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Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration

H.R. McMaster, White House national security advisor, may be replaced as early as next month. He is the second person to hold this position since Trump took office. Trump’s first national security advisor was Michael Flynn, who was fired for lying.

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Roberta Jacobson, U.S. ambassador to Mexico, resigns citing “Tense Relations Under Trump”. She plans on leaving her post in the early spring.

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one more, coming soon


Cohn’s been on the fence since he got the job. He should pull the trigger and get the fuck outta there. :thinking:


Maybe everyone else should too? Wouldn’t that be hilarious, if 45 was literally all alone, with no one to boss around? But our nation is SO at risk when in this state of dysfunction…almost beyond belief that we are still watching this carnage.


Hard to say. Could be better or could be much, much worse. It’s valuable to have someone around him saying “no don’t sign that you idiot.”

Yes, that was my thought too, but he doesn’t seem to listen most of the time anyway?
It’s national torture, watching this mess.

Gary Cohn :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:(He’s been wanting to resign all year)

President Trump’s top economic adviser, plans to resign, becoming the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the Trump administration, White House officials said on Tuesday.


whoa! that escalated quickly!

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In all, more than 2,475 political appointees have joined the federal government since President Trump took office, including at least 187 former lobbyists and also 125 people with ties to conservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, the records show.

I took a look at ProPublica’s list and it’s pretty darn good. This list hasn’t updated departures since last August but otherwise it’s pretty sound. :nerd_face:

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More departures coming soon due to security clearance issues.


Tony Tooke, Head of US Forest Service


Thanks for posting!

Sean Sullivan, Head of Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

This resignation flew so far under the radar, I only came across it today, yet it happened a month ago. The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board is a relatively small agency with a staff of about 110 people, but it is not an exaggeration to say that how well, or poorly, it does its job could have profound consequences for every person on the planet.

This is the government body that provides “recommendations and advice to the President and the Secretary of Energy regarding public health and safety issues at Department of Energy (DOE) defense nuclear facilities. … The Board reviews and evaluates … health and safety standards … relating to the design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of the DOE’s defense nuclear facilities.” – from their mission statement at In plain speak: This board is responsible for ensuring that the contractors who build and deploy nuclear weapons don’t cut corners on safety measures and cause a global nuclear catastrophe.

Here is another case in which Trump installed the head of an agency who was actually hostile to the goals of the agency. Sullivan has resigned following his failed attempt to dissolve the agency – a move that was blocked by Democrats.

Sullivan’s departure has received very little press coverage so I only have one news source for it, but this article appears to be well researched and factual.


You are amazing! Keep em comin’!

OMG, that’s one to lose sleep over! :open_mouth:

Confirmed- here’s a link to the announcement of his resignation.


Ack, I missed John Feeley!

Here’s his exit Op-Ed? (Is this a new thing, exit Op-ed instead of interview?)


And now Taylor Weyeneth (despite his absolute lack of experience or qualifications, his history of lying on his resume, and having left his former Trump Administration post in disgrace) has been rehired by the administration, this time as an “opioid expert” in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (This is the department headed by Ben Carson, another appointee who brings no relevant experience to his position.) I understand this is a thread to list those who have departed the Trump Administration, but I found this appalling rehire to be noteworthy – even if it’s just so we can keep an eye out for when this utterly unqualified hanger on is booted again. Also, this just doesn’t “smell right.” I hope some resourceful investigative reporter looks into why such favors are being lavished upon a low-level campaign worker – does he know something about the campaign?


Agree…this bears watching, but then again, they ALL do. This is what you do when you want a government to FAIL!