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@Pet_Proletariat - So very sorry to hear about your losses. I know all too well how it feels to looe family close together like that. Take all the time you need and know you are not alone and we’re wishing you well here. :heart::hugs:


Ditto to all what was said.

So very sorry to learn this. Am wishing you strength and love for this very hard time.
Thanks for letting us know. Peace and blessings to you and your family.





@Pet_Proletariat thanks for letting us know why you are missing…because it was noticed. It’s tough to lose 2 relationships so close together…and losing a parent is rough. Hope you have good memories to get you through this time.:hugs:

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This is an utterly apolitical post to fill up your daily cuteness quota and combat the crazy.

If you ever wondered what it would like if a snowball came to life in avian form, look no further than the utterly fluffy cuteness of the Korean Crow-Tit.

PS: It is a real bird, but that is a colloquial name for it. It is a color variation of the Long-tailed tit that dwells on Hokkaido Island, and known in Japan as the Shima-Enaga.

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A now, a word from our officials on how to stay healthy as we face COVID-19:


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Senator Susan Collins, of Maine, has not decided whether she will wash her hands in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Collins confirmed on Friday.

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol, Collins said that she was “deeply troubled” by the behavior of the COVID -19 virus.

“The behavior of the coronavirus is, to me, profoundly disturbing,” she said. “Whether it rises to the level of something I should respond to by washing my hands is a question I am devoting a great deal of thought to right now.”

Collins said that she had set “no timetable” for deciding whether to wash her hands, stressing that it was a decision “I do not take lightly.”

As of press time, Collins was spotted standing outside a Senate washroom, seemingly immobilized.


That’s the dream!

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Dry British humor takes on Trump…

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So far, I’ve not been tempted by the offers of free houses in Italy (there’s a catch, you have to fix them up) but this has me thinking twice…:rofl:


Everyone keeps buying water and toilet paper like it’s a snowstorm :joy:


:raised_hands: Click tweet for video :point_down:



“If being a twat was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set.”

Best line in the British article. :joy:


Looking for new emoticon “pinky promise”

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Somebody posted a video of a dumpster fire a block from the White House today. I fixed it.

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Satire from The Borowitz Report

Betsy DeVos Says She Was Planning to Close All Schools Anyway

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—As an increasing number of schools and universities closed down because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, revealed on Monday that she had been planning for years to close every school in the country anyway.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, DeVos said, “When I took over as Education Secretary, I came with a simple mission: to shut down all of the nation’s schools. It turns out that I was just ahead of my time.”

Noting that schools are where students learn math, science, and history, DeVos said, “I have long believed that schools are where all the bad things happen.”

Deciding to “wipe out the scourge of education once and for all,” DeVos said that, within days of taking office, she drew up an ambitious plan called No School Left Open.

In a reassuring message to the nation’s parents and students, DeVos said, “Amid the current crisis, many of you are wondering how we will close every American school overnight. Let me just say that this is the job Betsy DeVos was born to do.”

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