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Law School Applications Increase Upon Realization That Any Fucking Idiot Can Be Lawyer

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The Onion goes dark… and pretty much dead on:



For anyone who needs a pep talk. :smiley: :fire::fire::fire:


I am not sure where this belongs -…it rings true, and a masterfully done film preview, for where we are today with T, Impeachment, and America. It is over the top…but well done.

Yes. watch this video :point_down:


Can I praise your excellent choice of using this thread when all else fails? :clap::clap::clap:

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I’ve seen that making the rounds. Both the film buff and graphics nerd in me approve of the fact that they used the official Godfather font.


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Live footage of Rudolph W. Giuliani the moment he heard that Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman had been apprehended fleeing the country.

I made this in response to what is happening. It’s the US and Kurdish flags at half-mast. Use this graphic as you wish.


:raised_hands: Watch :eyes: click tweet to watch video :point_down:


Sit back…and ponder this welcome sight.


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For some strange reason, I’m feeling the urge to wear a whistle in solidarity these days…anyone else?



Satire from The Borowitz Report

Nation Shocked That Giuliani Has Associates

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—After learning that two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates had been charged with federal campaign-finance crimes, millions of Americans expressed their stunned disbelief that Giuliani had associates.

“By ‘associates,’ do they mean people who actually associate with Giuliani?” Carol Foyler, who lives in St. Louis, said. “This whole story doesn’t add up.”

“I read that these quote-unquote associates of Giuliani’s were actually business associates,” Tracy Klugian, of Butte, Montana, said. “If that means he was paying them a lot of money to associate with him, that could explain everything.”

“It said on the news that these associates were foreign-born,” Kevin Lockdale, of Portland, Maine, said. “Maybe they don’t speak English too well and so they don’t realize that everything Giuliani says is batshit. I mean, I know I’m grasping at straws, but I’m trying to make sense of this whole associates thing.”

Harland Dorrinson, a clinical psychologist who has done a ten-year study on the social isolation of despised people, said that the existence of Giuliani’s two associates should give “hope to the detestable” everywhere. “Honestly, if Giuliani can have associates, anyone can,” he said.

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You love to see it

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Non sequitur

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Watch Talia Lavin troll Rudy Giuliani.


Elizabeth Warren is challenging Facebook’s unwillingness to block false and misleading ads by running this completely false ad accusing Facebook and Zuckerberg of political bias.