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You beat me to it today! :joy: I had it bookmarked to add to the calendar!

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:date: Today!

I missed this hearing until today - could be an interesting one. The video is up on the committee’s website for those interested.

:date: Tomorrow!

In preparation of Erik Prince’s hearing, there is a good Mother Jones article from today: Will the House Intelligence Committee Get the Truth From Erik Prince?

:eyes: Be on the lookout early next week for the transcript of tomorrow’s hearing with Erik Prince.

Not many details here - will update, if so!

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:date: Tomorrow

One of the major cases that the SCOTUS will hear this session begins tomorrow. The outcome could drastically change anti-discrimination law.

:alarm_clock: Critical Deadline this week!

While the GOP is hoping to avoid a Government shutdown, they will need Democratic votes to do so. Some MoCs have already pledged to vote NO, if protections for DACA recipients are not included/voted on.

More Details: G.O.P. Pushes to Avoid Government Shutdown, but the Path Is Tricky

Update 12/7/17: The House passed a two-week stopgap spending bill

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:date: Tomorrow!

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:ballot_box: Tomorrow is the AL Senate Special Election!

NYT: Live Election Results

:alarm_clock: Tomorrow is the deadline on for the House/Senate to take legislative action on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Thus far, Congress has not acted to do so.

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:date: Tomorrow at 10am EST!

This is general oversight hearing (not a “regularly” schedule though), however questions regarding Mueller, Trump/Russia investigation are likely to come up, as well as Hillary Clinton’s impeachment (:joy: sarcasm, of course – but their performance at last week’s hearing surely will give you that impression!).

:tv: Watch the hearing on CSPAN3 or listen on CSPAN Radio tomorrow!

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Who The Fuck Has Testified
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Cancelled – The Committee has told Credico his attendance is no longer necessary as he has stated he intends to the plead the fifth.

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This feels pretty on point.

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Probably should add:


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OMG. :joy::joy:

Stephen Colbert took out a “for your consideration” ad in Times Square. (Clip from tonight’s episode)

View from Times Square:

Full Billboard:

I’m dying. :joy::joy::joy: I can’t stop laughing! :laughing:

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The main calendars post has been updated with 2018 upcoming events!

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:spiral_calendar: This Week’s Congressional Hearings

This is scheduled to be a general oversight hearing - however in the wake of Trump’s “shithole” comments, she is likely to be asked about them. Secretary Nielsen is one of the ones in the room who “do not recall” Trump’s statements.

  • Notable: Senator Durbin is a senior member of this committee and Senator Feinstein (a strong advocate for DACA recipients) is the ranking member.

:tv: Watch the hearing on CSPAN or at the Judiciary committee’s website on Tuesday!

The interview will be behind closed doors and will focus on Bannon’s time on the campaign, not the transition or his time in the White House. (HuffPost)

Update: Bannon refused to answer majority of questions from the committee, at the request of the White House, even after the committee subpoena’d him on the spot during the interview (Details)

Lewandowski’s interview date is not confirmed, but will be behind closed doors and he has said he won’t plead the fifth as other witnesses have done. (The Daily Beast)

Update: Lewandowski was interviewed on Wednesday, 1/17 and did answer majority of the committee’s questions; however, contradicting what he stated on Fox News on Tuesday, he did not answer all the committee’s questions.

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Who The Fuck Has Testified
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And the winners are…

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:alarm_clock: Current Status of #TrumpShutdown:

:airplane: VP Mike Pence’s Middle East trip

Here’s what you need to know…

  • He’s making the trip to talk about things like fighting terrorism and religious persecution
  • Expect tension. Many in the region aren’t too pleased with President Trump’s decision last year to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • Afterward, Palestinian President Abbas said ‘thanks but no thanks’ to meeting with Pence. Awkward
  • But Pence’s cal still includes get-togethers with Egyptian President el-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Source: The Skimm

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The annual week-long après-ski with the rich and powerful kicks off in Davos today. Here’s what you need to know…

  • :earth_americas: What is Davos?: The Davos Backstory
  • Trump will be the first POTUS since Bill Clinton to show up. He’s giving a speech the last day of the forum, and plans to push his America First agenda with world biz leaders. (The Skimm)
  • There have apparently been complaints in the past that the conference was too male-dominated. This year, the event is being led entirely by women – like the IMF’s Christine Lagarde. (The Skimm)
  • Notably attending with Trump: Munchin, Kushner, Tillerson, Perry, Neilson, Bossert
    • Melania – out :v:t3:

:eyes: The Latest: Trump’s Davos trip still on ‘if all things go as expected’ with govt shutdown (Politico)

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Good news! MT declares net neutrality is not negotiable…did I hear NY is following their lead??
And Comey had a book releasing in May! You probably knew that…

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Trump to give the State of the Union address at Capital Hill tomorrow at 9pm EST; coverage begins at 8pm EST on most cable news stations.

What the Fuck to Know

:shield: WTFJHT’s Survival Guide & #SOTUbingo Cards!
:mag_right: Fact Checking Trump’s SOTU address
:speech_balloon: WTFam State of the Union discussion thread

:point_right:t3: Also, the main calendars post has been updated with upcoming events!

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:spiral_calendar: Tomorrow at 9:30am EST!

The World Wide Threats hearing is a general reoccurring oversight hearing - but, as with almost all of the open Intelligence hearings lately, it will most likely be interesting (to say the least).

Testifying tomorrow is:

  • CIA Director, Mike Pompeo
  • Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats
  • National Security Agency Director, Admiral Mike Rogers

:tv: Watch the hearing on CSPAN or on the committee’s website tomorrow!

Who The Fuck Has Testified
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I have watched some of this hearing on YouTube- apparently every National Security member agrees that Russia did hack our elections and are still very active BUT nothing really has been done about it! Very disturbing! They are about to re-adjourn, so I’ll be back later.
Anyone who has watched, I would love to hear your thoughts and ides about the hearing. Thank you!