reform. We need to blaze a trail for a new era of medical research, and this legislation will light the way.

Now all pot puns aside, it will surprise no one that I am strongly against the use of recreational marijuana.”

HuffPost: It’s High Time We Research Medical Marijuana

I literally I was laughing so hard it hurt. :joy::joy::joy:

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re: Session’s Senate Hearing today…

Just one of the many reasons I :heart: twitter.


Cruz tweets reference to Zodiac killer meme

lmfao :joy_cat: what is my reality that I am impressed with Ted fucking Cruz’s sense of humor.

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I don’t think I ever heard Ted Cruz’s name and “sense of humor” used in the same sentence. hahahahaha.


Happy Wednesday!


Fuckin HA!! Hot damn I needed that laugh. That eagle tho.


@MissJava I never realized until that video, that Michael Scott and Trump are basically the same character. :flushed:

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I think Ted Cruz “accidentally” liking a porn tweet had a magical effect that gave him a sense of humor. :joy:

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@Seabass omg. this is amazing. hahaha :joy:

Everytime I see that eagle almost attack Trump, I wonder if it was a omen of what was to come… :face_with_monocle:


Funny joke a client told me;

“What do you call a group of angry Liberals?”:smirk:
:flushed:“I don’t know, what?” :thinking:
“A podcast.” :nerd_face:

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@seabass omg. :joy::rofl::joy_cat::joy::rofl::joy_cat::joy::rofl::joy_cat:


@Ralph I hear ya on the #logicfail moments, reminded me of what I have to keep telling myself what feels like every fucking minute of every fucking day





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:joy: :joy:



lmao omg i’m dyyyyying :joy_cat:

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Very true . I n totaltotal