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1/ Trump’s re-election campaign sued the New York Times for libel over a 2019 opinion article, accusing the newspaper of intentionally publishing a false story about a “quid pro quo” between Russian officials and Trump’s 2016 campaign. The suit alleges that the Times “has engaged in a systematic pattern of bias” against Trump by falsely reporting “as fact a conspiracy with Russia” with the “intentional purpose” of damaging Trump’s chances for reelection. Trump’s campaign argues that the op-ed conclusion “is false” and that the Times published the essay “knowing it would misinform and mislead its own readers.” To win the lawsuit, however, the Trump campaign will have to prove that the Times knew in March 2019 that the op-ed was false because of what was later confirmed in the Mueller report, which was published in April 2019. (CNBC / Reuters / Mediate / New York Times)

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If your revenge puts millions of lives at risk in the financial capitalof the nation, do you think it’s going too far?

Not if you’re Donald F#######G Trump.

After Trump Mocks a Sea Wall in New York, Plan Is Abruptly Shelved


Not surprising, all of Trump’s plots and schemes go in circles.

No kidding I thought this :point_down: story was from 2017

Do you think they still play the Smirnoff ice game?


If the S&P 500 closes below 3,047.53 Thursday, Friday, or Monday, it will be the fastest 10% decline from an all-time high in the index’s history.

Here’s how long stock market corrections last and how bad they can get

  • There have been 26 market corrections (not including today) since World War II with an average decline of 13.7%.
  • Recoveries have taken four months on average.
  • The most recent corrections occurred from September 2018 to December 2018. The S&P 500 bounced into and out of correction territory throughout the autumn of 2018.
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HB 2173 (Schnelting R-104) was voted out of General Laws Committee and went to Rules Committee on February 26th, and would turn all existing and future marriages into domestic unions. Marriage equality is the law of the land. Rep. Schnelting and his colleagues are so threatened by our marriages that the Missouri Legislature is attempting to take away Missouri’s ability to recognize ALL marriages. As a country, we agree that all couples should have the ability to celebrate their love, declare their commitment, and affirm their equality under the law. We have seen similar bills before, but this session MOleg is validating these threats with an actual vote out of committee. We will not allow Missouri to take marriage equality away for anyone. Complete the petition below then call members of the Rules Legislative Oversight Committee to OPPOSE HB 2173!

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Sure looks like it dropped 10% for sure…



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No joke I thought this was from 2017